The Lioness Tournament


Hosted by Device of Cranehaven

The College of Cranehaven (Chelan & Douglas counties, WA )

Event Summary

Date: July 26 , 2002 until July, 28 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 26th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 28th 2002

Event site:
Peshastin-Dryden elementary School
10001 School Dr. Peshastin, WA 98847

The Lady Eowyn Carrick Memorial Tournament. —————–
The Lady Eowyn Carrick Memorial Lioness Tournament has been
updated and a map added. It is the first camping for the
incipient College of Cranehaven and co-sponsored by the Shire
of Dregate! Some are under the impression that this
tournament is for women warriors because they can’t
compete equally against the male fighters of the Kingdom. Let
me assure you this is not the case. My SCA sister Eowyn
wanted to excel in the combat arts of the SCA. She
participated in heavy armored combat, rapier and archery,
both on the tournament field and in war. The sheer skill of
combat interested her. She wanted to be the best woman
warrior of An Tir. As a Blackbelt and a weight trainer by
profession, she considered herself one of the strongest women
fighting in the Kingdom. But who was the fastest? Most
martial skilled? Hit the Hardest? Shot the best speed round?
Who would be the next Lady Knight/Donn/OGGS? What Eowyn was
looking for was someone to measure herself against. Who was
better? How did they get to that next level? In a way she was
looking to grab a Lioness by the tail- That is was this
tournament is about. We want an arena for women warriors to
come and compete to find out who is currently the best in
each martial skill. A place to share those skills with others
who are looking to better their martial skills and to learn
from those more experienced. A place where women can come to
grab their own Lioness by the tail. Visit our website at Come and help us realize my
sister’s dream, celebrate her SCA life, and measure you
martial skills. HL Killian Carrick Heavy Champion of Dregate
(eb) ——————–

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