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Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Meave Cunningham
Date: December 20 , 2020
Online meeting begins at: 6:00 PM on December 20th 2020
Online meeting ends at: 10:00 PM

This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted event.

Come join us online for a virtual Yule, OFFICIAL Court (hall of word fame), and general good company.
More info as activities develop.
It’s the holiday season and the end of a Calendar year. Huzzah! We made it!
Having missed so many inspirational moments SCA events bring, curious minds want to know WWYPD?*
We want you to reflect (and hopefully gain some inspiration to research) on what your person’s world would look like. Short tidbit or longer epic, tell us about the time, place, occupation or education level, and how they celebrate. Preferably including a bit of something new you learned, something that seams silly now, or whatever your favorite specific thing is.
To help give you idea on where to start:
What is it they are celebrating? What is the weather like? What type of dwelling or surroundings would they celebrate in? Would they travel to see family or are they far from home? What would they eat? Exchange gifts? Display talents? What would they wear? What does a place setting look like? Are they the cook or participating in any other labor to prepare for the festivities? What traditions are they upholding and why?
How do they submit? Contact Holly Coapstick (Lady Christmas Carol)
Stories shared will be published in the Privy. Submitting your story gives permission to publish.
*WWYPD = What Would Your Persona Do?
Gingerbread Contest:
Build and decorate a structure from gingerbread or graham crackers and submit images (up to 3) to the Gingerbread Contest post by Monday, December 14th (Ceilidh Night). Submissions will be judged by a panel and presented at the Yule event via Slideshow. Prizes will be awarded for Adult and Youth winners. Please contact gro.ritna@enialetahC.airamoParreT with any questions or concerns.
We are looking for individuals interested in performing over the course of the evening. Pieces do not need to be seasonal in nature and may take the form of any medium (music, puppetry, poetry, miming, etc). Due to the limitations of the virtual format, coordinating across devices may or may not work as expected. You can either plan to perform a piece live at the event or you can even record your performance and email it to gro.ritna@lahcseneSairamoParreT to be shared. Please contact gro.ritna@lahcseneSairamoParreT if you are interested in performing or have any questions or concerns

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Is conducted online

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This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted event.

Details pending

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We will be using Zoom as the platform, link forthcoming

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