Summits Spring Coronet


Hosted in-person by Device of Principality of the Summits

The Principality of the Summits

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Colete le Longis
Date: March 22 , 2024 until March, 24 2024
Site opens at: 3:00 PM on March 22th 2024
Site closes at: 3:00 PM on March 24th 2024

This is a Level 1: Coronet Event (Principality Coronet Tournaments and Investitures) event.

Join their Alpine Highness Finn Grim and Eduardo Francesca Maria Lucrezia as they hold a tournament to determine their Heirs.

March Coronet 2024 Site Rules and Information

This is a new site – Camp Baker, 5262 Boy Scout Road, Florence, OR 97439.


Thank you for following the site rules to make the experience enjoyable for all, including our camp hosts.



No smoking is allowed on site

No pets allowed except for working Service Animals

No driving beyond the parking area

No spikes in the pathways

No extension cords allowed outside cabins

No fires outside the provided fire pits

All questions about the site must go through the stewards

(Please do not call site owners)



Speed limit of 5 mph into site is serious and enforced

Entry and exit are via a single lane road

Very limited internet service on site

Sorry no room for RV’s on-site

All items must be carted to all areas.

(Wheelbarrows provided for assistance. If you need assistance please let the event staff know)



This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Summits
Offers a feast or meal

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Registration Information

(Not required to attend, but required if you want to participate in the meal plan and/or reserve a Cabin)


Accessibility Information


Site Fees

Fee TypeCost*
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Meal Information

March Coronet Schedule of Events

(March 22-24, 2024)

*Subject to change*

3:00pm: Gate Opens

6:00pm – 8:00pm: Dinner Available (Pre-reg Only)

7:00pm: Bardic – Main Hall

9:00pm: Gate Closes



8:00am: Gate Open

8:00am – 9:30am: Breakfast Available (Pre-reg Only)

9:00am: Lists Open

9:30am: Morning Court – Captain of Tigers Invocation

10:00am: Captain of Tigers Tournament

11:30am: Provost Tournament

12:00pm – 1:30pm: Lunch available (Pre-reg Only)

12:30pm – 1:15pm: MoD Meeting (@Leaders Lodge)

1:30pm: Coronet Processional

2:00pm: Warm-ups

2:30pm: Coronet Tournament

3:00pm: Gate Closes

5:00pm – 5:45pm: Chivalry Meeting (@Leaders Lodge)

6:00pm: Kingdom and Principality Evening Court

8:00pm: Feast Served (Pre-reg Only)



8:00am – 10:00am: Breakfast Available (Pre-reg Only)

9:00am: Principality Moot (@Main Hall)

11:00am: Clean up begins

1:00pm: Site Closed


Meal plan will be available. (Cost to be posted soon)

Friday Dinner:

Various Soups and Breads

Saturday Breakfast:

Full Breakfast

Saturday Lunch:

Sandwiches and “Salads”

Saturday Dinner:

15th and 16th Iberian Peninsula

First Course-

  • Almôndegas (“Hazelnuts” Meatballs and gravy)
  • Bread and Butter (Honey and Herb)
  • Garbias (a type of fritters)

Second Course –

  • Potaje de Porrada (Leek Pottage)
  • Potaje Merritoche (Almond Pottage)
  • Potaje de Cebollas Que Dicen Cebollada (Onion Pottage)

Third Course –

  • Pastéis de carne (Meat Pastries)
  • Cazuela Moji (Eggplant Casserole)
  • Lisa Cocida (Mullet Dish)

Fourth Course

  • Galinha mourisca (Moorish Chicken)
  • Xinxanella a la Veneciana (Cheese and Bread Noodles)
  • Arroz en Cazuela al Horno (Rice Casserole)

Fifth Course

  • Beilhós de arroz (Fried rice balls)
  • Perada ( Pear Dessert)
  • Torta a la Genovesa (Genovesa Tart)

Sunday Breakfast:

Breakfast Burritos (Grab and go)


When registration for meal plans go live, allergies can be specified ahead of time to allow feast steward to come up with alternatives.

Tournament Information

March Coronet Requirements

Greetings unto the Populace of the Summits from your Alpine Highnesses Prince

Finn and Prince Eduardo,

It is with great pleasure We announce the tournament style, conventions and

other requirements to enter Our Coronet Lists and fight for the right to claim the

Griffin Thrones. The Shire of Tymberhaven will be Our hosts March 22nd to

March 24th, 2024. Details on the event can be found here:


First, We would encourage all who wish to enter, both combatant and inspiration,

to familiarize themselves with the Laws of The Summits. They can be found here:

Laws.pdf. We welcome all levels of fighters in Our Coronet Lists, but as Our

potential successors you should prepare for the possibility of reigning. If you havenever reigned before speak to those who have. If you need advice seek out a Peer

in your area. Talk to your Peer, if you have one, or a mentor. Even if you believe

you do not have a chance to make the finals you should start these conversations.

Imagining the possibility is preparation for the tournament!

While reviewing the Laws of the Summits please pay specific attention to Article

II.B – Coronet Lists. Specifically, section 2 “All combatants and inspirations must

be:” sub-section c. “a resident of the Principality for at least one year and must

plan to live within the Principality of the Summits for the duration of their reign.”

It is Our intent that all the Laws of The Summits will be followed before, during

and after Our Coronet Tournament. Although it is Our prerogative to “grant any

exceptions” to the above requirements it is extremely unlikely We will do so.

Besides the above Laws of the Summits we will also require each couple who

enters our lists to submit a letter of Intent to compete in the tournament to Us by

Friday February 23rd, 2024, one month before the Coronet Tourney, to It must state you are both in compliance with the

Laws of the Summits regarding entry into Our lists, that you understand the

responsibilities of reigning, and detail any requirements you believe need to be


We will also require each couple who enter the list to bring largesse to present

during the processional. The type of largesse, the amount of, or who makes the

largesse, is totally up to the entrants. Engage your community to help with this


It is also Our intent to display BOTH the combatant’s arms and their Inspirations

arms on the shield board. We will have shield blanks available to paint

inspiration’s arms at all events We attend. It will not be a requirement to display

both sets of arms, but We encourage you to do so especially since We strongly

believe you will need to be a visible and tightly integrated team if you are

successful and you must also be so as you progress through the lists.

The fighting conventions of the lists are as follows:

Before the tournament there will be plenty of time for armor inspection,

stretching and warming up fights. Remember the different physicality of

individuals makes this an important part of any tourney. Taking this time helps

with an inclusive list. Combatants will begin with the traditional Knight andunbelted challenge round to be counted as their first fight. The Challenge round

will include salutes to The Coronet, your Inspiration and your challenger. The

initial rounds of the tournament will be fought using a Round Robin (Ursulmas-

Style) format. Depending on the number of entrants, the combatants will be

divided into two (or more) random fields. Each combatant will fight everyone on

their field. The first fight of the round robin will include the above salutes

announced by the heralds. For subsequent rounds We encourage each fighter to

take a moment and acknowledge The Coronet, their inspiration and their

challenger but these salutes will not be announced by the heralds. The top two

from each round robin field, or the top four depending on the number in the lists

and the number of fields, will progress to the Semi-finals. The Semi-finals will be

fought best two out of three, double elimination, with the heralds announcing all

the salutes. Pairings will be determined by the Minister of the lists in consultation

with Their Highnesses. The Finals will be fought best two out of three or three out

of five (combatant’s choice in consultation with His Highness Finn). The

traditional finals procession will occur and all rounds will include the customary

salutes. AnTir weapons and shield conventions apply.

If possible, We would appreciate each couple bringing their pomp and

circumstance to the processional. Banners and other heraldic displays are

encouraged. Proud proclamations of your desire to become Our heirs are

encouraged. Shout loud the support and honor that your Inspiration brings to you!

To review:

All Laws of the Summits shall be adhered to before, during and after the


A letter of intent must be submitted before Friday February 23rd, 2023

Each couple must present largesse during the processional

Although not a requirement we strongly encourage both the combatant and

inspirations heraldry will be displayed on the shield board

We appreciate your time an attention to this missive. We look forward to Our

Coronet Tournament. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us or our retinue for


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