Stromgard Archery and Rapier Extravaganza


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Edelinne de Bayonne
Date: September 22 , 2007
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 22th 2007
Site closes at: 12:00 AM


Barony of Stromgard’s

Archery and Rapier Extravaganza


September 22, 2007


Schedule *


9:00 a.m. Site Opens

10:00a.m. Opening Court

Letters of Intent accepted at this time for all Championships.

11:00a.m. Adult Archery Championship begins

11:00a.m.-1:00p.m. Youth A&S and Youth Bardic opens

11:00a.m.-4:00p.m. Youth Games

1:00p.m.-2:00p.m. Youth Archery

2:30p.m. Rapier Championship

2:00p.m.-3:00p.m. Youth heraldry

4:00p.m. Youth Combat begins

6:00p.m. Potluck Feast

7:00p.m. Closing Court

10:00p.m. Site closes

*Times may change


Site fee is $7.00 for Adults 16 and up (plus $3.00 NMS for non-members)

Kids are free!

Make checks payable to “Barony of Stromgard, SCA Inc.”

The site is discreetly wet, so please use period containers. Local authorities will be called for violations of mundane laws, so please behave!

Our Barony is providing a main meat dish for the feast. Please bring your own beverages and a dish to your party plus 10 others , as listed below:



Mundane Last Name: Type of Dish:

A through D Breads, butter, etc.

E through H Fruit or vegetable dishes

I through L Side dishes

M through R Main dishes, soups, entrees desserts






Archery Championship Information and Rules:

All entrants are to shoot 3 royal rounds in their normal fashion,

1 flight of 6 arrows at 40 yards

1 flight of 6 arrows at 30 yards

1 flight of 6 arrows at 20 yards

A speed round of 30 seconds at 20 yards


Each entrant MUST shoot 3 of the above rounds, the scores to be added together and the highest COMBINED score will determine the victor. Long bows, open class bows (recurve, Mongolian horse bow, ect.) and crossbows are allowed. NO COMPOUND BOWS. Period class bows are allowed but scores in the tournament as a normal bow (no scoring bonuses). At the end of the adult tournament the range will be closed to prepare for the children’s championship shoot




Rapier Championship information:


The format will be determined by the number of entrants; if low, around robin; if lots, double slim. Expect multiple style’s to be required (at least three)




Children’s Championship


Eligibility ages:

This year, two youth champions will be named; a junior champion (ages 8-11) and a senior champion (ages 12-17)


Rules for the competition:

All participants must attend opening Court at 10 AM the day of the event and state their intentions to compete. A bonus point will be given for the presentation of a period letter of intent done by the entrants hand, at the discretion of the Baron and Baroness.


All participants are required to compete in 4 of the 6 categories. If a participant wishes to compete in all 6, the highest scores from the top 4 categories will be counted towards the participant’s total score. The youth with the highest overall points is the winner of the championship. Points are awarded for each category as follows:


-1 point per category just for competing

-3 points for 1st place

-2 points for 2nd place

-1 point for 3rd place


If there is only one competitor in the category, that entrant will receive a total of 4 (1 for entering and 3 for taking 1st place)




-Archery (Caerdic organizing, Elwin assisting)

-Arts and sciences (Isolda or Designee organizing)

-Bardic (Arwen and Emryn organizing)

-Heraldry (Stanton organizing, Edelinne assisting)

-Youth Combat (Rychard organizing)





A parent MUST be at the range with the youth, no exceptions.


Youth archery:

Juniors will shoot 3 rounds from all ranges, these being 20 yards, 15 yards and 10 yards, with a 45 second speed round at 10 yards.


Seniors will shoot 3 rounds from all ranges, these being 20 yards, 15 yards and 10 yards, with a 30 second speed round at 10 yards.

Highest score determines the victors.




Arts and Sciences:

Your entry information should represent a time and place of your choice. Documentation is not required but having it will increase your chances of succeeding. Each entry should be no longer than 2 pages, not counting the cover, source pages, and should tell the judges where your entry was found when and how it would have been used, and how you made it. Each entrant’s documentation should be in his or her own words and be neatly written. Remember, your documentation will help the judges decide what your score is but is not the only thing they will be looking at.





Your entry in the Bardic competition can be song, poem, story, instrumental piece, or performance arts such as juggling, tumbling or sleight of hand. For example, it can be: a piece written or created in period; a piece created by you in a period style (Ex. A norse style poem, a Elizabethan sonnet); or a piece created about period events or people.


Bardic arts often rely oral tradition (spoken word) so written documentation can be challenging to find. Minimal written documentation is encouraged, and a bonus point may be awarded for detailed documentation, at the judges discretion. Be prepared to explain and discuss your entry with the judges. (Hint, it will probably help to write down what you want to say).You will be presenting your entry to one or two judges( not the general public or big crowds) so don’t be nervous. Bardic is a performance art so perform! Pretend you are really a Middle Ages person presenting your entry. You don’t have to memorize your piece, but a bonus point may be added if you do.






The heraldry portion will include a written exam, a group participation portion, and the older youths will have a chance to herald rounds during the rapier tournament.





Youth Combat


All participants MUST wear groin protection. Females MUST wear chest armor. The youth combat competition will be held according to the Kingdom of An Tir rules. Helmet and body armor is required. See Kingdom web site for all rules and armor requirements for youth combat.




Period Board Games


Play one time each :


Nine Man’s Morris

Halatafl / Fox and Geese

Ships Mistress/ Connect Four



I will keep track of the wins and losses and give bonus points for knowing how to play each of the games already, Skill and knowing the history of the game , then add scores to get first second and third place.

One point for playing.

I will teach all rules to games, so any can play.





Words from the Autocrat:


I’m so sorry that it has took me so long to do this. I’m looking forward to this event. Thank you to everybody that has helped so far. You know who you are! But I’m going to need volunteers to help out at the event. So be kind and volunteer!


If you have any questions please give me a buzz.


Edelinne de Bayonne

Phone # (360) 833-0981


Hope to see you there!

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