Hosted by Device of Wastekeep

The Barony of Wastekeep (Tri-Cities, WA)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): William McKenna
Date: June 10 , 2016 until June, 12 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 10th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 12th 2016

Event site:
Horn Rapids County Park
NSA Benton City, WA 99320





Event Stewards: Brother William& Thorgrimr utlagr

    Wastekeep invites the populace to a weekend
of fun, fighting, and frivolity.  Yes the originators of the
highly respected and reverent Whimsical Order of the Ailing Wit
welcome you to their home barony! 

   Baronial Champions Tournaments for Heavy Fighting,
Rapier, Archery, Youth Armored Combat and Youth Target Archery will
be held Saturday and Sunday along with selecting/retaining the next
Baronial Defenestrator/Tax Collector. 

 Archers of An Tir!

Is your eye sharp?  Your aim true?  Have you always
wanted to make a long pointy stick whiz through the air?  Come
to the range at Springfest and compete to be the next Archery
Champion of Wastekeep!  Lady Rashida bint Yusuf, current
champion, has conceived a fun challenge that will have you seeing
the archery target in a whole new… shape.  All levels of
experience are encouraged to give it a shot.

Young Lords and Ladies of An Tir!

A tournament will be held at Springfest to determine who our
next Youth Armored Combat champion will be.  If you are
possessed of great chivalry and an adventuresome spirit, please
honor us by fighting for this title.

In addition to naming a Champion, awards will be given for
Chivalry and Best Death.

Parents: please be sure to review the current YAC Packet for
armor and weapon safety requirements, and bring your child’s valid
YAC Authorization Card to the event.
 Baronial YAC Marshal Rashida bint Yusuf always welcomes
questions about YAC, moc.liamg@leppokla


This year Wastekeep is hosting a Newcomer’s Forum to help answer
your questions and help you feel at home in the Barony of
Wastekeep. The Forum will start at 11:30 with a Fighter
Appreciation talk to initiate you to the ways of the tournament.
After that there will be Evolution of a Persona; Etiquette – to
include forms of address, camping, who’s who; Court – what is it
all about; How to get more involved; with Rapier Fighter
Appreciation on Sunday before the Rapier Tournament. All times after 11:30 are
approximate as discussion will determine the length of each


 Wastekeep has been selected to participate in the Heavy
Tourney Circuit this year which will be held during the champions
tourney.  Fighters must decide and declare at list signup if
they want to fight for Wastekeep Champion or for
the Tourney Circuit.  Due to the rules of the Tourney Circuit
Challenge, fighters must choose one or the other but not
both.  All fighters will fight each other with the highest
placing individual in each category winning their tournament.

   Friday evening we are hosting a tournament for
heavy fighters who have never won a Tourney.

   Newcomers Forums will be held throughout
the day Saturday along with a Family Activity.

   The Wastekeep pun tax will be in effect for this
event!!!  Failure to pay tax may require you to proclaim in
court why you should be relieved of debt.  If you feel like
you may not be able to control you most excellent humor and or play
on words PUN Insurance may be purchased at Gate for a generous
donation – proceeds collected go to the Wastekeep Baronial Coronet
replacement fund.   WOAWs & TWITs are exempt from PUN
taxes as decreed by the creation of their order BUT they must
clearly brandish the regalia of said order to qualify!

Spitting Duck 

Sausages Will be Provided by the Barony at the Potluck &
Dessert Auction During Saturday’s 50th Year





Adults (18-up) $15 with a NMS fee of $5. Youth/Children Free.
Please make checks payable to: SCA Inc, Barony of Wastekeep.

No parking fee

Our New site has electricity available in a few camping
areas, Please contact HL Thorgrimr,
by June 5th for reservation, medical necessity will be
prioritized then first come first served. No guarantees on

 Make sure you pack your day shades and sun screen as there
is not much natural shade at this location.

 Flushies and coin operated showers are onsite (bring

 Parents Notification: 

This location is in close proximity to a fast moving river,
Please keep children supervised at all times.


Schedule of Events

Friday, June 10

3:00pm            Site Opens

7:30 – 8:00pm  Roving Court

New Fighters Torchlight Tourney

Saturday, June 11

Wastekeep Sergeantry Meeting

9:30-11am       Lists open for
Heavy and YAC Tournament – Declaration for either
Wastekeep Champion or Tourney Circuit competitor needs to be made
with the List Mistress at this time


Opening Court

YAC armor inspection @ Eric

     Inlands Culinary Guild Meeting

YAC Champions Tournament

Heavy Armor inspection @ Eric

      Newcomer’s Forum:
Fighter Appreciation

NOON               Heavy
Champion/Tourney Circuit Tournament

     Defenestrator applications due to their

Newcomer’s Forum: Evolution of a Persona

1:30 pm          
Newcomer’s Forum: Etiquette – Who’s who, what do I
call them?

Jr. and Sr.  Archery Champion Tournament

Newcomer’s Forum: Court – What’s it all about?

Newcomer’s Forum: How to Get More Involved

 Family Activity         


Evening Court/Defenestrator to follow Heavy Champion


Local 50th
Year Celebration Dessert Auction (please bring a
dessert to donate), Dancing, and other Merriment (Sausages Provided
by the Barony at the Potluck & Dessert Auction During
Saturday’s 50th
Year Celebration)


Sunday, June 12

List opens for Rapier Tournament

Rapier Armor Inspection @ Eric

Rapier Fighter Appreciation

Rapier Champions Tournament

Closing Court following Tournament 

pm           Site

Merchants!  Please contact HL Brother William, moc.liamtoh@sniggirbor with
“Springfest” in the subject line to reserve your spot.  In
lieu of a merchant’s fee, we will graciously accept a donation to
Baronial Largesse.

For RV reservations please contact HL Thorgrimr, moc.liamg@relcinorhc.peeketsaw
with “Springfest RV” in the subject line. 

To help assist in an open society, meet new friends, and
facilitate interaction with members outside of your local group, no
land reservations will be accepted except for the Royal Encampment,
medical necessity, or campers (RVs) as there are limited
spaces.  Everything else is first come first served.  If
you have a large party that you would like to camp with please make
arrangements with your group to have the first person onsite make
sure that you have enough space.  Thank you.



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