Spring Feast and A&S Championship III


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Anderwyn na Sionan
Date: April 2 , 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 2th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
First Christian Church
2000 Kessler Blvd Longview, WA 98632

join us celebrate the Death of Winter with good food and


will also be choosing this years A & S champion. Come show us
what you can do !

Check the
River’s Bend website at


the rules for the championship.


is a potluck feast so bring enough of your tastiest goodies to feed
your party plus 10 to share. A-L: Main dish, M-P: Side dish, Q-Z:
desserts (by modern last name). We will have our normal lunch
available for $4. (soup, bread, dessert). This is a dry


will have classes available. Weather permitting there will thrown
weapons practice.


Check our
website and Facebook for updates and info on classes and the A
& S championship requirements.



9:00 AM – Doors open

  – Tenerife wheat weaving –  cost $3.50- instructor
Pamela Joy Blanton

11:00 Am-  Demo on soft cheese
making – with Sherry Parks

11:00 AM – * A&S competition &
displays– bring items to display even if you are not
interested in competing

* See the shire web page for further
details on the competition.

Noon – Questions on wheat weaving and the
cheese demo

Lunch Noon – 2:00

2:00 pm – Beginning Knot work – no
cost -Anderwyn na Sionain

Weather permitting in the afternoon
Thrown weapons practice

3:00 – Subtly contest entries

5:30 –  Potluck Dinner

Awards and announcements following

8:00 PM – site closes/



$5.00 for SCA
members 18 and over.  Add $5.00 for non-member



Maestra Anderwyn na




HL Thyra



2016 River’s Bend Arts & Sciences


Unto the populace of River’s Bend and
friends throughout An Tir, greetings.


We are pleased to present the Arts &
Sciences Championship requirements for this year. Please read
carefully the requirements below and know that all entries will be
judged individually by a panel of judges.


Everyone with an interest is invited to
participate, regardless of skill level. There are many reasons to
compete, including: learning more about your chosen art, stretching
your skills, receiving feedback from your peers and the
satisfaction that comes with sharing your talents and skill with
others. Regardless of who becomes the Champion, there is a great
sense of accomplishment in participating. Come and share your
talents with River’s Bend!


We are aware that competition and documentation
can be daunting; we will make every effort to ensure that the
process is as pleasant and comfortable as possible. If you wish to
present, but do not wish to compete, you are invited and welcome to
present your piece to us during the event.


We wish the best to all who choose to compete
and look forward to witnessing many fine Arts & Sciences
exhibits throughout the day.


In Service to the Shire of River’s



Anyone may compete as long as they are willing
and able to perform the duties and responsibilities outlined below.
All competitors are required to communicate their desire to
participate in the Championship in writing (on paper or via email)
to the Seneschal of River’s Bend and the current champion, HL
Rosamund Winder. The Letter of Intent should contain the
competitor’s SCA and modern name, contact information, and a
brief description of the intended entries. The letters must be
received by March 19, 2016.


What to Enter:


Each entrant will submit one entry: must be
a finished project. An entry may be a reproduction of a
medieval piece or an original piece in a medieval style created by
either the entrant or in collaboration with another. The entry is
to be a documentable creation (please provide written
documentation) and may be from any culture. Group entries are
permitted so long as the competitor’s contribution is easily
distinguished from that of the rest of the group or the
competitor created a significant portion of the entry



Judging will be based on presentation, skill,
authenticity, complexity and documentation.

  • Presentation- how the piece is presented to
    the audience, familiarity with the piece, audience appeal and
  • Skill- the degree of skill demonstrated,
    mechanics of the chosen art or science
  • Authenticity- show if the entry reproduces a
    medieval piece or is created in a period style, this can be done
    with documentation and presentation of the entry; the judging will
    then be based on whether the submission is as close to an actual
    period entry as possible
  • Complexity- the level of difficulty
    demonstrated in the piece, skill and knowledge required to create
    the entry
  • Documentation- one page per piece, specify
    the processes used to research and/or create the piece; for
    original pieces explain the source of your inspiration.
    Documentation may include the period, culture and name of the entry
    and period examples- other items may be included as


Duties & Responsibilities of the Arts &
Sciences Champion


  • Sponsor Arts & Sciences activities at
    River’s Bend and whenever the need arises; may include
    sponsoring or assisting with Arts & Sciences classes or
    competitions at Kingdom or other events;
  • Involve her/himself in Arts & Sciences
    competitions throughout the Kingdom of An Tir;
  • Attend the competition the following year,
    assist in the planning and execution of the competition and in the
    selection of the new Champion;
  • Conduct her/himself with courtesy, humility
    and honor;
  • Serve as a role model and be an inspiration
    to the Shire and the Kingdom of An Tir;
  • Should the Champion fail to uphold the
    standards as stated, the Seneschal will ask the  Champion to
    step down; the Seneschal may then choose an acting replacement,
    leave the position vacant for the remainder of the term, or hold
    another competition to choose a new Champion.


Rights and Privileges of the Arts & Sciences

  • Bear and Display the Champion’s
  • Represent the Shire in Baronial and Kingdom
    Courts and at events when practical
  • Speak or act in the Seneschal’s names
    when delegated to do so


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