Son of Candlemas


Hosted in-person by Device of Dragon's Laire

The Barony of Dragon’s Laire (Kitsap & N Mason counties, WA)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Arontius of Bygelswade
Date: April 23 , 2022
Site opens at: 9:00 AM on April 23th 2022
Site closes at: 10:00 PM

Event site:
Port Orchard Masonic Temple
1025 Sidney Ave. Port Orchard, WA 98367

Son of Candlemas
April 23, 2022
10AM – 9PM
Barony of Dragon’s Laire

Event Steward: Arontius of Bygelswade
E-Mail: ten.tsacmoc@suitnora

Site Fee: Adult Non-Member, $17.00; Member, $12.00; under 18 free.
Feast Fee: $10.00.
Make checks payable to ‘SCA, Inc.; Barony of Dragon’s Laire’. PayPal is available for online space reservations and submission of fees. HL Jessy “Jess” Gateman will be coordinating Pre-Registration, and can be contacted at <moc.liamg@nametag.yssej> if you have any questions.
Link for Candlemas Pre-Registration Site is below this copy in the ‘Pre-Registrations/Reservations’ section of this copy.  You can pay for the Event at the door if you do not wish to pay online via PayPal, but we’re requiring pre-registration for the Feast so that we have accurate numbers by which to purchase feast supplies.
Site Information: Port Orchard Masonic Temple – John Paul Jones Lodge #98; 1025 Sidney Ave.; Port Orchard, WA 98367.
Preliminary Schedule for the Day:
8AM Set-Up Of Site
9AM Site Opens
10AM Martiallate Activities Begin
10AM Arts and Sciences Displays Open for Viewing
10AM Current Sargeantry Arts and Sciences Projects on Display
10AM A&S Mask Challenge Opens, with Judging at 3PM
10AM Start of Table Decorations Challenge, Closes at 4PM with Judging just prior to Feast
10AM YAFA – Start of Scavenger Hunt, ‘Facts About The Spanish Renaissance’
Noon Final Court of Their Excellencies Conchobar and Eilidh
1PM Lunch Hour (No activities planned)
2PM Scholars Gathering – Meeting to discuss what the Scholars have achieved in the past and what should be expected upcoming.
3PM Discussion of Baronial Arts & Sciences and Bardic Championships
4PM Baronial Court With Their Excellencies Kloe and Arion
6PM Feast Starts
8PM Clean-Up In Full Gear
10PM Site Closes
Feast Steward: Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol
E-Mail: moc.liamg@rodnaselug
The Barony of Dragon’s Laire invites all to travel to the fair and mighty lands of the dragon to share of its bountiful tables filled with the ambrosia produced by a Team led by Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol, a talented artist known throughout the world for her culinary delights!
This year’s theme will be ‘Food from the Spanish Renaissance’.
Proposed Menu for the Feast –
(Source—Libro del Coch, 1520, Catalonia, Feudal Gourmet “A Brief Overview of Early Spanish Cuisine”)
Bread with olive oil, dried fruit, olives
Cazuela de Carne (braised beef with spices)
Roasted mushrooms
Arroz con caldo (vegetarian rice dish with almond milk
Almodrote Que Es Capirotada (a casserole of bacon-sautéed chicken and toasted bread baked with a
garlic cheese sauce, GF version available)
Espinacas Pinadas (spinach with currants, almond milk and cheese)
Bizcocho (light biscotti-type cookies flavored with orange flower water)
Nucato (spiced honey walnut candy)
Clarea (nonalcoholic spiced honey drink)
The feast will be limited to 75 participants. Off-Board Feast Seating will be available. Feast Reservations will be available within the pre-registration form mentioned above via the GoogleForms link. Invoices will be sent out via e-mail for PayPal payment. Pre-Registration for the Feast is required prior to the Event.
The site is ‘wet,’ meaning alcohol is permitted to be brought to the event and consumed. Alcohol cannot be provided, served, or purchased using SCA funds, or officially as part of the branch.
Because of the re-scheduling difficulties involved in making ‘Son of Candlemas’ a reality, we will not be providing a mid-day lunch as has been done in the past. However, our venue is within just a few miles of many fast-food restaurants, grocery stores, and delivery services.
Our site holds a large and open central meeting space which will be conducive to pleasurable conversation and camaraderie. Throughout the day we will be hosting classes in the Arts and Sciences, as well as displays put together by the talented artisans of our noble lands. The Bardic Arts will be highlighted with their own spotlight as an Art and Science of magnificence. Anticipation is already building in preparation for possible Shakespearean soliloquys.
Our Arts and Sciences Minister, HL Talia, is hard at work creating exciting activities for Candlemas. Her most recent plan is a “heraldic mask” contest. Currently this will be in three categories: 1. Pre-made, where the mask has been purchased and decorated; 2. Original design, where the mask and decorations are all made by entrant; and 3. Other masks, made by entrants but are not necessarily ‘heraldic’ in nature (such as plague masks).
What did you do during the Plague? Did you work on a project and want to show the Barony? Since we have been shut down for so long, let’s share what we have been researching and developing.
A. A & S Display and feedback: Please provide for display;
1. Item of project – finished or in process
a. Documentation, 1 page
* Name of project
* Name of entree
* Time and place
* Explain what you want to achieve
b. If you would like feedback
* Book or paper for comments.
B. MASK Challenge:
1. Let’s face it, we all have one (or two) and we may need them a bit longer. Show your SCA pride with a Heraldic Mask (nose and mouth) made from any material of your choosing. Entries will be assessed on functionality, design and appearance. Entry must be made by enteree.
a. Division of challenge
* Heraldic (nose and mouth) mask – Adult
* Heraldic (nose and mouth) mask – Jr. (under 18)
* Other design (nose and mouth) – Adult
* Other designs (nose and mouth) – Jr. (under 18)
* Any Mask – Misc. – Adult
* Any Mask – Misc. – Jr. (Under 18)
D. Table decorations challenge.
1. A couple of tables will be segregated in the common area to set up challenges. People can look at them and vote before feast. Once feast tables are set for dinner, entrees can move to their table.
2. Entrees will have half of an 8″ table. (4′ x 2′).
3. Please display centerpieces and one place setting.
4. No open flame 🔥 (battery flames are fine).
5. Entrees will be move to entrees table for dinner.
The Arts and Sciences Displays will also include recent works for the current run of Sargeantry candidates. There is some wonderful and awesome talent amongst the candidates. It is definitely worth your time to browse through the display area to see what they are currently working.
Our Youth and Family Activities Officer, HL Skalla, is putting together a plan to entertain the youth, and promote family activities. To whet the appetite, her first thought is a puzzle solved by learning about the feast, interacting with guests of honor, and other public figures, and making a project. HL Skalla is going to do a scavenger hunt for facts about the Spanish Renaissance, and an SCA feast culture inspired craft project. There will be an edible reward for completing the quest!
If you have any questions, please contact Skalla. She can best be reached on Facebook at ‘Kat Skalla Kelley,’ but her e-mail address is <moc.liamg@yellek.nyrht>.
Our venue is just across the street from the Givens Community Center, which has a number of playfields and open areas available for martiallate activities. If the weather is cooperative for us in late April, there is even possibly space enough in the athletic fields for thrown weapons ranges.
As the day journeys towards the evening, Their Excellencies Kloe and Arion will hold Baronial Court, which will be a Majestic and Magnificent affair filled with heraldry and pageantry and color. This is an opportunity to show off our accomplishments and adventures in the SCA, our best and most elaborate garb and accessories, as well as personal and household banners, pennants, flags and such in a glorious display of pageantry.
At the conclusion of Court, the Feast begins! If you would be willing to serve food at this magnificent feast, HL Theodoric the Scholar is coordinating servers and would welcome assistance.
Pre-registration is required for the feast and will be conducted through PayPal. A Facebook Page will be set up to facilitate this, and all other questions appropriate to the event. The Kingdom Calendar Page will also direct traffic accordingly. Please consult the Candlemas Facebook Event Page, <[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22search_results%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22bookmark%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7D>, Dragon’s Laire web-site, <>, and the Dragon’s Laire Facebook Page, <>, for additional information. Especially as the event date nears.
Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Is an online meeting
Is an online gathering
Accepts PayPal
Has Classes
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Offers a feast or meal

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Registration Information

PayPal is available for online space reservations and submission of fees. HL Jessy “Jess” Gateman will be coordinating Pre-Registration, and can be contacted at <moc.liamg@nametag.yssej> if you have any questions.
Link for Candlemas Pre-Registration Site: <>
You can pay for the Event at the door if you do not wish to pay online via PayPal, but we’re requiring pre-registration for the Feast so that we have accurate numbers by which to purchase feast supplies.

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Site Fee, Adults $17.00
Site Fee, 18 and Younger $0.00
Feast Fee $10.00
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

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