Skull ‘n Crossbones Pirate Tavern X


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Thomas Wollffe
Date: November 15 , 2008
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on November 15th 2008
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
St. Luke’s Anglican Church Hall
3233 Argyle Road Regina, SK S4S 2B5


Skull ‘n
Crossbones Tavern X: Back to Basics

November 15th, 2008

Shire of Sigelhundas

Avast there ye lubbers and belay what ye be doing fer a
moment! Pay heed to these words as I tell you of a fine event
on your horizon……

The infamous Skull ‘n Crossbones Tavern will be opening
her doors for the tenth time on November 15th,
2008 at St. Luke’s Hall, 3233 Argyle Road, S4S 2B5,
Regina, SK (that be Sigelhundas in Avacal fer ye!). The doors
will swing wide at 11:00am and them what still be around will
be tossed out at midnight.

Yer costs:

Adults (12yrs and older)    
Site: $6.00, Feast: $10.00, Total: $16.00

Youth (3yrs to
Site: $3.00, Feast: $5.00, Total: $8.00

Child (under 3
Site: Free, Feast: Free

Family (2 Adults & 3 or more Youth); Site: $18.00, Feast:
$30.00, Total: $48.00

Note: the NMS applies as per An Tir Law

There will only be 60 seats available fer this event and the
only reserved seat is a pre-paid seat. Send yer gold ta
Thomas at 3242 Athol Street, Regina, SK, S4S 1Y9
  an’ if’n youse use them
fancy cheques make sure ya make ‘em out ta the QCSCA.

Youse might be asking yerself at this time, “Back ta
Basics, what be that?” an’ a darn good question
that be! Fer those of youse who was around when it all began,
youse might remember the humble beginnings of the Skull
‘n Crossbones Tavern: simple food and a good time had
by all.

Fer this Tenth Anniversary we be going back to them old days,
no land lubbing feasts with yer sublties and such – tho that
was wonderful eating ta be sure –
 and none of yer fancy threats, er, invites
I mean, ta our “friends” da Northies – oh no! Its
back ta simple but wholesome fare, all cooked up by yers
truly, and good Tourneys with yer friends from right here
(‘o course, should any of youse Northies wanna show up,
we’ll be glad ta kick yer butts!).

The food:       To
start – Fruits, Cheeses, Breads; Then – Onion soup, Parmesan
cheese, Vegetable soup, Breads; Then – Roast beef, Beer /
Mustard sauce, Honey glazed carrots, Baked garlic; Then –
Apple pie, Cherry pie, Mincemeat pie

The fun:

Shire of Sigelhundas A&S Tourney

Shire of Sigelhundas Rapier Champion Tourney

Pirate Themed Bardic Tourney (songs or stories)

Various period themed games and contests (best dressed
pirate, worst dressed pirate, a prize fer the person who can
stay in persona the longest, etc, etc)

See youse all there!

Yer Autocrat / Feastocrat:

HL Thomas Wollffe

3242 Athol Street, Regina, SK, S4S 1Y9

Phone: 306-789-3185 (but not after 10:00pm, I needs my beauty

e-mail: thomaswollffe@gmail.,com

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