Hosted in-person by Device of Glyn Dwfn

The Barony of Glyn Dwfn (Medford, Ashland, Jackson Counties, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Feradach mac Tralin
Date: October 22 , 2022
Site opens at: 9:00 AM on October 22th 2022
Site closes at: 9:00 PM

Event site:
Upper Rogue Community Center
22465 Highway 62 Shady Cove, OR 97539

This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted event.

Welcome all to Glyn Dwfn’s Samhain feast. We will have our Rapier, A&S, and (new this year) Bardic Championships. There will also be a masked ball. Note, the feast requires a separate fee and pre-registration.

For all of our championships their Excellencies Glyn Dwfn have asked for letters of intent. Those should be emailed to Their Excellencies at The deadlines for the letters of intent are:

  • Arts and Sciences Championship – October 8th
  • Bardic Championship – October 21st
  • Rapier Championship – October 21st

We will have a court to invest all three lists at the beginning of the event.


Our Arts and Sciences Champion will be decided in the traditional Glyn Dwfn format. Their Excellencies Glyn Dwfn believe that teaching is an important element of arts and sciences, and as such, Their competition is based around this. In order to enter, you must plan and teach a class at Samhain, to be held on October 22nd. This class can be on anything period or SCA-appropriate. The number of students will depend on how many choose to take the class. Please provide any materials your students will need.

The focus is on not only the content but also on your ability to share your knowledge with others. No documentation is required outside of anything you might offer your students in your class. The judges will be attending each class so they can watch and learn.


This year, Their Excellencies Glyn Dwfn are excited to usher in the first Glyn Dwfn Bardic Championship. Here in Glyn Dwfn, we do things a little differently and so our bardic champion not be chosen in the same way that you might choose a martial champion.

The bardic championship will be run according to these rules and principles:

  • All bards, those entering and those just wishing to perform, are encouraged to join us at Samhain and join in performance, song, and stories around a bardic circle. The bardic circle will be “pick, pass, or play” style  and bards are encouraged to sing together when appropriate, just as we do at our normal monthly bardic gatherings.
  • Bards wishing to be Our Bardic Champion will need to submit a letter of intent through email to no later than October 21st.
  • All those participating, including bards not vying for the championship, will be asked to fill out a recommendation form for another member of the circle to be the first Bard of Glyn Dwfn. Their Excellencies Glyn Dwfn will review these recommendations from the Bardic Community on who you feel would best represent you and will make Their choice accordingly.
  • While audience enjoyment of the bardic performances is highly encouraged, they will not be asked to provide feedback or recommendation. This championship is intended to allow the bardic community to lift up one of their own.


The Rapier Championship tournament will be fought as a round robin, or double round robin time permitting, with a final for the top fighter. There will be no weapon restrictions so bring your best and be ready for a challenge. Those wishing to compete will need to send letters of intent to Their Excellencies at by October 14th.


Finally, we will be having a Masquerade Ball. Participants are encouraged to bring masks but for those who cannot there will be a mask creation station. The ball will have live musicians, dancing, and will also include court presentations. Please bring your finest court attire for an unforgettable evening spotlighting all of our glorious guests.

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - Summits
Has Classes
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Bardic activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Offers a feast or meal

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Site Fees

Fee TypeCost
Gate Fee$15
Adult Feast Fee (13+)$7
Child Feast Fee (0-12)$3
Non-Member Gate fee$5*
*SCA Members are exempt from this fee.

Event Schedule

TimeActivityArts and Sciences Classes
9:00Site Open
10:00Championship Invocation Court
11:00David of the Lame Memorial Heavy TournamentAncient Pottery and Firing Techniques
Presented by Ainsley Herrick
12:00Day BoardPolish Cross Cutting for Stick and Steel
Presented by HL Samwell Langdon
1:00Glyn Dwfn Rapier ChampionshipEvaluating Sources and Choices for a Pre-Colonial Feast in Post-Colonial Times
Presented by Lady Erin Scott
2:00Glyn Dwfn Bardic ChampionshipEntry Level Italian Side Sword and Rotella Shield
Presented by Lord Mikkel Høie
2:00Subtlety Competition
3:00Court and Masked Ball
9:00Site Close

Meal Information

In addition to the feast, we will be hosting a day board and a subtlety competition. Please bring your most interesting subtlety and let the populace judge it on both culinary and artistic merits.

Alcohol is allowed.

Tournament Information

We will be hosting two tournaments, our Rapier Championship tournament and the newly created David of the Lame Memorial Heavy tournament.

The Rapier Championship tournament will be fought as a round robin, or double round robin time permitting, with a final for the top fighter.

This past year, we lost a dear member of our shire, David of the Lame. In honor of his memory, Their Excellencies Glyn Dwfn have chosen to sponsor a memorial tournament. The David of the Lame Memorial Tournament will be a double round robin tournament where each fighter holds the field against all others. Whomever is holding the field will be asked to fight with two swords, one of them being the Baroness’ sword. Those assaulting the field will bring their best.

Youth and Family Activities

For the Ball, we will have a mask-making station for those who did not bring their own masks. During the ball we will have a mask competition with multiple categories including:

  • Best heraldic mask
  • Most creative mask
  • Best youth mask



Classes Offered

We will be hosting the Glyn Dwfn Arts and Sciences Championship. Competitors in this championship will be asked to present a class on period or SCA-appropriate topics.

The classes for the competition are:

11:00 – Ancient Pottery and Firing Techniques
Presented by Ainsley Herrick
Learn about some of the oldest techniques for making and firing pottery. Students will have the opportunity to create a coil built pot during the class, which will be fired using the ancient method of pit firing. Those who are able are invited to attend and assist with the pit firing at a later date.
There is a suggested donation of $5 to cover the cost of clay.


12:00 – Polish Cross Cutting for Stick and Steel
Presented by HL Samwell Langdon
The traditional Polish art of using the sabre both mounted and on foot was renowned far and wide. This style emphasizes dynamic parries, efficient footwork, and lethal combinations and feints. This class will cover the basic principles of the style and how to apply them to Heavy and C&T combat. If ever you were looking for a chance to up your singlestick/singlesword game, this is your chance.
Participants are asked to bring their own stick or sword, as well as hand and head protection if they wish to perform drills at speed. Some loaner gear will be available. Please no Participants under 14.


1:00 – Evaluating Sources and Choices for a Pre-Colonial Feast in Post-Colonial Times
Presented by Lady Erin Scott
This will be a display and discussion which aims to explore the process of evaluating modern sources of pre-colonial Indigenous food traditions through a critical lens. We will review a variety of source materials that went into inspiring the feast as well why specific recipes were (and were not) chosen. Also included in the display and presentation will be notes on choices and modifications that were needed due to historical accuracy, dietary restrictions, cost, availability, and required preparation processes. Handouts will be freely available with the display and presentation that include recipes, a works cited and recommended reading list, and local/regional resource


2:00 – Entry Level Italian Side Sword and Rotella Shield
Presented by Lord Mikkel Høie
Begin your journey of learning the Bolognese system and techniques of 16th century Italian fencing Master Achille Marozzo. This class will focus on the familiarization and use of the rotella shield as used in Marozzo’s fighting system. Rotella shields will be provided for the first 8 students

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