Odins Playground


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Thora Golvik
Date: September 8 , 2017 until September, 10 2017
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 8th 2017
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 10th 2017

Event site:
Albion Fairgrounds
23448 105th Ave. Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1G3


Bring on the games!  Bring on the fun! 
Bring on the challengers and the cheerers!  Odin is calling
for those who would be brave enough, strong enough, cunning enough
to become one of his chosen warriors to fight in the last days of
Ragnarok.  There will be games of skill in fighting, thrown
weapons, and archery.  There will be games of strength in
field games.  There will be games of cunning and trickery in
the evening time.  A great potluck feast will be held in the
evening, with songs and stories.  Come!  Be a part of the
celebrations!  We welcome you!

Heavy Fighters:  Holmgang on Saturday and a
Hangover Tourney on Sunday

Long Skinny Sword Fighters: Tourney on Saturday
and a Hangover Tourney on Sunday

Archery, and Thrown Weapons: competitions to be

Combat Archery: Run the Gauntlet and Wheel of
Doom contests on Saturday will be confirmed

Games of Strength: Field games on Saturday

Games of Cunning:  Kubbe, board games, and
Silly Viking games throughout the day on Saturday

Crafters Skills: “What every good Viking needs is
a good…”. Competitors will create an item that fills in this
essential blank in a Viking’s life. Documentation must fit on both
sides of a single 3×5 index card. Due to site restrictions, alcohol
is not permitted as an A&S entry. Bring prepared entries to the
covered picnic areas after opening ceremonies.

Skalds Skills: ‘Pepin the Short Story’ Challenge.
Introduce yourself and present a Viking-appropriate story, song,
joke, or other bardic piece under three minutes in total length.
Competitors who go over time will be removed from the stage in a
Viking-appropriate manner. Extra points will be awarded for period
pieces and original works in period style, but any suitable
performance could win. Documentation is not required. 
Entrants, let your intent be known to Wulfstan before the feast
begins.  Competition will take place during the feast.

Smorgasbord Potluck Feast: Roasted Lamb and Pork
provided by the Shire of Lionsdale.  Please bring a dish to
share. There is very limited power on site, so cold dishes or
dishes you can heat up at your own encampment would be best. 
Populace will choose their favorite dish for a prize.  As Oak
include an ingredient list for those with allergies. 


Children’s Activities: To be announced on
Saturday.  Looking for a volunteer or 4 to run cabbage soccer
and maybe one other thing.  Possibly a class on making butter
will happen!


Site Fees:

Adults are $20 ($5 Member discount)

Youth and Children are free

Student and Seniors discount available


Site Opens on Friday, September 8 at 3pm

Site Closes on Sunday, September 10 at 3pm

Schedule**Please note that all times are
subject to change and are only to be used as a guideline.
Children’s activities will be announced at the opening

Friday September 10
3:00pm Site Opens
7:00pm Bardic Fire and Welcoming Get-Together by the kitchen

Saturday September 11
9:30am Opening Ceremonies and Mother Hen will be played
10:00am Long Skinny Sword, Combat Archery and Heavy Armor
Archery & Thrown ranges open
Arts and Science Competition Submissions
10:30am Long Skinny Sword Tourney
11:30am “The great raid” (Combat archers included)
12:00pm Combat Archers’ Wheel of Doom Tourney
Heavy Holmgang
2:00pm Field Games start
6:00pm Feast, Bardic and Recognitions
7:30pm Evening Games

Sunday September 12
9:00am Pancake Breakfast by Donation (suggested $5 / adult)
Trading Blanket (swap meet)
10:00am Archery & Thrown Ranges open
Ongoing Games begin
Heavy & Long Skinny Sword inspections open
10:30am Heavy Hangover Tourney
Long Skinny Sword Hangover Tourney
3:00pm Site Closes



-An Tir Leashed dog rules are in place.  Please pick up
after your pets.

-Please pick up after yourselves, too.  Garbage containers
on site.

-This is a dry site.

-Smoking permitted within your own encampments and on the gravel
pathways only. No smoking around the games field, please.

-Campfires permitted in raised braziers only if fire bans

-This site is a city park which means we may have mundane people
walking through.  Please make sure that appropriate measures
are taken regarding your children and your valuables.


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