Midhaven Harvest Feast


Event Summary

Date: November 15 , 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on November 15th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Hillcrest Park
1717 S. 13th Street Mount Vernon, WA 98274

Update: As of October 20th, we have received 125
pre-reservations. The event is now full. I am currently taking
names for a waiting list in case of cancellations. – Rodri


For any questions, pre-registration, or anything else please
email the Autocrat, Lord Rodri Glynglas


In the northwest of the known realm there lies a land
of unrivaled beauty and bounty. Fields of green produce luscious
fruit, tall grain, and support the steps of heavy, fat cattle.
Mysterious figures roam the wide hills, dancing and singing,
crafting fine wares, and bringing home fine trophies from their
hunts. A land of green, of adventure and glory, joy and


In the middle ages, such were the words to describe
the newfound vistas of Greenland. Unfulfillable boasts were used to
entice hapless volunteers to assist in settling the northern
island. In these modern middle ages, these same phrases describe
the Shire of Midhaven, and all are invited to the annual Harvest
Feast to witness the accuracy of the description for themselves.
Music and song, dancing and fine food will leave no attendant


After the three courses of the feast we will be
holding our much anticipated Dessert Auction. This year, the Shire
of Midhaven has determined that the funds raised from the auction
will go towards another feast, at July Coronation 2015, to honor
the outgoing King and Queen. Please bring something to contribute,
be it small or wildly fabulous. We are requesting that attendees
bring both full sized items and also smaller items suitable for
children, we will be having select auctions specificially for the
younger attendees, price ranges adjusted suitably.


In addition to the main Dessert Auction, our Chef,
Etole Marchant, will be running his own auction. The prize? He and
a member of his cooking staff will come to your house and cook a
full meal in your kitchen. You provide the food, and he provides
the culinary skill. He is offering ten such prizes, with a starting
bid of $150.00 each. The money raised will be used to repair the
event trailer of the Towne of Keypoynte, of which he is Mayor.


At the end of the feast and the auction, as the
evening winds down, there will be dancing until they kick us out of
the site!


Midhaven Harvest Feast A&S Contest
We will be having an A&S Contest at our Harvest Feast on
Saturday, November 15th. The details are as follows…
We will be having a contest for adults as well as for children.
There will be prizes for the adult and child winners in the
following categories: Populace Choice, Judge’s Choice, and Queen’s
To enter, please contact Avelyn de Mowbray
(moc.liamg@yarbwomednyleva or by phone or text at 425-387-4904)
with your intent no later than Sunday, November 9th. Please provide
her with the following information: Your name (mundane & SCA),
what you are entering, contact information, and whether this is a
child or adult entry.
You will need to prepare a display to be set up at our Harvest
Feast by 12:30pm. You will be assigned a 5 minute slot for which
you will need to be standing with your display to answer questions
from our judges. Your display will need to be taken down by 3pm.
Winners will be announced at court that evening.


Due to limits of the venue attendance must be limited
to 125. Pre-registration is available and strongly recommended to
prevent disappointment at the door.

For Pre-registration please email the Autocrat, Lord Rodri
Glynglas (moc.liamg@nelgneergeht). 



  • Adults (18+):  $20 ($5 non-member surcharge
    applies if your membership is not current on the day of the

  • Youth (10 – 17):  $10

  • Children (9 and under):  Free


Head Chef:  Etolé Marchant 

The menu goes as follows;


Course 1

  • Grilled Foul (chicken)

  • Cold fruit soup

  • Fried dumplings

  • Scotch eggs


Course 2

  • Salmon with vidalia onions

  • Fried parsnip salad

  • Herb soup

  • Hedgehogs


Course 3

  • “Seal” (beef) stew

  • Lefse

  • Roasted Vegetables

  • – turnips, carrots, brussel sprouts

  • Stuffed pork loin

  • – apple, pear, apricots, cranberries



  • Plum pudding with whipped cream

  • Cake


There will be cookbooks available for purchase: one with this
year’s recipes and one with last year’s recipes. Price will be
$5.00 each.


8:00 AM – noon: Event staff arrives on site and sets

12:00 PM, Noon: Gate opens to the populace and Family
Activities area opens

1:00 PM – 3:30 PM: The Shire of Midhaven’s Arts &
Sciences prize tourney

3:30 PM: Tabulation of A&S results, and moving
furniture to set up for court

4:00 PM: Family Activities area closes

4:30 PM: Court

After Court: Feast hall is set up for feast; feast
servers report to the serving area

5:30 PM: The feast begins with bardic entertainments
performed during the courses

After 3rd Course: Dessert auction (please contribute

After Dessert auction: Dancing

As soon as practical: Clean-up

10:00 PM: Site closes to the populace 


During the day between opening of site and court there will be
games to play, and there will be a dancing class.


Please contact the Autocrat, Lord Rodri Glynglas
(moc.liamg@nelgneergeht) regarding pre-registration.


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