Middle-Eastern Easter Ithra


Event Summary

Date: April 18 , 2003 until April, 20 2003
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 18th 2003
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on April 20th 2003

University of Ithra
Middle-Eastern Easter Grand Ithra at Loch Dorr
18-20 April 2003ce
Chancellor: Nikita Gdanskya

At Crawford Bay Castle, 16234 King Road,
and Crawford Bay Community Hall, 16230 Wadds Road

Site Schedule:
(Thursday evening arrivals OK, soup & a bun available in castle)
18 April Friday– 8am Site opens; Breakfast-8-10am;
        Registration-10am-1pm; Lunch-1-2pm; Classes-2-6pm;
        Supper-7-8pm; Classes-8-10pm; Film-10-11:30pm
19 April Saturday– Breakfast-8-9am; Classes-9am-1pm; Lunch-1-2pm;
        Classes-2-6pm; FEAST!-7:30pm
20 April Sunday– Breakfast-8-9am; Classes-9am-1pm; Lunch-1-2pm;
        Site closes-5pm.
(Crash space available in castle Thursday pm through Monday am.)

Meal package: Friday-Breakfast, Lunch, Supper; Saturday-Breakfast,
Lunch; Sunday-Breakfast, Lunch–CDN$15.00
FEAST: Saturday pm-CDN$15.00-adults; 6-12yrs-$7.00, under 6-free.

All fees payable on site; please do NOT send money in advance.
Cheques must be made payable to “Shire of Loch Dorr”
Reservation Deadline for FEAST and Classes: Sunday 13 April 2003
For class and feast reservations, contact either of the following:
Autocrat: Daoud Barbarossa ed Din (David George) 250-227-9550
Seneschal: Thuirguid of the Mysts (Joseph Bechal) 250-227-9205

Directions: Take your best route to Creston, BC, drive north on Hwy 3A for 75km then look for SCA signs.  If you reach Kootenay Bay you went 5km too far.
Or: take your best route to Balfour, BC (east of Nelson) take 35 min. ferry ride across lake, then drive south 5km on Hwy 3A and look for SCA signs.

Further Information:

Classes will be held in castle and community hall across the street.   
Registration will be in the community hall.
All meals will be in the community hall.
Please notify autocrat of any food allergies.

Crash space is somewhat limited, and is in the castle only.
A motel, the Crawford Bay Inn, is 2 min. walk from site.   
Their telephone number is 250-227-9342.  Please make reservations with them and those below directly.
A good lodge at Kokanee Springs golf course (250-227-9226) is a 2 min. drive away.
Also 2 min. drive- Kokanee Chalets & Campground, 250-227-9292.
A really nice nearby B&B–Wedgwood Manor, 250-227-9233.

Local stores:
Within a 10 min. walk to ‘downtown’ Crawford Bay are:
Crawford Bay Store-this is also the liquor agency store-important
NOTE: NO liquor sales in BC on Good Friday OR Easter Sunday!!!
Dandelion Market-organic foods and vitamins, etc.
CCR Pub-self-explanatory–drinking age in BC is 19 years.
Kootenay Forge & Breathless Glass, also BareFoot Handweaving
Nelson & District Credit Union
-has 24 hour cash machine.
North Woven Broom-traditional long-lasting brooms of all sizes.

COURSES (These are arranged in order of date and time.)

Onion-Skin Dyeing:  Mistress Morgan the Unknown
A practical hands-on class where we dye some fiber with onionskins. This class that will give a basic working method for approaching “natural” dyes as well as taking away samples of the colours obtained.  No mordants will be used, but they will be discussed.  Onionskin is the perfect student dye: it does not *require* mordants for washing/lightfastness, uses the standard methods of dyeing with “natural” substances, and is not at all dangerous or allergy-provoking (unless you’re allergic to onions) Includes handout and fiber samples. I will bring dyestuffs and equipment. Students should bring note-taking materials and a bit of handwork (there’s some “downtime” in dyeing).
Fri.2-6pm–4 hrs.,  cost $5.00  min.2, max.6

Exploring the Turkshead Knot:  HL Thuirguid of the Mysts
Students will learn hands-on how to tie a number of basic turkshead knots and how to develop these into longer designs to suit their intended applications.  The class includes handouts with history, mathematical principles involved, and diagrams with instructions, as well as required tools and materials.
Fri.2-6pm–4 hrs.,  cost $5.00  min.2, max.4

Coins as Jewellery or as Personal Savings?:  Ragnulf Bjarnison
What kinds of coins?  Examples of these kinds and how used.
Fri.2-4pm–2 hrs.,  cost $2.00  min.2, no max.

The World of Arcana:  Medieval Arabic Medicine:  Tegan Thorbergsdottir.  The Arabs during the golden age of their civilization were extremely advanced in medicine and pharmacology.  This class will deal with the discoveries made in medicine, plants, herbal remedies, etc.
Fri.2-4pm–2 hrs.,  cost $2.00  min.2, no max.

The Rise and Fall of Paradise:  Master James D’Orleans
An overview of the rise and fall of Muslim Spain and its effects on the Christian kingdoms that followed it.
Fri.2-4pm–2 hrs.,  cost $2.00  min.2, max.15

Medieval Encampments:  Mistress Aldreada of the Lakes
*Required course for a Science Degree.*
Fri.4-6pm–2 hrs.,  cost $1.00  min.2, max.18

Islamic Egyptian Embroidery:  Tegan Thorbergsdottir
Embroidery of the Islamic and Egyptian world from 600-1600 AD.  Students will make a sample of Mameluke and Islamic stitchery.  Bring a hoop or scroll frame and a basic embroidery kit.
Fri.4-6pm–2 hrs.,  cost $4.00  min.2, max.10

Byzantine Clothing:  HL Custance Fenwick
A general overview of construction and decoration of clothing in the Byzantine Empire.
Fri.4-6pm–2 hrs.,  cost $4.00  min.2, max.10

Chicks in Chainmail:  Mistress Morgan the Unknown
What to do when you’re 5 foot 2 and your opponent is 6 foot 3.   
An introductory class for women fighters (and the men who train them) including (but not limited to) an approach to training, hands-on practice and some strategies for dealing with size/strength inequities on the field.
Fri.8-10pm–2 hrs.,  cost $3.00  min.2, max.8

Introduction to SCA Rapier Fighting and Marshaling:   
Ezekiel Hrafnklo Komnenos, Serena Arias, Jacob Lachlainn de Sevigny
This is intended as a classroom introduction to rapier fighting in the SCA.  It is suitable for anyone interested in developing an appreciation for this fighting style or assisting in any aspect of war or tournament activities (waterbearers, chirurgeons).  Historical perspectives, rules of the lists and armour standards will be covered.
This is a prerequisite for prospective fighters and marshals intending to take further rapier classes at this Ithra.
Fri.8-10+pm–2+ hrs.,  
cost $5.00  min.4, max.12

The Romance of the Rose:  HL Katherine of Weaverham
Mankind’s love affair with roses throughout the ages.  We will explore the history of the rose.  Roses in history.  The uses of roses other than in a vase.  We will make a sachet for scenting linens.
Fri.8-10pm–2 hrs.,  cost $2.00  min.2, max.10

A Henna Party:  Christine de Blonde
Before weddings and special occasions, women would get together for a “henna party”.  Come and enjoy, hands-on, how to mix and apply henna for those special events.  All supplies included.  This class can be messy, so be prepared.  Needs overnight to dry.
Fri.8-10pm–2 hrs.,  cost $5.00  min.2, max.8

Soap Making 101:  HL Custance Fenwick
A hands-on class on the history and making of soap.  Students will be able to take home the sudsy results.  Students should being note taking materials. and wear clothing suitable for working with chemicals in a kitchen.  Includes supplies & handout.
Fri.8-10pm–2 hrs.,  cost $5.00  min.2, max.5

Monty Python & the Holy Grail:  The Usual Suspects
One more time, join Arthur, King of the Britons on the Quest.
Shown on 7 foot wide screen in the castle great hall; digital sound.
Fri.10-11:30pm–1&1/2 hrs.,no cost min.2, max.:as many as will fit

Leatherwork:  HL Thuirguid of the Mysts
A hands-on class making quick and easy functional projects.  Class includes materials for projects; lecture and demo of tools and techniques & sources for tools and materials. Bring notepaper and pen.
Sat.9am-1pm–4 hrs.,  cost $2.00  min.2, max.10

Survey of Medieval Art:  Mistress Morgan the Unknown
A wild and opinionated romp through art history from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, with an emphasis on the cyclical nature and context of art principles. Students will get a firm grasp of the various “art-movements” of relevant periods and a strong understanding of the basic hallmarks of the period, as well as a lesson in how to build a Gothic Cathedral.*Required course in Arts*
Sat.9am-1pm–4 hrs.,  cost $5.00  min.2, no max.

Making Marco Polo’s Ottoman:  Theodora of Northworthy
A small rectangular stool for feet or knees–just what the well appointed tent or castle needs.  Bring: small tack hammer, 6 different squares 18″ x 18″ of fabric (velvet or cotton blend or upholstery fabric), 4 tassels (optional), thread, scissors, measuring tape, pins, and a sewing machine if possible.  No upholstery skills needed.  Included: handout, wooden frame, tacks, and cording.  Final dimensions 12″ x 18″ x 10″ high.
Sat.9am-1pm–4 hrs.,  cost $10.00  min.2, no max.

Medieval Calendars:  HL Daoud Barbarossa ed Din
How did we get our modern calendar?  How could it be a different day or even year depending on what country one was in?  When did the Julian and Gregorian reforms take place?
Sat.9-11am–2 hrs.,  cost $2.00  min.2, max.12

Basic Zils:  Mistress Giuliana Audaci
Fundamentals of Middle-Eastern finger cymbals, including use in belly dance.  Bring your own zils if you have some.
Sat.9-11am–2 hrs.,  cost $2.00  min.2, max.5

Basic Bellydance:  Mistress Giuliana Audaci
Steps will be geared to class level.  Wear comfy lose clothes and slippers or bare feet.  Handout.
Sat.11am-1pm–2 hrs.,  cost $2.00  min.2, no max.

Overview of Middle Eastern & Islamic Culture:  HL Olwen pen Auer    
Overview of Islam and the Islamic World
This class will look at the origins of Islam, placing it in the context of the monotheistic religions. We will also do a general survey of the history of Islam and the Islamic world from about 600 to 1600, with special emphasis on the different peoples and cultures that embraced Islam. And we will look at aspects of Islamic civilization, especially where they differ from medieval Europe.
Extensive handout with maps and timelines, as well as colour pictures.
Sat.2-6pm–4 hrs.,  cost $5.00  min. 3, max. 20

Making a Pattern for a Persian Caftan:  Mistress Giuliana Audaci
Bring scissors, safety pins, a double sheet to cut into pattern.
Sat.2-6pm–4 hrs.,  cost $2.00  min.2, max.5

Copper Enameling:  Master Robin Greybeard
Hands-on course in basic enameling on copper.
Sat.2-6pm–4 hrs.,  cost $TBA..**Class is fully booked already!**

Gaming Under the Caliph:  Master James D’Orleans
An overview of period Muslim/Mediterranean games and pastimes.  Students will be taught to play some period games in use around the Mediterranean during the middle ages.
Sat.2-4pm–2 hrs.,  cost $2.00  min.3, max.12

Medieval Books and Libraries:  Mistress Aldreada of the Lakes
A survey of the development, function and impact of books, publishing, and libraries in Europe between aprox.1000 and 1500 AD.  Examples of both typical and extraordinary books and facilities will be presented.  Handout includes a century-by-century list of best sellers.
Sat.2-4pm–2 hrs.,  cost $1.00  min.2, max.5

Survey of Universities in Medieval Times:  Mistress Aldreada of the Lakes.  Typical courses, the philosophy of learning, typical student life and cost of education.
Sat.4-6pm–2 hrs.,  cost $1.00  min.2, max.18

SCA Rapier Fighting Instruction:  Ezekiel Hrafnklo Komnenos,  
Serena Arias, Jacob Lachlainn de Sevigny
SCA & NSCA Waivers required, special waiver for minors–contact instructor beforehand.(250-225-3367)
Hands-on instruction in fighting techniques utilizing rapier and offhand weapons emphasizing safe and chivalric behaviour.  Footwork, defense drills, and basic attacks will be covered.  Participants will be encouraged to partake in a mock or “phoenix” tournament at the course completion where restraint and chivalric deportment will be of the essence.
Required Equipment: Any comfortable durable clothing covering ankles to neck, sturdy footware (runners fine).  For men: an athletic supporter (jock) with rigid cup.  For women: a “jill” or groin pad; a chest or breast protector highly recommended.
Prerequisite: Introduction to SCA Rapier Fighting and Marshaling.
Reasonable fitness; existing medical conditions aggravated by vigorous exercise should be reported to instructor beforehand.
Sun.9am-1pm–4 hrs.,  -$10 equipment rental fee if needed-  max. 8

SCA Rapier Marshaling: Ezekiel Hrafnklo Komnenos, Serena Arias,  
Jacob Lachlainn de Sevigny.  SCA & NSCA Waivers required, special waiver for minors–contact instructor beforehand.(250-225-3367)
Candidates for junior marshal accreditation will conduct armour and weapon inspections of training fighters’ equipment.  They will oversee and direct a mock tournament.  The goal of this course will be to develop judgement and confidence in the prospective marshals while ensuring safety and comfort of the fighters, other participants, and the public.  (Course runs concurrently with SCA Rapier Fighting.)
Required Equipment: Any comfortable durable clothing covering ankles to neck, sturdy footware (runners fine).
Prerequisite: Introduction to SCA Rapier Fighting and Marshaling.
Sun.9am-1pm–4 hrs.,  -No cost-  max.4

Amber in the Middle East:  Ragnulf Bjarnison
Where did it come from?  How much?  What route or routes?  For how long?  Rough or polished?  How was it polished?  You get to polish and keep a piece of amber.
Sun.9am-1pm–4 hrs.,  cost $5.00  min.2, max.12

Byzantine Style Fundamentals of Embellishment:  HL Custance Fenwick
A hands-on class on the basics of embellishing.  Students should bring needles, scissors, and any trim, beads, and ideas to help add their own special touch to the kit provided.
Sun.9-11am–2 hrs.,  cost $10.00  min.1, max.7

Beginners Yemenite Embroidery:  Christine de Blonde
This is a style of needlework that has evolved based on the traditional folkcraft of Jewish Yemen.  Starting with the basics, you will get started with a sampler that will progress to a project you will be able to finish at home.  Supplies included.
Sun.11am-1pm–2 hrs.,  cost $6.00  min.1, max.8


Ithra Registration Form

You MUST Pre-Register for classes by telephoning either
Daoud Barbarossa ed Din (David George) 250-227-9550 or
Thuirguid of the Mysts (Joseph Bechal) 255-227-9205
By Sunday 13 April 2003ce at the latest!
Please print information legibly and bring to Registration Table on
Friday 18 April 2003ce in Crawford Bay Community Hall.




SCA Name:_________________________________________________________

            Course Title

1. ________________________________________________     __________

2. ________________________________________________     __________

3. ________________________________________________     __________

4. ________________________________________________     __________

5. ________________________________________________     __________

6. ________________________________________________     __________

7. ________________________________________________     __________

8. ________________________________________________     __________

9. ________________________________________________     __________
Total Class Fees———————————–    $  
Matriculation Fee $2.00 (
1st time only)————       

Registration Fee for Session $10.00 (
Instructors Exempt) __________

GRAND TOTAL—————————————-    $ __________
Make cheques payable to Shire of Loch Dorr-DO NOT SEND IN ADVANCE!!


 By signing this form you are agreeing to the terms and  
provisions contained therein.  Therefore it is important that you read

and understand this form before signing.

Minors must have parent/legal guardian consent to participate.

I do hereby state my intent to participate in:
Event: University of Ithra, Middle-Eastern Easter Ithra at Loch Dorr
Location: Crawford Bay Castle & Crawford Bay Community Hall,
        Crawford Bay, British Columbia, Canada
Dates: 18-20 April 2003ce

I declare that I am fully aware of the dangers and risks to my person  
and property by my participation in this event.  By participating in  
the activities at this event (including but not limited to fighting)  
and with such knowledge, I thereby voluntarily assume all risks to  
myself, notwithstanding that the risks may be caused by negligence or  
improper conduct of others.

I agree to save harmless and keep indemnified the SCA Inc. and/or the  
NSCA, their organisations and their respective agents, officials,  
servants, and representatives, and all participants, from and against  
all claims, actions, costs, expenses, and demands in respect to death,

injury, loss and/or damage to my person and/or property, howsoever  
caused, arising out of, or in connection with my taking part in this  
event, and notwithstanding that the same may have been contributed to  
or occasioned by the negligence of the said bodies, or any of them,  
their agents, officials, servants, or representatives.  It is  
understood and agreed that this agreement is to be binding on myself,  
my heirs, executors, and assigns.

Dated this _______ day of ____________, 2003ce.

Legal Signature Print Legal Name  


Fees Paid by: _____Cash   _____Cheque   Date: _____ April 2003ce

Received by: ___________________________

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