May Crown Tournament


Event Summary

Date: May 17 , 2002 until May, 19 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 17th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 19th 2002

Clark County Fairgrounds, Ridgefield/Vancouver, Washington

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This is from the May Crown website. It is slightly reformatted for

“- There will be no water available so, please bring your own water.
– … Bring your own food and drink for there will be no food
vendors on site, per fairgrounds policy.
– …Please pack out your trash. ”

In other words, be prepared for fairly primitive camping:
– Bring more water than you expect (at least 2-3 gallons per person per
– Work with others to do group kitchens.
– Bring lots of extra garbage bags. Even better, pack so you don’t have a
lot of garbage (freeze meals in ziplocs, for instance, rather than bringing
in cans or boxes of food).

Laurin of Rosewood moc.liamtoh@esornirual

Gracious Greetings to the fair citizens
of The Crown Principality of The North!

After discussion, it has been decided that Canadian currency [bills] will be
accepted at Gate.

Regretfully, Canadian coin and checks will not.

Please be aware that proof of membership will be asked for while paying Gate

And finally, there is a great need for volunteers in the following areas:

* Constables (does *not* need to be warranted)
* Chirurgeons
* Heralds
* Waterbearers
* Gold Key

Signup lists will be maintained at the Gate.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Your servant,

Laurin of Rosewood
Chatelaine, Stromgard
Laurin of Rosewood moc.liamtoh@esornirual

Gracious Greetings to the fair citizens of our Kingdom!

I have been contacted privily regarding the locations of motels to May
Crown. Several come to mind, and all are fairly close…

Salmon Creek Motel (AAA Approved–1 & 2 bedrooms)
11901 NE Hwy 99
(360) 573-0751

Shilo Inn
13206 NE Hwy 99
(360) 573-0511

Sunnyside Motel (Kitchen units)
12200 NE Hwy 99
(360) 573-4141

Value Motel (1-2 Bedrooms & Kitchen condos)
708 NE 78th
(360) 574-2345

Keep in mind that I am not endorsing these particular choices; however,
these are 5-10 minutes away from the fairgrounds, and are close to Safeway,
and assorted fast-food eateries.

If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Laurin of Rosewood,
Chatelaine, Stromgard
Colleen McDonald moc.eikcam@dlanoDcM.neelloC

The An Tir Kingdom Costumers’ Guild will be holding its next gathering at May Crown on Saturday, May 18th, in the Costumers’ Guild pavilion (on the eric). In addition to our regular business meeting (open to all members), we will be hosting Guild challenges, a class in rosary construction, and place to visit and discuss all aspects of costuming. If you are interested in any (or all) aspects of costuming, the Guild interested in you!

For those who would like to have a membership, which includes a subscription our newsletter, “From the Skin Out”, please come to the meeting, so we can get you signed up! If you are not going to be at the event, you can email me at moc.eikcam@dlanodcm.neelloc for more information.


We are pleased to announce that Guild Challenges (formerly known as “Rankings”) will be held at this event. If you are a guild member and would like to present your work for advancing to the next level in the Guild ‘Rankings’, please Pre-Register with Aelana, the Education Coordinator. Pre-registering is *required* before May Crown so that she can assemble her panel.

Aelana’s email is: ac.ratsi@sworrubs


Hanym Maryam al’Baghdadi has offered to teach a class on rosary construction, time to be determined. The class will be on Saturday, the 18th, sometime late morning or early afternoon (but *not* during the Laurels meeting). This class can be as long (up to 4+ hrs) or as short (but no less than 1 hr) as people want. She does
need to have an idea of how many people want to participate so she can buy
supplies. People can bring their own beads also.

People who want to take the classes should email Hanym Maryam to check on sizes or
types of beads that will work. Also, if people want to bring their own
beads, they must check with Maryam about how many beads they need; it varies
depending on time period and place of origin. Maryam will also need an
estimate of how many people want to take the classes, so she has the right
number of handouts since it is large and expensive to print ($5 for the copying costs).

She can teach knotting beads in silk at the same time. Since the silk is
approximately $3+ per skein, Maryam will need to exactly how many to buy.

Please contact both Maryam and Giacinta, the Guild Administrator (by May 7th) if you want to take the rosary construction class, knotting beads class or both.

Maryam’s email address is: moc.nsm@ydalkrut
Giacinta’s email address is: moc.nsm@onivagaig

The actual time for Maryam’s class will be decided when we get an idea how
many pre-register.

***Business meeting***

The Officer’s Meeting will be at 8:00 am on Saturday morning (or opposite
the Chivalry Meeting, if the time is changed), in the Costumers’ Guild
Pavilion, located on the Eric. Guild members are welcome to come and watch
(and learn) what the Officers are doing to make the An Tir Costumers’ Guild
the *BEST* in the Known Worlde!

***Discussion time***
After the classes, the pavilion can be made available for those who just
want to visit, do hand sewing, ask questions and discuss costuming.

In service, I remain

Cainder nic Sheanlaoich
PR Representative
An Tir Kingdom Costumers’ Guild

May Crown Archery
Posted by Baroness Arianne for Kingdom Protector Attila Gyory Sandor

The archery for May Crown will consist of:
Royal Rounds – Adults and Children
York rounds
There will also be thrown weapons.
There is a need for volunteers to marshal and keep score for the above

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