May Crown


An in-person Crown event of Device of Kingdom of An Tir

The Kingdom of An Tir (Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho, and British Columbia)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Arnora Grimsdottir
Date: May 19 , 2023 until May, 21 2023
Site opens at: 1:00 PM on May 19th 2023
Site closes at: 4:00 PM on May 21th 2023

This is a Level 1: Crown Event (Crown Tournaments and Coronations) event.

The Barony of Wealdsmere is hosting May Crown and Their Majesties Athos and Alionora cordially invite you back to the glorious lands of Vulkanfeldt and the same site as May Crown ’22 to attend the An Tir Crown Tournament to select the new heirs to the Sable Lion Thrones.

Below you will find a wealth of information about how to reserve erics space, RV space, merchants reservations and much more. More will be added as we approach tourney day so check back often and please email us with any questions!

May Crown Key Staff:
Event Steward: HL Lilion Jane Godwin
Event Steward: Baroness Arnora Grimsdottir

Marshallate Overall Coordinator (MoC): HL Arawn MacPhillan

Gate Lead: Baron Thorkell Paulsen, OP  

Vigils Coordinator/Royal Liaison: Pompeiia Rufina, OP

Classes Coordinator: Baroness Fiona Ingen Conchobair, OP

Equestrian activities: Baron Ullrich hell Licht

Youth & Family Activities: Bledyn Drwg de Caerdydd

RV Wrangler: Anne Mary Quinn

Site Copy/Schedule: HL Lucia Robertsdottir

Merchant Steward: HL Una of Grimwith

Event Site:

Yakima Valley Fair and Rodeo

812 Wallace Way, Grandview, WA 98930


Site Rules: 

  1. Please smoke/vape in the privacy of your camp away from public areas, for the comfort & safety of all. Note: Merchant Row, EQ Arena, all buildings, archery/thrown weapons ranges, A&S, Courts, activity areas, and roads are specifically no-smoking areas.
  2. No medical or recreational marijuana of any kind at the event. SCA policy does not allow marijuana or other federally controlled substances at SCA sanctioned events.
  3. Everyone has to sign the equestrian waiver.
  4. Please place your trash in the bins provided around site – we will haul those to the dumpsters.
  5. No wood fires. No Tiki torches. Propane firepits only.
  6. When walking about the camp all dogs/cats must be on a leash with a human attached to it!
  7. All vehicles must be moved to the parking lot after unloading.
  8. Speed limit on site is 5 mph – that means creeping along soooo slowly it’s painful.
  9. Be prepared for thunderstorms, they just pop up this time of year.
  10. Lost and Found will be at Stewards Point.


There are showers on site, and they are free.

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Queen
Royal Presence - Heirs
Royal Presence - Summits
Royal Presence - Tir Righ
Is an online meeting
Accepts PayPal
Has Merchants
Has Classes
Has an Heraldic consultation table
Offers Youth & Family activities
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Equestrian activities
Has Archery activities
Has Thrown Weapon activities
Has Bardic activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Allows pets (check for details)

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Registration Information

Erics Reservations: CLOSED
Land Grab: CLOSED
RV Reservations: Please use this form to reserve RV space – NOTE: After April 1st RV reservations are overflow ONLY! We will do our best to accommodate, but there is only so much room in main camp.

Merchants please see merchants section below


RV Information: RV Wrangler: Anne Mary Quinn

Parking for RV’s is on lawn, and is back-in along the perimeter fence. There are NO hook-ups. No tow vehicles will be allowed to park with their RV, please move them to main parking ASAP after unhitching. No generators after 10:00 PM and please be considerate with gen noise in general, run as necessary but be kind to your neighbors. You may erect dayshades, tents, etc as space allows. Please note: once all space is allocated in main camp area overflow RV parking is in the west side parking field.


Pet Information:


All Good Dogs are hereby invited to present themselves before Their Majesties to receive

praise and treats.

12pm Saturday, May 20th on the Erics

Name, age, breed, and one fun fact are requested for presentation.

Historical dress encouraged, but not required.

Please note:

All dogs/cats must be on a leash with a human attached to it! They should be fully vaccinated for rabies, etc.

Please have “doggie bags” to clean up after them and place in trash receptacles.

There will be horses onsite! If your dog has never seen one or is aggressive to them be aware of that and act responsibly.

Disruptive/aggressive dogs will be restricted to your camp or asked to leave.



Accessibility Information

The site is a community fairgrounds. It is adjacent to farmland and a major highway.

Open camping will be on lawn, trees on perimeter. Erics are on lawn.

There are paved paths to the erics, with lawn around the erics, to restroom/showers and bordering open camping. Portions of the site do have low to moderate inclines.

There will be a charging station for open use in the Open Barn area. 110v only. There are picnic tables in this building and it will be available for shade/heat abatement during the day and evening hours.

There are shower/restroom facilities available with ADA stalls. These are approx. 200 yards from main camp area. There will be porta-potties w/ADA units near camping, erics, merchants row.

ADA Parking will be adjacent to gate area – must have plates/placard and owner info tags (get at Gate) visible in windshield. No vehicles will be allowed to stay in camp areas.

Parking for non-ADA vehicles and trailers will be in an open field approx. 500 yards from main camp. It is primitive mown-field terrain and there is a sloping gravel drive to walk back up.

There are numerous drugstores/pharmacies in the immediate area. There is a WalMart 10 minutes away.

Hotels in the area include:

Best Western Plus The Inn At Horse Heaven
259 Merlot Dr, Prosser, WA 99350•(509) 786-7977

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Prosser – Yakima Valley Wine, an IHG Hotel
680 Wine Country Rd, Prosser, WA 99350•(509) 786-1399

Travelodge by Wyndham Sunnyside
408 Yakima Valley Hwy, Sunnyside, WA 98944•(509) 676-6020

Cozy Rose Inn
1220 Forsell Rd,
Grandview, WA 98930

Please note: We do not endorse any of these hotels, we merely include their contact information here for your convenience. There are many others within the area, these are a few of the closest.

If you have further questions about site accessibility please contact the Land Steward at

Site Fees

Fee TypeCost*
Adults – 17+30.00
Under 17Free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

PayPal will be accepted at gate.

Checks made payable to Barony of Wealdsmere, SCA Inc.

Event Schedule

ThursdaySet-up day
11:00 on FridayGate opens for Merchants/RV early entryRoyals/retinue may also arrive early
1:00Site/Gate Opens for allGateBaron Thorkell
6:00 – 7:00Early Bird Crown Lists OpenLists Tent on ericsMistress Ysolt Tayler
7:00Vigils beginVarious areas
7:30Marshals MeetingMarshals Tent on ericsMaestra Althaia
MidnightGate Closes
7:00: – 7:30Heralds MeetingHeralds Point on ericsPompeia Rufina
8:00 – 10:00Cheese making classA&S BarnUna of Grimwith
8:00Crown Lists OpenLists Tent on ericsMistress Ysolt Tayler
9:00Archery/Thrown Weapons Ranges OpenRangeMaster Will Fletcher
9:00Royal List ProcessionEricsBaroness Angharad
9:30Beginning Embroidery ClassYAFA PavilionSebdann ingen Shinaig
10:00 – 11:00A&S and Largess entries set-upA&S BarnDame Richenda
10:00Crown TournamentEricsTheir Majesties
11:00Interacting with Horses ClassEquestrian ArenaSir Edward Anderson
11:00 – 11:30Children’s Storytime with the QueenRoyal PavilionQueen Alionora
12:00 – 12:30In-Paw-tationalEricsTheir Majesties
12:30Stuffed Felt Dragons ClassYAFA PavilionBledyn Drwg de Caerdydd
2:00 – 3:00Middle eastern Dance ClassA&S BarnMagdi
1:00 – 2:00Newcomers and Ex-Pats Tea PartyOpen BarnCompanion Kattera Giese
2:00Njalbinding ClassA&S BarnTova Fransdottir
2:00 – 3:30Chivalry MeetingRoyal PavilionTheir Majesties
3:00A&S JudgingA&S BarnDame Richenda
3:30Youth Armored Combat TourneyEricsBaron Thorkell
3:30Archery/Thrown Weapons Ranges CloseRangeMaster Will Fletcher
3:30 – 4:30MoD MeetingRoyal PavilionTheir Majesties
3:30 – 4:00Pick-up A&S entriesA&S BarnDame Richenda
5:00 – 7:00Royal CourtRoyal PavilionTheir Majesties
8:00Coronets Beach BashStewards PointInlands Coronets
8:00 – 10:00Cut & Thrust TourneyEricsSenhora Mecia Raposa
8:00Noble EstatesRoyal PavilionTheir Majesties
9:00Laurels (Meet & Greet with Heirs)Royal PavilionTheir Majesties
9:20Pelicans (Meet & Greet with Heirs)Royal PavilionTheir Majesties
9:40Grey Goose Shaft (Meet & Greet with Heirs)Royal PavilionTheir Majesties
10:00Orders of the Rose and Valorous EstateRoyal PavilionTheir Majesties
9:00 AMLists Open for Squires/ProvostLists tent on ericsMaster Finngall
10:00Squire/Provost TournamentEricsMaster Finngall
4:00 PMSite closes for guests – thanks for coming! Drive safe, bye now.
5:00 PMSite Closes for staff

Meal Information

Beach Bash!
When: Saturday Night 8:00 PM
Where: The Wealdsmere Pavilion at Stewards Point (by Gate)

Everyone is welcome! Have you been looking for chance to dress up and rock the tropical print Norse or sideless? We gotcha covered! Their Excellencies of the Inlands Region invite all to join us for a Beach Bash!

We will have yummy snacks and fruity beverages! Come and meet your Landed Coronets in person; mingle, network or just pop in and say “Aloha!” on your way to the next party! It will be tropical, it will be silly, it will be all the fun!

Everyone is welcome to stop by and join in – no crowns or coronets required, just a sense of fun and a need to be tropical!

If you would like to contribute food we do have a sign-up list here


Newcomers and Ex-Pats Tea
When: Saturday 1:00 PM
Where: The Open Barn

Are you a newcomer to the SCA? Are you an Ex-Pat – One who moved here from another Kingdom and don’t quite know anyone yet? Looking to find other ex-pat friends from your old stomping grounds? Companion Kattera Giese is hosting a Tea Party for all Newcomers and Ex-Pats! Stop by the Open Barn on Saturday and meet, mingle and have a cup and a snack. Everyone is welcome so come meet the new members and those other “newcomers” to An Tir and welcome them to the family!

Tournament Information

Crown Tournament Format

Crown Tournament will be structured as an “Ursulmas – style” tournament. The combatants will be divided into 8 erics which will be fought as round robins. The top two from each eric will progress into a sweet 16, standard double-elimination tournament bracket. The winner of the finals will be determined by best of five bouts. All An Tir legal weapons and weapon styles are permitted. The Crown requests all shields follow standard An Tir size conventions.

Due to changes with the SCA’s membership system, it is highly encouraged that all combatants and inspirations bring proof of membership to the event, either paper or a digital image.

Competing for the Crown of An Tir is a great privilege and the victors will embark on an exciting journey. Now is a good time for combatants and their inspirations to read up on Kingdom Law and familiarize themselves with the duties of the Crown. We encourage everyone to bring banners, personal heralds, musicians, etc., to add to the pageantry of the day. We look forward to seeing everyone on the field of honor.

In service to An Tir and it’s people we remain,

King Athos and Queen Alianora

Pre-registration Form for May Crown Lists

Rapier / Cut & Thrust:

PROVOST TOURNAMENT: Rapier and C&T fighters are invited to take part in a Provost Tournament on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. in the main erics. It will be roughly one hour long with a break at the 30-minute mark. Losers report to lists. Case and two-handed swords are not allowed for rapier.
SPONSORSHIP: To build our community and improve communication between fighters and members of the Order of Defense, fighters are requested to seek sponsorship from a MoD to enter the Provost Tournament. Provosts and MoD students already have sponsorship. Everyone can enter. You are being asked to talk to a MoD before the tournament, whether they are fighting or not. If this is a problem, please see me before the tournament. I want everyone to enjoy it. (MIC Andrew Williams)
C&T INVITATIONAL: Immediately after the Provost Tourney, members of the Order of Defense will select cut-and-thrust fighters for a single-elimination invitational tournament. This will be run by Mecia Reposa.
RAPIER INVITATIONAL: After the C&T tournament, the MoDs will select rapier fighters to take part in a single-elimination invitational tournament. Double deaths are a loss for both fighters. Case and two-handed swords are not allowed.
PRACTICE ERIC: A 40’ x 40’ eric is set near the main erics for pickup fights and training with fighters from outside of your area. It will close during the semi-finals of the Crown Tournament and reopen after our new Crown Prince is determined.
RAPIER BEAR PIT: In the practice eric at 11 a.m. on Saturday, a bear pit tournament is being held for about an hour. No case or two-handed swords are allowed. Each win is worth a point. The winner stays in the eric. Double deaths are destructive for both fighters.
FOR ADDITIONAL C&T information, please ask Mecia Reposa.

Pre-register for Squires/Provosts tourneys here



Archery and Thrown Weapons:

There will be an archery range and thrown weapons range. Please check your site copy for range open/close time.



Please be aware – In our efforts to be more environmentally conscious we will NOT be “waterbearing” as it has been done in the past. But we do know how important hydration is, therefore there will be a self-serve water station.
This Water Point will be open and staffed during all tournaments.

It will be located on the erics and very visible. The fighters come to it, we do not go to them as in the past.

If they have their own water bottles they can refill them, or we will have paper cups they can use to get water from the jugs. There will be plentiful, fresh water to drink. We will have snacks. There will also be misters set up to cool down and refresh.

We will NOT be providing bottled water. We highly encourage all fighters ( or everyone really) to bring their own reusable water bottles.


A&S Competition:

Do you have an A&S project you’ve been working on? Do you want to show it off? Do you want feedback on it? Bring it to the May Crown Tournament A&S Competition!
There will also be a Youth A&S competition so everyone can see what An Tir’s youth are doing in A&S. During COVID, some of the youth A&S projects posted online were impressive and we want to focus on their achievements.
Documentation for both competitions is required. Competitors may do a presentation for the judges if they wish.

Adult competition: Open entry, Documentation will be required. If the entrant wishes to also give a presentation to the judges, that is encouraged, but not required.

Youth (under 17) competition: Open entry, Documentation is required.

Dirty Dozen Largesse Contest:
we will be having a dirty dozen largesse competition. Bring a dozen identical items (color and style can vary) as an entry. The winner will be populace choice.
Dame Richenda du Jardin, OP
May Crown Tournament A&S Competition coordinator

Youth and Family Activities


Queen Alianora invites the youth of An Tir to join her for stories and snacks at the Royal Pavilion at 11:00 AM on Saturday.


Princesses vs Dinosaurs by Linda Bailey

How to be a Lion by Ed Vere

Snacks: Water , Orange Slices , Pretzel Sticks


Youth & Family Activities: Bledyn Drwg de Caerdydd

    • The Youth and Family Activities pavilion will be located on the erics and will have fun activities, classes and information for families and young people. Please stop by. All children must have a parent/guardian with them. See schedule for class times.
    • In addition to the other activities, throughout the event children are encouraged to participate in a scavenger hunt to earn prizes. Stop by Gate or the YAFA Pavilion for materials.

  • Youth Armored Combat: Baron Thorkell Paulsen, OP
    • There will be YAC at Crown! There will be a Youth Armored Combat tourney at 3:30 on saturday in the main erics. We will have loaner armor.


  • Newcomers Event FAQ for May Crown:
    What is the purpose of this event?

      • This is the first of two very large annual events to choose our next King & Queen by armored combat. There will be a large tournament, lots of pageantry, parties in the evenings, merchants, classes and all sorts of things to see and do. Do not be afraid to ask questions, or to join in – we were all new at one point, too.
    • What do I need to bring?
      • This is a camping event, so unless day-tripping, you will need a tent, bedding, shower bag, etc. Be prepared for wind, rain, sun, etc. It is early spring. There will be ample open camping spots, or ask at the gate where your local group is camped. You will need “garb” – medieval-style clothing, but that can be as simple as a tunic or long dress. Don’t worry about being totally historically accurate at your first few events, find the era that inspires you! Bring a light/flashlight. It is a good idea to have a clean set of clothes for the drive home, too.
    • Do I need to bring food?
      • Yes, you will need to bring your own food and some way to cook it, a cooler, etc. Usually all SCAers have “feast gear” – spoon/knife/bowl/plate/mug or goblet with them at all events because we are a bring-your-own-dishes sort of group.
    • Can I bring my dog?
      • For this event, yes you can. All dogs must be on a leash with a human attached to it! They should be vaccinated for rabies, etc. Please have “doggie bags” to clean up after them.
      • And do bring your well-behaved doggos to Their Majesties “In-paw-tational” court!
      • Please note: There will be horses onsite! If your dog has never seen one or is aggressive to them be aware of that and act responsibly. Disruptive/aggressive dogs will be restricted to your camp or asked to leave.
    • Can I bring my kids?
      • Yes! We love kids. They must be supervised by an adult and there are waivers to sign at the gate. Bring toys, books, games for them for camp time. – even armored tourneys can get boring for little ones. There is a large municipal playground onsite for them to play at.
    • Are there other rules I should know about?
      • Yes, there are. All of those will be in the site handout you will receive when you check in at the gate. Mostly common sense stuff. It will also include a list of classes, and if you see a “Newcomers Class” it is a great way to meet people and learn the ropes. 

    Tell the gate people you are new. They can direct you to our “Chatelaine”, which is our new member officer. Their job is to guide you and help you find your way around in this lovely Society of ours.  Welcome to the SCA!


Volunteer Information

Volunteers are always welcome at a Crown Event! Don’t worry if you have no experience, they will show you what to do. There are opportunities to help at:

Gate – take a shift helping to sign people in to the event.

Heralds Point – Field heralds and Town Criers are needed.

Lists – list runners and general help.

Brute Squad – help with site set-up/clean-up, set up pavilions, empty trash, set up and move the erics.

These are just a few of the opportunities to get involved, stop by Stewards Point and check the Volunteers Needed board to see what is most in demand that day.

Merchant Information

Name of MerchantGoods to Offer:
Vidar LeatherworksSCA appropriate leather goods, including belts, pouches, and quivers.
Thistillium PotteryHigh-fired, hand-thrown, Medieval-inspired stoneware and porcelain functional ware, and a few hand-sewn textile items.
Blackened BuzzardFeast gear, children’s toys, candles
Crystal WorksCrystals, minerals, Jewelry, plants and much more
The Barter BoxJewelry, beads, fabric/cordmaking supplies (lucets, shuttles, spindles, etc.) and the Famous Barter Bin (kids only)
Silk Road Teas and TreasuresPeriod Tea, hand crafted blank books in traditional non-ribbon binding method, period style jewelry and goods from Silk Road, and hand crafted kids items
Child of FortuneClothing for the well endowed lord and lady, as well as period appropriate accessories
Redwolf, LtdBrooches, Clasps, Pewter Casting

MERCHANTS PLEASE NOTE:  The new Kingdom Merchant Policy will be in effect for May Crown.

Merchant Steward: HL Una of Grimwith

Please read the An Tir Crown Events merchants policy carefully: Merchant Policy

There is a $25.00 USD fee for merchanting at Crown events. This fee is in addition to the regular site fee.

Upon acceptance of your application you will be sent a PayPal invoice for this fee. Please use an email address you check regularly and watch for this invoice. Your space is not guaranteed until this fee is received by the event staff.
Merchant Reservations are now closed.

Classes Offered

May Crown Class Schedule

All classes will be in the A&S Barn except horse class, that will be in the arena.

Basic Farm Cheese

When: 8:00 – 10:00 Saturday

Instructor: HL Una of Grimwith

Class length: 2 hours

Cost: Free

In this class we will discuss a brief history of cheese and be making basic farm cheese, it is a hands-on class so please dress accordingly. What to bring; kitchen gloves


When: 2:00 – 4:00 PM Saturday

Instructor: HL Tova Fransdottir

Class length: 2 hours

Cost: Free

Come learn the Oslo and Mammen stitch plus Round Start. If you own a nalbinding needle, then please bring it. Otherwise, yarn needles will be available for $1.

Middle Eastern Dance with Magdi

When: 2:00 – 4:00 Saturday

Instructor: Magdi

Class length: 2 hours

Cost: Free

Fun class with basic movement for everyone to enjoy. No experience needed. Bring a scarf or belt for your hips, some water, and be ready to have fun. If time allows after class, we can continue to dance and practice with a mini hafla.

Interacting with Horses

When: 11:00 Saturday

Instructor: Sir Edward Anderson

Class length: 1 hour

Cost: Free

This is an orientation class for the public on how to act and what to do/not do around horses. This class will be in the Equestrian Arena.

If you would like to teach a class at this event please contact our Classes Coordinator: Baroness Fiona Ingen Conchobair, OP

Emergency Preparedness Information

The closest medical facility is:

Grandview Clinic | Prosser Memorial Health

1003 Wallace Way, Grandview WA 98930  (509) 203-1080

In the event of an actual emergency call 911! Give them the site address (812 Wallace Way, Grandview, WA 98930) and send someone to gate to direct them to you. Send a second person to alert the Event Stewards.

Pop-up thunderstorms are a very real possibility this time of year. Stake down your tents/dayshades and be ready to secure for gusting winds if it looks like a storm is approaching. Severe storm shelter is available under any of the livestock barns.

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