***CANCELLED***May Crown Tournament


Hosted by Device of Inlands Region

The Inlands Region of An Tir includes the following branches: Akornebir, Ambergard, Cranehaven, Dregate, Grimwithshire, The College of Lyonsmarche, Pendale, Silverhart, Vulcanfeldt, Wastekeep, and Wealdsmere

Hosted by Device of Kingdom of An Tir

The Kingdom of An Tir (Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho, and British Columbia)

Hosted by Device of Vulcanfeldt

The Barony of Vulcanfeldt (Yakima County, WA)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): THL Ekaterina Kazimirova
Date: May 15 , 2020 until May, 17 2020
Site opens at: 12:00 PM on May 15th 2020
Site closes at: 3:00 PM on May 17th 2020

Event site:
Grandview Country Park/Yakima Valley Fair & Rodeo Grounds
812 Wallace Way Grandview, WA 98930

This is a Crown Level event.

The Barony of Vulcanfeldt invites you to attend May Crown 2020 ! Come join the festivities as combatants vie to become the next Heirs to the Sable Thrones. The event will be held in the heart of the Inlands, at Grandview Country Park and Fairgrounds (812 Wallace Way, Grandview, WA). More details will follow soon!

Please refer to the list below if you are in need of securing anything of importance at Crown…such as meetings, vigils, Merchant reservations, Eric space, camping space and RV parking:

Event Steward: THL Ekaterina Kazimirova, katyavonsalza@gmail.com

Largesse & A&S Coordinator: THL Fina MacGrioghaire, finmac@live.com

Merchant Steward: THL Fa’el MacLaren, faelsforge@gmail.com

Erics/Camping/RV Steward: Lord Eberhardt Heinrichssohn, eberhardtheindrichson@gmail.com *****Reservations open January 1, 2020 and close May 1, 2020 at 11 pm. NO EXCEPTIONS! ***Please see Pre-Registration/Reservation section for  Land Reservation links!


Class Steward: HL Ionamyst Reginasdottir, ionamyst@gmail.com

Royal Liason: Dame Katharine of Akornebir, katharine.akornebir@gmail.com

Vigils & Meetings Coordinator: Lady Margot SainteClaire, margot.sainteclaire@gmail.com

If you have any needs not listed here, please contact the Event Steward.

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Queen
Royal Presence - Summits
Royal Presence - Tir Righ

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Registration Information

Pre-Registration will be available for this event, please return here to check for additional information.

Land & Eric Reservations Linkhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1I4zpHjrZPCRYKnsMw-m7UF2gSRveAulAnwPrO00q7ic

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adult (18 & up) $30
Youth (17 & under) Free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Tournament Information

Greetings unto the people of AnTir.  My name is Brother William MacKenna and I am your MIC for May Crown.   I have words from the Sable Throne!

His Royal Majesty, Christian Bane has declared the following: 

The May Crown Tournament rules will be as follows:

  1. Standard Weapon Rules and Conventions will be allowed (Weapon and Shield, Two Weapons and Great Weapons)
  2. There will be NO belted or sheathed (secondary) weapons allowed (i.e. daggers, belted axes , etc.).  Only the main weapon(s) carried in will be allowed.
  3. There will be only “Dead Hands” or Full Gauntlets used to protect hands when you lose an arm (no Swords or Shields)
  4. Finals will be Best of 9 (Weapon and Shield)

I look forward to seeing you on the Field of Honor.


Brother William MacKenna

MIC May Crown

Senior Armored Combat Marshall

Protege to Mistress Ysabella Greene


Volunteer Information

There are always lots of ways to volunteer at events, especially Crown level! If you would like to volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

Lady Lucia Robertsdottir


Merchant Information

We are excited to have a large covered section for Merchants at this site! Please make reservations early with stall dimensions that you will need. 

This year’s Merchant fee will be a donation to Largesse. 

Merchant Steward: THL Fa’el MacLaren, faelsforge@gmail.com

Register using the Google Form by following this link:



Classes Offered

If you are interested in teaching a class or classes at May Crown, please contact the Class Coordinator:

THL Ionamyst Reginasdottir


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