Madrone Arts & Sciences Championship


Hosted by Device of Madrone

The Barony of Madrone (King County, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Emma la rousse d'Argentan
Date: February 7 , 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 7th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Magnolia Lutheran Church
2414 31st Ave West Seattle, WA 98199

Site Opens:  9:30 am (NEW! earlier opening time)

Site Closes:  10 pm

– Half of the lot across the street at
the LDS church will be available for us to park in for the morning only.  We
must leave 15 spots open for that church’s members to use during
that time.  In the afternoon we can use the remainder of the
lot.  There is ample street parking in the neighborhood;
please pay attention to parking restrictions signs.


9:30 a.m. (NOTE NEW
Site Opens!!

Red Branch Meeting (NEW!!)

Invocation Court and Start of A&S Competition (UPDATED!!)

11:00 a.m
Presentation – Count Stykarr’s Armor – Stykarr and
Master Ugo

12:30 – 1:30

1:45– 3:15
Class –On Nobility – Duke Stefan of Bellatrix

Closing Court


Dancing with dessert sideboard

Site closes


: $10 members (children under 18 no site fee);
NMS applies.

: $8.

provided by The Madrone Culinary Guild

To match with the theme of the over all event, we are serving a
dinner of Elizabethan pies:

Poultry Pie
Vegetarian Option – Greens Tart
Compound Salat
Buttered Onions
Dessert will be a selection of Elizabethan tarts and sweet

Candles are allowed.

We will have off-board tables available for those who wish to bring
their own food for dinner.  A seating
chart will be posted midday. 

There are many lunch and dinner options available a very short walk
away: a list of restaurants is on the
back of the site copy.

Aeron Corrino, Madrone’s current Arts & Sciences Champion
says this about the event:  As in years past a historic
monarch has been chosen to act as inspiration for the event…..and
as current A&S Champion for Madrone I selected Elizabeth I.
But, don’t feel constrained by that…..because I added a twist.
One of the greatest winter events in London’s history happened
during Elizabeth’s reign….
In 1595 a FROST FAIRE was held on the river Thames. Performers,
artisans, craftsmen, tradesmen all brought their wares to stalls
set up on the frozen river and a carnival of skating and revelry
was held throughout the month of February in 1595. …but frost
faires happened throughout London’s history, this one happened to
be the largest.


Arts and
Sciences Championship

Their Excellencies and Aeron Corrino would like to have letters
of intent to compete for champion, as well as requests for time
slots with judges if intending to compete as singles entrants, by
12th Night that they may put together as efficient a judging
schedule as possible.

To that end:
Should you wish to compete for Champion you will need to have two
entries prepared for judging.
#1-an item entirely of your creation, with a focus on its
historical significance and how it would have been made compared
with your technique and any differences of material/process you
employed and what inspired your choices.
#2-a 30 minute presentation on the creation of an item, but in this
case with a focus on collaboration. A great many items/artifacts
were created via a collaborative process of a series of artisans
each adding their own masterful skill to compliment the whole. So
plan to collaborate with at least one other person on your item, if
possible have them present to contribute to your presentation, and
most of all…..think of the fun of getting to geek out with
another artist to create something awesome!

Any questions regarding the competition for Arts & Sciences
Champion should be direted to Aeron Corrino. 


Research Paper

the theme of our A & S Champions day is Elizabeth I of
England.  Papers
should be centered around this topic, but it is not required, be
creative, be interesting

Guidelines for research papers can be found

the only change is that please
limit papers to 15 pages or less, including

should be turned in electronically submitted to:
  Papers are due by midnight
on January 31, 2015. 
No late papers will be accepted. We have to allow time for judges
to read the entries.

Would you like to be a
judge? Please contact me offline at

The winner will be
announced on February 7th in evening court by the Baron and
Baroness of Madrone. There will be a prize for this


Activities Other Than the

Dirty (or Delightful, if you rather) Dozen Donation

This is a little competition that was created out of the need
for more largesse made by the hands of our very talented
The basic rules for the Dirty Dozen Donation
* All entrants must create 12 items based on a theme that are
suitable for largesse
– 12 needle books
– 12 hats from different (or the same) period(s)
– 12 items suitable for a specific time period
– 12 children’s toys
— 12 socks would not be suitable as that is only 6 pairs
* All entries must be tagged and ready to be
gifted the day of the competition.
* Items need not be documentable;
* Items should not have heraldry on them as they are meant to be
given to other areas.
* Judging is done by the populace. Each entrant display will have a
cup placed next to it and anyone may put a provided token into the
accompanying cup to denote their choice.
* The entrant with the most tokens in their cup at the end of the
day chooses two items from any one of the other entries as a prize.
Each entrant then chooses one from the remaining entries. Everybody
* The remaining items from each entry will be given to the Baron
and Baroness for largesse.

Armor – a Presentation by Master Ugo:
Master Ugo made the wonderous armor that King
Stykarr wore for his last court. Come and watch him do a
presentation about the making of it.  Both the armor and Count
Stykarr will also be in attendance. 

Class with
Duke Stefan of Bellatrix on Nobility


Dancing after
Dinner with a Dessert Sideboard
Luathrinn has kindly agreed to teach dance after dinner.  We
may have live music – check back for an update.

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