Lion Stage


Hosted by Device of Lions Gate

The Barony of Lions Gate (Vancouver, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): James Irvein of Lions Gate
Date: February 25 , 2017
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 25th 2017
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Salvation Army White Rock Church
15417 Roper Ave White Rock, BC V4B 2G4

Welcome to the second annual Lion Stage event!

Taking place February 25, 2017, and hosted by the Barony of
Lions Gate in the greater Vancouver area of BC, this is an intimate
one-day event celebrating the performance arts. 

Would you like the opportunity to perform without the pressure
of a competition? Would you like to get feedback on a work in
progress? Would you like to share your research about the style or
content of performances in some part of period?

We are not just looking for musicians (although of course we
love musicians too) so jugglers, puppeteers, bellydancers, orators,
joke-tellers, stage magicians, or whatever your performance be,
come share it with us!

(I will have to draw the line at trick riders and sharpshooters,
though. This is an indoor venue.)

For those who prefer to learn and listen, this is your event
too! Drop in on the performance hall, take a TUTR class or two.
Attend any of the informal discussion panels, on a variety of
subjects relating to performance in period and in the SCA. Peer
speed dating and a potluck feast will wrap up the day.

The Salvation Army White Rock Church – 15417 Roper Ave, White
Rock, British Columbia V4B 2G4
Gate opens at 9am. Off site by 9pm.

Adults: $15
Members: $10
Children & Youth Free
Make cheques payable to The Barony of Lions Gate

Event Steward/Performance co-ordinator: James Irvein –
778-988-9452 – gro.acs.hgirrit@xnyl
TUTR co-ordinator: Jaqueline LaFleur



9:00 am – Gate Opens

9:30 am – Opening Words

10:00 am – Start of Performances, TUTR, and Discussions (see
individual schedules below)

12 noon – Lunch! Reasonable prices, unreasonable levels of

1:00 pm – more performances, classes and discussions

3:00 pm – Peer Speed Dating (plus more classes)

5:00pm – Baronial Court

5:30 pm – Songs of An Tir Sing-Along – learn some popular SCA
songs! It’s basically a bardic fire without the fire.

6:30 pm – Potluck Feast! Bring something to share, plus your

8:00 pm – Clean up and pack out



10 am – Giving Constructive Feedback, led by Wulfstan

11 am – Presentation and Stagecraft, led by Wulfstan Hraffnson
and Jason MacRauiridh ye Seolfer-tunged

1 pm – Irish Oral Traditions and Storytelling, led by Briana nic
h’Eusaidh and Cáemgen mac Garbith ui Andrais 

2 pm – Oral History in the SCA, led by Briana nic h’Eusaidh and
Brynja Kortsdottir



10:00 AM 1 hr Basic Germanic Alliterative Metre with Tolkien
with Ecgferþ

Traditional poetry throughout the Germanic world (including
Scandinavia and Anglo-Saxon England) used alliterative metrical
forms that differ greatly from later rhymed poetic forms. This
class introduces the basic principles of Germanic alliterative
metre using Modern English alliterative poetry written by J. R. R.
Tolkien. Students will learn relevant metrical terms and concepts,
use these concepts to analyze some of Tolkien’s verse, and have a
chance to practice writing their own alliterative verse.
Please bring material for taking notes.No tuition. Min: 1 Max: 8

11:00 AM 1 hr Recorder playing techniques: fine tuning your play
for your instrument
with Master Nikolai Andreiov

The class is intended for recorder players who already know how
to play the instrument and read music. We will be examining
breathing, fingering and tonguing. Participants will get to read
some music and employ the techniques discussed in the class. If
time permits we will examine problems & solutions for the
different sizes of recorders.

Please bring your own recorder.

Cost: $1. Min: 2 Max: 6 students

1:00 PM 2 hrs Competition Isn’t Scary: Demystifying
Principality/Kingdom A&S/Bardic Competitions
with Mistress Sionann / Lærðimoðir Gala

Often people are intimidated at the prospect of entering
Principality or Kingdom A&S/Bardic Championships for a variety
of reasons. Competition can be a healthy learning experience and
need not be so frightful.
In this discussion class, we will cover some of the basics of how
to prepare for competition including documenting your work in
progress, documentation, writing, research, research papers,
displays, presentation, time management, judges, judging process
and judging forms.
Please bring note taking material and your questions to be answered
as best I can.

Please bring materials for taking notes.

Cost: $1. Min: 1 Max: 8 students

3:00 PM 2 hrs Voice Class for Heralds, Bards, Marshalls, and
with Lord Niall Bacach

This is a class for anyone who has to do public speaking or
performing at events. We will cover breathing, projection, voice
development, diction, and how to protect your voice. This will
involve some physical exercise and lots of practice. We will learn
to use our voice and at the same time protect it to prevent strain
or losing of voice. I am a retired Actor/Public Speaker who has
performed for large crowds. Don’t be intimidated this will be fun
as well as work. Some stage practice may be arranged.

Please bring materials for taking notes and something to hold
the handouts.

Cost: $2. Min: 5 Max: 8 students


3:00 PM 90 min Dance of the Ghawazee
with Mjorna al-Rakkasah Lauritsdottir

The word “Ghawazee” translates to “Invaders of the Heart”, and
is the name used for dancers of the Nawar people, ethnic gypsies
originally found in Lower Egypt. These Nawar were travelling
performers, sought after as entertainment for a wide variety of
celebrations, usually outdoors, where the men would play the music
while the women–the Ghawazee–danced, often for hours at a

Formal record of the Nawar people and Ghawazee dance is sparse,
with the earliest documentation by 17th century (1600s) European
explorers. Over the past 150 years, Ghawazee have become less and
less common, with only one true Nawar family left–the Mazin family
of Upper Egypt. Ghawazee is considered by modern scholars as the
“wellspring of modern bellydance”. It is a relaxed, easy tribal
style that involves groups of women dancing together, interacting
as much with each other as with their audience.

This class will include a brief discussion of the history and
costuming of the Ghawazee, followed by an introduction to their
very distinctive music and dance movements. Once we’ve learned the
basics, we’ll group up to dance together and enjoy the social
nature of this fun and lively dance.

Students should wear garb that’s appropriate for physical
activity. They are welcome to bring hip scarves and finger cymbals
if they have them. Some will be available to borrow for the

No tuition. Min: 3 Max: 10 students

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