Laurel Invasion of Cranehaven


Hosted by Device of Cranehaven

The College of Cranehaven (Chelan & Douglas counties, WA )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Osorgarow Ojin
Date: February 5 , 2005
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 5th 2005
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
John Newberry Elementary School
850 N. Western Ave. Wenatchee, WA 98801

Laurel Invasion of Cranehaven February 5th, 2005 Sponsored
by: The Incipient College of Cranehaven Kingdom of An Tir
While we wait out the end of winter before tourney season
arrives, we have time to hone old skills and learn new ones.
Join the Incipient College of Cranehaven’s one day workshop
of arts, sciences and martial skills, taught by recognized
artisans of An Tir. Pre-registration not required, but
reservations encouraged. Autocrat: Osorgarow of Qara Qorum
(mka as Kim Jacobs) 106 Locust Ave. Tonasket, WA. 98855
509-486-1021 moc.liamtoh@lufderdo Site info: John Newberry
Elementary School 850 Western Ave. Wenatchee WA. 98801 Opens
for 9am signup, classes will begin at 10. Bring a sack lunch,
or purchase a simple lunch on site, we will take a noon
break. Site closes at 6 pm Saturday; you are welcome to
gather with us at a local eatery for dinner. The site fee
will be adults $7, with a $3 non-member surcharge, Youth
13-18 $3, under 13 free. Make checks to SCA Inc, Shire of
Dregate. Most classes have additional costs for
handouts/material. This fee will be paid to the instructors,
not gate. Seneschal: HL Amberly Sylvanus General Schedule
Sign up 9-10 am Classes begin 10:00 am Lunch break noon-1:00
pm Classes resume 1:00 pm-5:00 pm (or so) Site closes 6:00 pm
Dinner gathering at a local eatery for those who wish
afterward. CLASS OFFERINGS: 10:00 am: Bowstringing: taught by
HL Leonidas Balsamon, GGS Learn to make your own bowstring.
Must bring the bow you want strung for proper measurement.
Cost $4 (one hour) Beadwork, History and Technique: taught by
Baroness Anastasia Aleksandrovna Andreeva, OL This is a brief
overall history of beads and beadwork, covering lots of
periods and cultures. Learn 3 different techniques for sewing
on beads to fabric. Students need to bring scissors,
embroidery hoop. Teacher will provide handout, needles,
beads, thread and fabrics. Price for handout is 2.00 Price
for materials is 5.00 Minimum of 3 students, Maximum of 10
(two hours) Simple Irish Bog Shoe taught by HL Bronwen Elgars
Learn to measure your foot, and cut and lace (sew) the simple
hide shoe found in the Drumacoon Bog in Ireland Students need
to bring scissors. Cost: slipper weight $3, students can buy
leather from instructor for later work. Maximum 12 (two
hours) Beginning Calligraphy: Carolingian Miniscule taught by
Dame Tamlyn of Wyntersea, OL Part one: Will teach a basic
calligraphy hand. Students should bring a wide nib Schaeffer
calligraphy pen or similar cartridge pen if they have one.
Instructor will provide all other materials and handouts.
Class cost $2. Max 8 students (class runs from 10-12 and
continues with “Tools and Materials” from 1-2pm.) 11:00 am
Combat arrow construction taught by HL Leonidas Balsamon, GGS
Learn how to make an An Tir- legal combat arrow Cost $2.50
(one hour) Noon-1:00 pm Lunch break 1:00 pm Target arrow
construction, taught by HL Leonidas Balsomon, GGS Learn how
to make a target arrow from start to finish. Cost $6 (4
hours) Glovemaking, taught by Baroness Anastasia
Aleksandrovna Andreeva. OL Instructor will be covering gloves
in history, covering many periods and cultures. Then cut out
and sew a glove using ultra suede. Students need to bring
scissors, chalk or tailors chalk or whatever they like to
use. Teacher will provide: ultra suede, needles, thread,
patterns, handout. Min. of 3 students Maximum of 6 Class fee
is 2.00 for handout 10.00 for class materials (4 hours)
Beginning Calligraphy: Part 2 taught by Dame Tamlyn of
Wyntersea, OL Learn about the about different tools and
materials for calligraphy including how to use Mitchell
Roundhand nibs and how to cut a quill. If students wish to
purchase Mitchell nibs/ reservoirs for themselves teacher
will have them available at cost. (one hour, continuation
from part one) 2:00 pm Washes: A Medieval Method of
Manuscript Painting. Taught by Dame Tamlyn of Wyntersea, OL
Will teach one of the methods of coloring medieval designs in
manuscripts. It is recommended that students have some
experience using gouache. Time permitting we will go in to
either white work or diapering as well. Max 12 students.
Bring your brushes, palettes, and paints if you have them,
otherwise instructor will provide them. Cost $2.50. (three +
hours) Persona development taught by Osorgarow the dredful of
QaraQorum, OL Who, where and when would you be if you lived
in the Middle Ages? This will be an informal discussion/
investigation of your persona’s background, with ideas to
stimulate your research. Handout given for later reference.
(1-2 hours, depending on class participation) no fee.

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