Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Rapier Championships


and Device of Principality of the Summits

The Principality of the Summits

and Device of Glyn Dwfn

The Barony of Glyn Dwfn (Medford, Ashland, Jackson Counties, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Piaras mac Toirdhealbhaigh
Date: March 1 , 2019 until March, 3 2019
Site opens at: 3:00 PM on March 1th 2019
Site closes at: 12:00 PM on March 3th 2019

Event site:
Inn at the Commons
200 N Riverside Ave Medford, OR 97501

The Shire of Glyn Dwfn is honored to welcome the populace of An Tir to Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Rapier Championships the weekend of March 1-3, 2019. Bear witness to grand displays of skill, knowledge, and prowess, which will determine Their Royal Majesties An Tir’s new champions of Arts & Sciences and Rapier. The event will be held in the Inn at the Commons in Medford, Oregon. The Shire is also sponsoring a bardic circle, a Friday night themed ball, a Dirty Dozen largesse competition, and classes. For more information, please go to the official Facebook event page.

The Shire of Glyn Dwfn looks forward to welcoming you!

Event Information

To supplement and hopefully reduce the amount of paper used for site copies, we will be using an event app! Please download the app at: From there, you may search for the event titled “Kingdom Arts & Sciences and Rapier 2019” (after you visit it, you’ll find it in the future under “My” where it first says “Featured”. The app allows you to see information on the event, custom build your own schedule or look over the general schedule, see floor plans, and more.

Site Rules (Hotel-specific)

Outside food and beverages are not allowed in the ballrooms. For those interested, a pre-order lunch option is available (please see meal information below). Food and drink purchased from the Inn’s restaurant, Larks, may be taken into the ballrooms. Outside food and drink may be in guest rooms and in the Meadows breakfast nook (after 10am).

The main area of the Inn does not allow alcohol (other then that purchased at the Inn’s bar and restaurant) so please keep all alcohol in guest rooms.

The Inn does not allow papers and such put up on doors or on walls. If you have an event or activity you would like to promote, the intention is to have a sandwich board for such listings.

Please keep guest room parties and gatherings to a reasonable level – While most of the Inn will be Scadians, some will not be and even scadians like sleep. Please be aware and respectful of your neighbors.


Event Steward: Master Piaras mac Toirdhealbhaigh (Daniel Tharp), 541-261-6307,

Hours: Site opens March 1 at 3:00pm (Noon entry for merchants). Hotel Check In is at 3pm and check Out is at Noon. Site closes at 12:00pm on March 3.

Site: Inn at the Commons and Convention Center. 200 N. Riverside Ave., Medford, OR, 97501.

Directions: From I-5 Southbound: take exit 30 for OR-62 W toward Klamath Falls/Crater Lake/Medford. Use the middle lane to turn left onto OR-62 E/Crater Lake hwy (signs for Klamath Falls). Take the exit toward Biddle Road. Turn left onto Biddle road and continue straight. Biddle road turns slightly right and becomes E 4th Street. Take a right into the Hotel entrance. From 1-5 Northbound: take exit 27 toward OR-99 S/Medford. Use the left two lanes to turn left onto Garfield Street. Turn right onto Rogue Valley Hwy 99; continue on Hwy 99, which becomes S Riverside Avenue. Turn right into the Hotel entrance.

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Queen
Royal Presence - Summits
Has Merchants
Has Classes
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Bardic activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities

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Registration Information

Event Hotel Room Reservations Information

There are now rooms available at the event hotel! Some members have indicated on Facebook that they are needing to transfer their room. Otherwise, rooms that are open to the public at this time can be claimed with the group rate by calling the Inn at the Commons at (541)779-5811 and during your reservation, indicating you are with the Society for Creative Anachronism.

All rooms are offered at a reduced rate of $99/night and include breakfast, free WIFI, transportation to and from the airport when pre-arranged, and complimentary passes to the nearby Anytime Fitness.

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adult Registration $30.00
Youth & Children (under the age of majority) FREE
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Event Schedule

Time Activity Location
Friday, March 1    
12:00 pm Merchant Check-In & Setup Main Lobby / Grand Ballroom Foyer
3:00 pm Merchants Open Grand Ballroom Foyer
3:00 pm Gate and Site Opens for all Attendees Main Lobby
3:00 pm A&S Entrant Set-Up Petite Ballrooms (Cascade, Jackson, and Douglas Fir)
7:00 pm Apothecary Guild Meeting Grand Ballroom (Rogue River Room)
8:00 pm Merchants Close Grand Ballroom Foyer
8:00 pm Kingdom A&S Judge’s Class The Meadows Breakfast Nook
8:00 pm “Colors of the Rainbow” Themed Ball Grand Ballrooms (Siskiyou, Rogue River, Crater Lake)
10:00 pm All Ballrooms Locked for the Night Petite and Grand Ballrooms
12:00 am Gate Closes Main Lobby
Saturday, March 2    
8:00 am Gate Opens Main Lobby
8:00 am Dirty Dozen Largess Competition Set-Up The Meadows Breakfast Nook
8:00 am Judge’s Class Grand Ballroom (Siskiyou, Rogue River, Crater Lake)
8:00 am A&S Entrant Set-Up Petite Ballroom (Cascade, Jackson, and Douglas Fir)
8:00 am Lists open for Queen’s Rapier Championship Grand Ballroom Foyer
8:40 am Judges and Entrants Meeting Grand Ballroom (Sikiyou, Rogue River, Crater Lake)
8:40 am QRC Processional Line-Up Grand Ballroom Hallway
9:00 am Opening Court and Processional Grand Ballroom (Siskiyou, Rogue River, Crater Lake)
9:00 am Merchants Open Grand Ballroom Foyer
9:30 am Dirty Dozen Largess Competition The Meadows Breakfast Nook
10:20 am Lists Close for Queen’s Rapier Championship Grand Ballroom Foyer
10:20 am A&S Round 1: Ophelia Finds Her Voice (Temperence Trewelove) Petite Ballroom (Cascade)
10:20 am A&S Round 1: Penis Bonnet: Syphilitic Prevention – A late period Italian condom (Seamus O’Caellaigh) Petite Ballroom (Cascade)
10:20 am A&S Round 1: Variations & Regional Trends in 15th Century Men’s Garments (Fiorenzo d’Osier) Petite Ballroom (Jackson)
10:20 am A&S Round 1: Reconstructing 16th Century German Ladies Undergarments (Taran destingr) Petite Ballroom (Douglas Fir)
10:30 am QRC Tournament Set-Up/Armor Inspections Grand Ballroom (Siskiyou, Rogue River)
10:30 am Judging/Tally Room Open Grand Ballroom (Crater Lake)
11:00 am QRC Tournament Begins Grand Ballroom (Siskiyou, Rogue River)
11:40 am A&S Round 2: Britomart’s Undoing: An Examination of a Healing Charm (Temperence Trewelove) Petite Ballroom (Cascade)
11:40 am A&S Round 2:Henrician Treatment: Henry’s Leg Cream (Seamus O’Caellaigh) Petite Ballroom (Cascade)
11:40 am A&S Round 2:Suit of Italian Men’s Clothes, late 1570’s (Aeron Corrino) Petite Ballroom (Jackson)
11:40 am A&S Round 2:The French Hood Connection: 16th Century (Milisandia filia Willelmi filii Roberti) Petite Ballroom (Jackson)
11:40 am A&S Round 2:Embellishment options in early 16th Century Saxony (Taran destingr) Petite Ballroom (Douglas Fir)
1:00 pm Laurel’s Meeting/Lunch Grand Ballroom (Crater Lake)
1:00 pm Class: Scribal Meet-Up/Discussion The Meadows Breakfast Nook
2:00 pm Class: Removing Barrier to Entry; A Continuation of Inclusivity in the SCA The Meadows Breakfast Nook
2:20 pm A&S Round 3: The Bloody Flux: Diagnosis to Treatment – Mid 16th Century process of diagnosis (Seamus O’Caellaigh) Petite Ballroom (Cascade)
2:20 pm A&S Round 3:Reenacting Caravaggio – Oil painting on canvas & painted box (Antonia Criveli) Petite Ballroom (Jackson)
2:20 pm A&S Round 3:Examination & Execution of the Birka B6 Brocaded Tabletwoven Band Circa 10th Century (Þóra Jórsalafari) Petite Ballroom (Jackson)
2:20 pm A&S Round 3: A kite in the style of Giambattista della Porta (1535-1615) (Armora Grimsdottir) Petite Ballroom (Douglas Fir)
4:00 pm A&S Round 4: Degradation Ceremony of Edward Stafford, 1522 (Cormac Mor) Grand Ballroom (Siskiyou)
4:00 pm A&S Round 4: Customs, Superstitions & Folk Remedies in Song (Temperence Trewelove) Petite Ballroom (Cascade)
4:00 pm A&S Round 4: Making Parchment (David de Rosier-Blanc) Petite Ballroom (Cascade)
4:00 pm A&S Round 4:A reconstruction of the hooded cloak of the 14th Century Nubian Bishop Timotheos of Ibrim (Tanikh bint Farida al-tabibah) Petite Ballroom (Jackson)
4:00 pm A&S Round 4: The tailoring of a Court Gown in the style of 1530’s Saxony (Taran destingr) Petite Ballroom (Douglas Fir)
4:00 pm A&S Round 4:Experiments in bending wood for household objects (Alasdair Mac Roibeirt) Petite Ballroom (Douglas Fir)
4:00 pm Class: Courtly Kinesthetics The Meadows Breakfast Nook
4:00 pm Gate Closes Main Lobby
5:00 pm Masters of Defense Meeting Petite Ballroom (Douglas Fir)
5:00 pm Merchants Close Grand Ballroom Foyer
5:30 pm Dirty Dozen Largess Competition voting closes The Meadows Breakfast Nook
6:30 pm Evening Court Grand Ballroom (Siskiyou, Rogue River, Crater Lake)
15 Minutes after Court Evening Open Bardic Circle Grand Ballroom (Siskiyou, Rogue River, Crater Lake)
10:00 pm All Ballrooms Locked for the Night Petite and Grand Ballrooms
Sunday, March 3    
9:00 am Heavy and Cut & Thrust Practice Outside Parking Lot
9:00 am A&S Finalist – Entry 1 Grand Ballroom (Siskiyou, Rogue River, Crater Lake)
9:30 am A&S Finalist – Entry 2 Grand Ballroom (Siskiyou, Rogue River, Crater Lake)
10:00 am A&S Finalist – Entry 3 (if needed) Grand Ballroom (Siskiyou, Rogue River, Crater Lake)
10:30 am A&S Competition Deliberations TBD
11:00 am Closing Court & A&S Champion Investiture Grand Ballroom (Siskiyou, Rogue River, Crater Lake)
12:00 pm Site Closes/Room Check-Out ALL

Meal Information

The Inn at the Commons, the site for Kingdom A&S and Rapier, is offering a PRE-ORDER optional boxed lunch option for those interested for Saturday! The site does not allow outside food and beverage in the ballrooms (that may still be eaten/drank in guest rooms) so this is a great option for lunch!

To pre-order, please visit the following link:

Orders must be received by Thursday, February 28th at midnight to ensure the Inn has enough food for all interested! If you are staying at the Inn, you can bill the boxed lunch to your room!

Tournament Information

Arts & Sciences Championship Information

Please check the main schedule for when the main and single entires for Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship will be presenting and in which space.

Queen’s Rapier Championship Information

Pre-registration is now open for the Queen’s Rapier Championship tournament! Please make our list minister’s job easier and pre-register!

Lists on site will be open 8:00 am in the Foyer across from the main upstairs ballrooms and will close right before Armors inspections and list field set up at 10:20 am. Shield boards will again be used this year.  Shield boards for the Lists in An Tir are expected to be of the following dimensions 4 x 3.75, should have holes drilled in the center top and center bottom no less than 3/16 in diameter and no more than 7/16 from the top edge and no more than 7/16 from the bottom edge. Further the board should be thin enough to be hung by the hooks (about 1/8). Furthermore, Their Majesties will require all fighters to list a consort as part of their presentation – the consort need not be present, but must be told to Their Majesties.

Youth and Family Activities

“Colors of the Rainbow” Ball

Come join the dancing and brighten rain dreary halls with the colors of the rainbow.

A flexible taught ball, we’ll go through the steps to dances before performing them so all can dance, and can repeat songs as often as asked.

Masked or no, wear your best and brightest to compete in a casual garb contest of two styles: Best Monochromatic: a full outfit of a single color, and Most Represented: awarded to whomever displays the largest number of colors in a single outfit.

Set List

Gathering Peasecods
Rufty Tufty
Heart’s Ease

Black Nag
Scotch Cap
Juice of Barley

Break for contest awarding.


Heralds in Love
Jenny Pluck Pears

Volunteer Information

We are looking for volunteers for Gate and for Lists for Queen’s Rapier Championship! Please check in with event staff at the event to find out how to can be of service.

Merchant Information

At this time we can no longer accept new merchant requests. Please watch this space for information on the merchants who will be joining us!

We are excited to have Bruce the Potter and Vandy Hall Designs ( joining us to sell their wares!

Classes Offered

1:00 pm – Scribal Meet-Up & Discussion
Aine Inghean ui Shithigh

Come Scribes of An Tir! Interested, novice and experienced alike! Let’s meet! Let’s talk. Let’s share our love of the scribal arts with each other! We have many new people wanting to get involved, we have novices who are just starting, and everything in between! Have questions? Have ideas? Want to know more? Let’s just gather and get to know each other! Aine Inghean ui Shithigh the Gryphon Scribe of the Summits wants to meet anyone and everyone who is in the scribal community (and reconnect with others she has met and or are friends with)

2:00 pm – Removing Barriers to Entry; A Continuation of Inclusivity in the SCA
Fye Jegerin

This will be a facilitated discussion on the subject of inclusivity in the SCA. How do we identify barriers to entry in the SCA for under-served populations? How can we come together as a community to remove these barriers? What types of inequalities are present in our society and how can we address them? This is part of an ongoing conversation, but you don’t need to have attended previous discussions to participate. Open discussion, no class fee

4:00 pm – Courtly Kinesthetics
Lord Samwell Langdon

The painstaking art of making your courtly gestures effortless This class will focus on movement and greeting ettiquette in the court of Elizabeth I. We will cover the bow/courtesy, forms of address, and movement while encumbered with courtly accouterments. After the physical movement portion of the class there will be an open discussion on the context of courtly etiquette in the renaissance. Hats, swords and sword belts as well as any other noble accessories you might wish to practice with are encouraged. There is no size limit and no class fee.


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