June Faire


Hosted in-person by Device of Dragon's Laire

The Barony of Dragon’s Laire (Kitsap & N Mason counties, WA)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): THL Iohnnus ‘Owain’ ap Gwyllim Pengryth
Date: June 17 , 2022 until June, 19 2022
Site opens at: 12:00 PM on June 17th 2022
Site closes at: 3:00 PM on June 19th 2022

Event site:
Kitsap County Fairgrounds and Event Center
1200 Fairgrounds Rd NW Bremerton, WA 98311


Site opens Friday at 12.

If you are a pre-registered RV, you are welcome to park in the RV Village and then proceed to check-in at Gate.


To the Glorious Populace of An Tir,

Pray Attend!

June Faire beckons once again! Their Excellencies, Baroness Kloe of Thira and Baron Arion the Wanderer, bid you all welcome to WAR! The Mighty Barony of Dragon’s Laire claims lands, purchased with 300 POUNDS of An Tir’s FINEST chocolate chip cookies, have never been rightfully ceded where as Bold Blatha An Oir claims the purchase price was never paid in full!

Weekend activities include a series of war scenarios including some with combat archery, thrown, and siege. Displays and demonstrations from the Arts and Sciences including the Venetian Salon! Archery, Equestrian, Rapier, and Thrown Weapons activities. Youth! Bardic! Merchants! Food!

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.


Donation Drive

Kitsap County Foster Care Association

The Barony of Dragon’s Laire is supporting the D.R.E.A.M. Project through the Kitsap County Foster Care Association. Supplying small grants to children in foster care to participate in camps and activities.

If you prefer to donate goods, KFCA maintains a ‘clothing closet’ at the Bremerton Department of Child and Family office to provide for children coming into care on an emergent basis who have little or no clothing resources.

  • pajamas
  • socks
  • underwear
  • new or gently used clothing
  • diapers
  • formula
  • new, sturdy backpacks
  • toys still in package

Coffee Oasis

Coffee Oasis provides program for youth and young adults a safe place to thrive.

Goods are accepted, please see the Goods List if you would prefer to donate items instead. Items updated frequently.


Can I still come to the event even though pre-registration is closed?


Can I still camp even though pre-reg and camping registration are closed?

Yes! There is still plenty of space!

Masks or Vaccines?

Masks are NOT required to attend this event. Kitsap County is currently recommend masks indoors or in crowded situations. You are still required to wear a mask when on public transit. The Kitsap Medieval Faire has had 2000+ visitors and 500-1000 SCAdians annually, please take care of yourselves!

Per Kingdom Policy we are not checking vaccine status


At this time there are no burn bans for the area. We are requesting fires be in a brazier or other fire safe receptacle and that you have either a 5 gallon bucket or a fire extinguisher available. There are no restrictions on standard fuel types.


We will update as needed for changing conditions.

Grey water?

There is NO RV Grey/Black water disposal at the Fairgrounds

Grey water generated by in camping can be disposed of near campsites, please be mindful of walking paths!

Ash cans?

Ash cans are provided near all camp areas, please use them! A can will also be available near the dumpsters in the lower bowl parking are. No ashes in the toilets please!

Showers, sinks, and flushing toilets?

There are showers and flushing bathroom in the main event area (behind rapier) and at Silver Spurs for use by attendees. Please be kind and keep showers short and clean up after yourselves.

Wash stations and port-a-potties as well as ample trashcans are distributed throughout the camping areas and event site. Potable water is also available in many locations.

Day Trip parking

Parking Space will be available in the Lower Bowl, at Silver Spurs, and in the Eagles Lot. The Lower Bowl and Silver Spurs are both accessible from Nels Nelson. The Eagles Lot is off of Fairgrounds Road. If those locations are full, there is also parking available at the Kitsap Sun Pavilion, off of Fairgrounds, and at Olympic High School off of Stampede.

Accessible Mobility Parking

We do not require you to have a government issued placard, license plate, or other indicator for the need for Accessible Mobility parking. We trust that you will be honorable when saying you need the space.

There are a limited number of slots on the Fairgrounds, running along the edge of Gordon Field and then more spaces available in the Gordon Field Parking Lot.

Please check-in at Gate and request a BLUE Dragon Pass.

Team Emails

Event Steward, THL Iohnnus ‘Owain’ ap Gwyllim Pengryth, jfchair@dragonslaire.org
SCA Coordinator, THL Ciar ingen Fiachnae, jf_scacoordinator@dragonslaire.org
Site Coordinator, Master Arontius of Bygelswade, jf_contracts@dragonslaire.org
Pre-Registration and Gate, THL Jessy Gatemen, jf_prereg@dragonslaire.org or jf_gate@dragonslaire.org
Camp Coordinator, Lord Herger Ax Breaker, jf_camping@dragonslaire.org
Volunteer Coordinators, THL Sarpedon & m’Lord Laish , jf_volunteering@dragonslaire.org
Social Media and PR, THN Kosem of House Awry & Deputy Noble Tombul Kedi, jf_public_relations@dragonslaire.org
Chatelaine, m’Lady Haldora Bjorn, dragonslaire.chatelaine@antir.org
Arts & Science Coordinators, Master Arontius & Marquessa Laurellen, jf_artssciences@dragonslaire.org
Golf Carts Deputy, THL Altalian ‘Talia’ de Segna, dragonslaire.artsnsci@antir.org
Marshal in Charge, THL Sarpdeon, dragonslaire.marshal@antir.org
Armored Marshal, THL Ermenrich ‘Morgan’ Guotmann, dragonslaire.armored@antir.org
Archer, Archos Alaricus Simmons, dragonslaire.chiefarcher@antir.org
Rapier, Baron Jacque, dragonslaire.rapier@antir.org
Siege, THL Arqai Ne’urin, dragonslaire.siege@antir.org
Thrown, THL Stephen the Sinister, dragonslaire.thrown@antir.org
Waterbearing, Lady Lucy, dragonslaire.steward@antir.org

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - Queen
Is an online gathering
Accepts PayPal
Has Merchants
Offers Youth & Family activities
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Archery activities
Has Thrown Weapon activities
Has Bardic activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Allows pets (check for details)
Offers enhanced accessibility (check for details)

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Registration Information

SCA Pre-Registration has CLOSED

For questions about pre-registration, please email jf_prereg@dragonslaire.org

Camping registration has CLOSED

If you have questions about camping, please email jf_camping@dragonslaire.org

Please know that space may be tight and we request that you plan for limited communal space and do not include things like a kickball field.

Too see a map of some of the camping area go HERE! Not pictured yet, Silver Spurs/the large flat area camping.

Modern Pre-registration has CLOSED

For questions about MODERN pre-registration, please email kmf_tickets@dragonslaire.org

Space along the war field

If your Barony would like space along the war field, please contact His Excellency Arion, baron@dragonslaire.org.

Please know that space is limited as we are only along one side of the field. If you are interested in sharing space, please let His Excellency know and include how much space you are looking for. For example, “2 chairs and a table, 7 feet wide by 3 feet plus 3 attendants.”

Accessibility Information

The Kitsap County Fairgrounds has parking on site for those who require assistance with mobility, the main thorough fair is paved and many areas are compacted. Golf carts will be available to assist people moving around the site.

There is a hill between the upper level of the event and the Lower Bowel and Equestrian Arena where Archery, Thrown Weapons, and the Black Swan demonstration are located.

Water, flushing bathrooms, port-a-potties, and hand-washing stations will be provided.

We are working on providing a quiet space near event activities for those who may need it.

If you have a question or concern, please email dragonslaire.seneschal@antir.org and we are happy to assist.

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost
Single Day (Friday or Saturday)
     Adult non-member $15
     Adult member $10
 Weekend (camping or multi-day trip)
     Adult non-member $20
     Adult member $15
 Youth FREE
For Modern Spectators, please visit KitsapMedievalFaire.org

Event Schedule

For a complete schedule, please visit Our June Faire Calendar


Gate schedule Friday, June 17 Saturday, June 18 Sunday, June 19
SCA Gate 12pm – 10pm for general populace
Open at 10am for merchants & volunteers
8am – 4pm 9am – 12pm
Modern Gate Closed 10am – 4pm


Saturday there will be opening Court at 9 AM with Royal Court right after and then at 5:30 PM Royal Court resumes. Much business is to be conducted, many accolades to be made known, and much merriment to be had.

Meal Information

Belfair Pop Sweets & Treats
Fresh, hand popped corn; gourmet cotton candy; hot dogs; baked potatoes; snacks

Hot Dogs Etc

Ohana Shave Ice

Pink Gorilla Espresso

Smokin Robinsons

Viking Feast Ice Cream
Homemade Icelandic sky ice cream

Ye Old Pie Wagon
Hand Pies

Tournament Information

Saturday, April 18

Armored War Field Scenarios!

Every other scenario has archers, thrown, and siege.

Each battle represents a battle from history. 

Battle of Stamford: Even sides, open field. Resurrection. 

Thermopylae: power of spears 

  1. The knights and a few representative squires, or all those with spears, are the Greeks. The rest are the Persians. There’s a narrow approach. Greeks are allowed to set up first in the “gates”. Archers are not in the first run of the scenario. 
  2. Second run: archers are allowed. Greeks demonstrate the testudo. 

Battle of Northam (Boat landing): power of cohesion

Side one attempts to land boats. Scenarios is run twice, once with archers, once without. 

Battle of Stirling Bridge: power of preparation and tactics

The Scots get to set up a pocket at the end of a very narrow bridge. Same numbers on both sides. Run twice, once with archers and once without. 

Agincourt: power of archers and siege

Fewer heavy fighters, including all the combat archers and siege, on one side.  The other side approaches through a narrowed frontal approach, walking (to simulate the mud that hampered the French advance), and not using their shields for defense above their heads (to simulate the arrogance of the French as expressed by historians).  

Period Kit Tourney

It’ll be round robin, with best 2 of 3 final. Entry requires a kit that is documentable, with at least period images as documentation, no visible plastic except basket hilts, and be able to briefly explain the impression they’re portraying for the crowd.

Prize will be a $100.00 gift card to Aesir Metalwyrks


Dragon Claw Tourney

Newcomers Tourney

Open Field, followed by a MOD Invitational


‘Tacoma Narrows’ bridge Battle (teams)


Cut & Thrust Tourney

Depending on Martial availability and Eric Space


Modified William Tell – all SCA permitted ages*

  • There will be two separate groupings:
    • Group 1 archers with a Master or Grandmaster average will shoot an elimination round of closest to edge (closest to the outer edge of the white ring without being off the target).
    • Group 2 archers with a novice, archer, or bowman average will shoot an elimination round of closest to the center
  • The top 4 archers from each group will shoot the William Tell with the top archer in each group shooting a final round.

Counterweight Shoot – all SCA permitted ages*

This shoot consists of 2 groups of archers shooting at water bottles suspended from a pully system.

The winner of each round is the archer that causes their opponents bottle to hit the ground first.

2nd Quarter SSAC – all SCA permitted ages*

This shoot will be whatever the current SSAC is at the time – to be updated.

Wand Shoot – all SCA permitted ages*

Time permitted, just for fun.

Saturday shoots will count for GAT scores provided there are sufficient archers with existing GAT scores per the rules of the GAT.

The requirements for the GAT scores to be recordable are that the shoot must be posted in an official publication, they must have a point value such that all competitors can be ranked, and there must be a minimum of 5 competitors with current GAT ranking.


Will be present on the Warfield! There will also be demonstrations of the NEW Target Siege, which was proposed and is being tested in An Tir!


Thrown Weapons Inner Kingdom (TWIK) scoring


Novelty Demonstration


Open Range


Sunday, April 19

Armored Championship Tourney


Rapier Championship Tourney

Dragon’s Laire Rapier Championship Accolades Tourney – format dependent on entries


Archery: Inter Kingdom Combat Archery Competition (This is COMBAT)


Thrown Weapon Championship Tourney


*This event requires ALL YOUTH REGARDLESS OF AGE have a parent or guardian present at the activity they are participating in.

Youth and Family Activities

Block Printing

A hands on and slightly messy “try it yourself with our help” block printing demo!


Saturday tournaments are open to SCA Youth who wish to participate


Saturday tournaments are open to SCA Youth who wish to participate

Volunteer Information


The June Faire 2022 team is in need of volunteers and coordinators to fill out this year’s team! As a perk to helping us create this grand event, Dragon’s Laire will be offering Volunteer Appreciation Gifts and provide a Volunteer Center for refreshments!


If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form.

If you have questions about volunteering, please email jf_volunteering@dragonslaire.org


Merchant Information

D&D Chain Mail
Chainmail jewelry

Dark Age Games
Medieval and Renaissance Board Games

Dark Gift
Leather hats, bottles, chain maille, misc SCA related items

Daughters of Freya Jewelry
Viking inspired jewelry

DragonStorm Sports
Hand made knives, leather products, mugs, pouches

Fire Fox Fashion
Leather goods, handmade garb, sword & knives, boots, hats, fur, horns, and misc accessories

Gaean Allusions Pottery
Wheel thrown/decorated stoneware with Celtic & Mythic designs.

Hawk and Dove Leather
Leather belts and pouches leather mugs and bottles

Hawk’s Forge
Hand forged period camp equipment

Horse ‘n’ Round Studio
Hand-spun yarn, spinning supplies (including some raw wool from their own sheep)

Inky Quills LLC
Handcrafted, cold process soaps, shaving soap kits, lotion bars, shampoo bars, and soap dishes.

Lilla Rose
Hair pins, broaches, and other hair accessories

Moneyers Guild
Period coin replicas

Nordic Trader
Nordic Wares, Viking Age museum reproductions

The Old Ways
Shawls, scarves, clips, pins and wraps

Ravenwolf Creations
Historically inspired wood and other creations

Red Wolf LTD
Brooches, pins, torcs, and other nice jewelry

Reannag Tein Pottery
Historically inspired pottery

Serendipity Jewelry
Silver and stone jewelry. Finger-less fur gloves

Seven Sons Archery
Quivers, arrows, alt-atis, broaches, misc archery equipment

Sidhefire Arts
Ceramic wares. Pottery and primitive beads, buttons and baubles.

Son’s of Odin Forge
Drinking horns, armor, and leather goods

Stryker’s Forge
Hand forged period camp equipment

Tabby’s Hats
Period hand-made hats, coifs, haversacks, feathers

Primarily Jewelry and Scribal supplies, almost all handmade.

Wild Woods
Ghana baskets, wood bowls and other small period items

Classes Offered

Displays and Demonstrations

Alasdair Mac Roibeirt – Wood bending, display and demonstration.
Angharat verch Reynulf – Finnish intarsia and wire coil work, display and demonstration.
Arion the Wanderer – Moneyers Guild, display and demonstration.
Ataliana de Segna, Raffaella di Contino, Giata Magdalena Alberti, and Friends – ‘Venetian Salon’ display and conference.
Fellowship of the Black Swan – Living historians portraying a medieval free company of military archers, artisans, and camp followers.  We display archery tackle and demonstrate various crafts related to military archery including bowyers, fletchers, and armor smiths.
Chrysalis of Dragon’s Laire – Games, display and demonstration.
Dragon’s Laire Culinary Guild – Display and demo of ingredients and culinary arts.
Dragon’s Laire Scribal Guild and Friends – Display and Demo of period illumination and calligraphy
Dunstan M’Lolane – Wood-working display and demonstration.
Edward Ean Anderson – Equestrian accessories, display and demonstration.
Eleanor of Leycestershyre – Fiber arts (spinning, weaving, etc.), display and demonstration.
Elisabeth de Besancon – Cloth weaving on loom, display and demonstration.
Elisabeth de Rosignol – Fiber arts (flax) and culinary (cheese), demonstration.
Elizabeth Piper and Elanor of Eccleshall – Bardic Stage Organizers, and performers.
Elizabeth FittzWilliam of Carlisle – Costuming display, fiber arts demonstration.
Gwennlyn Potter and Morgaina of the Woodlands – Period pottery manufacture on a Potters Wheel (demonstration).
Hrollaugr Njálsson & Matuesz z Plocka – Period Wood Turning on a treadle lathe, display and demonstration.
Ilaria Veltri degli Ansari (Lynda Fjellman) – Pottery, display and demonstration.
Isabella de Walingeford (with Melissa of Dalmatia) – Games, display and demonstration.
Kassandra of Dragon’s Laire – Bobbin Lace, display and demonstration.
Laurellen de Brandevin – Period Print Making, display and demonstration. Also, garb display organizer.
Owain Ap Gwyllim Pengryth – Roman display.
Sigridr Vilhjalmsdottir – Fiber arts (spinning), and Norse Culture. Display and demonstration.
Sven Red Beard Einarson – Glamfolk Norse Culture Organizer. Display and demonstration.
Þangbrandr Sløngvandbaugi – Metal repousse, tooling and process display and demonstration.
Tsuruko Sensei – Costume display items


The Bardic stage! More information soon!

Emergency Preparedness Information

The Kitsap Country Fairgrounds are located with in the Central Kitsap Fire District and a fire station is approximately 1 mile away.

The Saint Michael’s Emergency Room is 2 miles away and is located at 1800 Northwest Myhre Road First Floor, Silverdale, WA 98383

Poulsbo Animal Emergency & Trauma is the local 24 hour emergency and urgent care veterinarian and is located 10 miles away at 320 NW Lindvig Way, Poulsbo, WA 98370.

We are working with the Kitsap County CERT for first aid, emergency response, and safe cross-walks!

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