July Coronation


An in-person Crown event of Device of Kingdom of An Tir

The Kingdom of An Tir (Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho, and British Columbia)

Hosted by Device of Principality of the Summits

The Principality of the Summits

and Device of Terra Pomaria

The Barony of Terra Pomaria (Marion, Polk & Lincoln Counties, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Christmas Caryl
Date: July 14 , 2023 until July, 16 2023
Site opens at: 3:00 PM on July 14th 2023
Site closes at: 4:00 PM on July 16th 2023

Event site:
Powerland Heritage Park
3995 Brooklake Rd NE Salem, OR 97303

This is a Level 1: Crown Event (Crown Tournaments and Coronations) event.

Join us, here in the land of apples in the beautiful Willamette Valley, for a glorious weekend. Terra Pomaria welcomes you to celebrate elevations, cheer on champions, honor Their Royal Majesties King Athanasios (Athos) Belisarios and Queen Alianora Greymoor, and support all the pageantry as we bear witness to Crowning their heirs!

Below you will find a wealth of information about how to prereg, reserve space, and much more. More details will be added as we approach coronation day so check back often. Please email us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

SITE COPY is here

SITE MAP is here



July Coronation Key Staff:
Event Steward: HL Christmas Caryl
Supervising Event Steward: HE Lindis de Aquisgranno, OP

Marshallate In Charge (MIC): HL William Tarrell

Youth Armored Combat (YAC): HL Rashida bint Yusuf

Gate Lead: Etienette de Montagne, OP

Preregistration Lead: Baronessa Ximena

Vigils Coordinator: HL Alaina Blackthorn

Royal Liaison: Duchess Zanobia Fiorentini

Land Steward/Group Camping Reservations: HL Dawnhela Hearstblook

RV Wrangler: HL Lucas von Brandenburg

List Field Reservations: HL Christmas Caryl

Merchant Steward: Elsbeth Cameron, OL

Volunteer Coordinator: HL Aurelia de le Mer

Parking Steward: Viscount Bato

Site Copy/Schedule:  HL Lucia Robertsdottir

Youth & Family Activities: open/needed

Pageantry Coordinator: open/needed


Event Site:

Powerland Heritage Park

Site Map – 

Site Rules: 

  1. Our hosts, Antique Powerland Museum Association (APMA), have year round site rules that will be posted on site. They are common sense items that include:
    1. This site is 65 acres over all and host to powerful outdoor equipment. Please stay off of any equipment and areas of site that are not being used specifically by us for this event.
    2. There is a pond on site. This pond will likely be dry/empty while we are there and is located in an area of the site we won’t occupy, so please steer clear.
    3. The museums and other buildings will not be open for this event. To see them, please visit the Great Oregon Steam Up they host in August each year.
  2. Please smoke/vape in the privacy of your camp away from public areas, for the comfort & safety of all. Note: Merchant Row, litst fields, archery/thrown weapons ranges, A&S, Courts, activity areas, and roads are specifically no-smoking areas. Please do not leave smoking remnants anywhere on site.
  3. No medical or recreational marijuana of any kind at the event. SCA policy does not allow marijuana or other federally controlled substances at SCA sanctioned events.
  4. Everyone must sign in at gate, including waiver.
  5. Trash and Recycling:
    1. There will be a large dumpster on site. Please bag your trash and bring to the dumpster or leave road side at the end of the event for collection.
    2. There will be bottle/can recycling stations onsite. Please place all empty, recyclable bottles and cans in the appropriate receptacles. Our hosts, APMA, is a non-profit group that maintains 14 museums on this site. They will be collecting bottles/cans for recycling to go towards their restroom area remodel.
  6. All forms of fire must be at least 12 inches off the ground, have a fire suppression item (extinguisher, water, sand) nearby, and be monitored at all times.
  7. When walking about the camp all dogs/cats must be on a leash with a human attached to it!
  8. All vehicles must be moved to the parking lot after unloading.
  9. Speed limit on site is 5 mph – that means creeping along soooo slowly it’s painful.
  10. Be prepared for excessive heat, as well as spontaneous storms, they can pop up this time of year.
  11. Site is discretely wet. Alcohol is allowed, please be courteous and use period drinkware. No alcohol sales allowed.
  12. Lost and Found will be at Stewards Point.



  • Newcomers Event FAQ for July Coronation:
    What is the purpose of this event?

      • This is the second half of two very large annual events to select and crown our next King & Queen. There will be a wonderful Court to say thank you to our current Majesties, Athanasios & Alianora, and welcome our new Royal Highnesses, Morgan & Livia, as well as, tournaments, lots of pageantry, parties in the evenings, merchants, and all sorts of things to see and do. Do not be afraid to ask questions, or to join in – we were all new at one point, too.
    • What do I need to bring?
      • This is a camping event, so unless day-tripping, you will need a tent, bedding, toiletries, etc. Be prepared for heat, dry, direct sun, etc. It is mid summer. There will be ample open camping spots, or ask at the gate where your local group is camped. You will need “garb” – medieval-style clothing, but that can be as simple as a tunic or long dress. Don’t worry about being totally historically accurate at your first few events, find the era that inspires you! Bring a light/flashlight. It is a good idea to have a clean set of clothes for the drive home, too.
    • Do I need to bring food?
      • Yes, you will need to bring your own food and some way to cook it, a cooler, etc. Usually all SCAers have “feast gear” – spoon/knife/bowl/plate/mug or goblet with them at all events because we are a bring-your-own-dishes sort of group.
    • Can I bring my dog?
      • For this event, yes you can. All dogs must be on a leash with a human attached to it! They should be vaccinated for rabies, etc. Please have “doggie bags” to clean up after them.
      • Please note: Disruptive/aggressive dogs will be restricted to your camp or asked to leave.
    • Can I bring my kids?
      • Yes! We love kids. They must be supervised by an adult and there are waivers to sign at the gate. Bring toys, books, games for them for camp time. – even armored tourneys can get boring for little ones. There will be Youth Armored Combat activities (see below for details).
    • Are there other rules I should know about?
      • Yes, there are. All of those will be posted on site when you check in at the gate. Mostly common sense stuff.

    Tell the gate people you are new. They can direct you to our “Chatelaine”, which is our new member officer. Their job is to guide you and help you find your way around in this lovely Society of ours.  Welcome to the SCA!

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Queen
Royal Presence - Heirs
Royal Presence - Summits
Royal Presence - Tir Righ
Is an online meeting
Accepts PayPal
Has Merchants
Has an Heraldic consultation table
Offers Youth & Family activities
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Archery activities
Has Thrown Weapon activities
Has Bardic activities
Allows pets (check for details)

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Registration Information

  1. Lists Field Reservations: HL Christmas Caryl
    Land Reservations for large group camps: HL Dawnhela Hearstblook
    RV/Travel Trailer Reservations: HL Lucas von Brandenburg – Hook-ups have a wait list
    Hotel Contact: HL Duvessa of Movilla
    Merchants please see merchants section below.


Preregistration with pre-payment is closed but we still have plenty of space, fun, and courtly activities to be had.

If you would still like to let us know you’re coming with an RV/Travel Trailer or request space in a group camp, please do so here.

Hope to see you there!

There is plenty of room for open camping, group camping, and even some Accessible camping areas that are closer to things. There will be a map at gate indicating key items and group camps.


HL Duvessa of Movilla has been kind enough to work out a rate at a local hotel for those that need this type of accommodations. There is a small block of discounted rooms at the local Best Western: They have offered 20 rooms and will be available at a $199/night (plus fees/tax) rate if booked by June 25th. To book call (503) 390-4733 or use this link.

All hotel related costs are the responsibility of the attendee.

For further questions, please reach out to Duvessa.


HL Lucas von Brandenburg will happily coordinate your RV/Travel Trailer needs. There are some sites with water hookup and shared 20amp power for an additional $20 fee. These spaces will be first come first serve with pre-reg given priority. Hookup sites are currently booked and we have started a wait list.

There is plenty of space for dry RV/Travel trailer camping, so if you don’t get a hookup spot, we will still have room for you 🙂 Reservations are not required, but are a welcome tip to help us coordinate things.

Local Dump site information gathered by His Lordship:

Central Salem:
Salem Campground & RV’s – 3700 Hagers Grove Rd SE, Salem OR 97317 / 503-581-6736.
Fee: $20 or less

West of Salem:
Polk County Fairgrounds – 520 S Pacific Hwy W, Rickreall OR 97371 / 503-623-3048.
Fee: $10 or less

East of Salem:
Silver Falls State Park – 20024 Silver Falls Highway Southeast Sublimity, OR 97385
Fee: No fee mentioned on website (503) 873-8681

City Of Sisters overnight park – 504 S Locust St, Sisters, OR 97759
Fee: $5 dump fee

North of Salem:
Woodburn RV Park – 115 North Arney Road Woodburn, OR 97071 (503) 981-0002

South of Salem:
Camping World Eugen/Coburg – 90855 Roberts Rd, Eugene, OR 97408
Fee: Free Dump for Good Sam members (honestly, they didn’t even ask)

McKay RV and trailer repair – 6225 Old Salem Rd NE, Millersburg, OR 97321
Fee: Free

Accessibility Information

Dogs/Cats allowed on site:

All dogs/cats must be on a leash with a human attached to it! They should be fully vaccinated for rabies, etc.

Please have “doggie bags” to clean up after them and place in trash receptacles.

Disruptive/aggressive dogs/cats will be restricted to your camp or asked to leave.


Site Accessibility:

The site is a community heritage site with 14 museums and many fields. It is adjacent to farmland (hops), industrial use, and a major highway. There is also a set of freight railroad tracks that runs along the Western side (parallel to River Rd.). Freight trains are not on a set schedule so could have a horn at any time.

Open camping will be on lawn (probably dry/dead grass due to season). Few trees and not tall enough for true shade (tents/pavilions will not fit underneath). Lists Fields and Court are on lawn.

There are paved/gravel roads around each field, to restroom, and front of the field to open camping. The paved/gravel access does not extend into the camping area. Portions of the site do have low to moderate inclines. Please be prepared for lumpy and rough dry grass related terrain. “Open” camping not specifically labeled as the ‘Accessible Camping Area’ is on the other side of a set of railroad tracks. These tracks are easy to drive over in vehicle or golf cart. Please come prepared to travel over the bumpiness of those tracks if heading to open camping or the Archery/Thrown Weapons range.

There will be a charging station emergency access and requested ADA accommodation only.

There are limited restroom facilities available with ADA stalls. These are approx. 200 yards from main area. There will be porta-potties w/ADA units near camping, lists field, merchants row.

There will be some Accessible parking adjacent to gate area – must have plates/placard and owner info tags (get at Gate) visible in windshield. No vehicles will be allowed to stay in camp areas.

Parking for non-accessible vehicles and trailers will be in an open field approx. 500 yards from main camp. It is primitive mown-field terrain and there is a sloping gravel drive to walk back up.

Vehicles will be allowed to drive through site for drop off and pick up.


Please note: There will be a small gathering on Saturday in an unrelated area for another group. Please be respectful and distant while they have their picnic. We have invited them to approach gate should they be curious about our activities. Please be prepared to welcome and even chaperone for brief tours or Q&A as needed. If you would like to commit as a volunteer for this, please sign up at volunteer’s point. 

If you have further questions about site accessibility please contact the Land Steward.



Average for this weekend is between 55°F/12°C and 80°F/27°C, but can reach up to 95°F/35°C.


Travel Times:

From Seattle, WA

Approximately 3 hours

From Spokane, WA

Approximately 6 hours

From Vancouver, BC

Approximately 6 hours

From Moscow, ID

Approximately 6.5 hours

From Prince George, BC

Approximately 14 hours

From Bend, OR

Approximately 3 hours

From Kamloops, BC

Approximately 8.5 hours

From Medford, OR

Approximately 4 hours

From Edmonton, AB

Approximately 16.5 hours

From Portland, OR

Approximately 45 minutes

From Saskatoon, SK

Approximately 19.5 hours

From Portland Airport

Approximately 1 hour

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adults – 17+ $30.00 (usd)
Under 17 Free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

PayPal will be accepted at gate.

Checks made payable to Barony of Terra Pomaria, SCA Inc.

Event Schedule

Event Schedule – July Coronation 2023 Friday, July 14th to Sunday, July 16th
Time Activity Location
9:00 AM Event Team allowed on site. Only those helping with shared space setup.
10:30 AM Setup Teams allowed on site: Royals, Heirs, Merchants, Officers, Retinue. Please no early arrivals if not one of those.
12:00 Noon Gate opens Welcome to Coronation!
7:00 PM Vigil Parties
7:30 PM Marshals Meeting Lists tent, Kingdom Erics
8:00 PM Bardic Jam Session! Lists Field
11:00 PM Gate closed for the night Late arrivals, please check-in in the morning
8:00 AM Gate Opens Good morning, It’s gonna be a fun day!
8:00 AM Heralds Meeting Heralds Pavilion
9:00 AM Final Court of Athos and Alianora Royal Pavilion
11:30 AM Coronation Royal Pavilion
12:15 PM Lunch Break Don’t forget to stretch and hydrate
1:00 PM Provost & Invitational Tourney Rapier Eric
1:00 PM Squires Tourney Main Eric
1:00 PM Expats & Newcomers Tea Lists Field – Clovis’ Shade
3:00 PM Seneschals Meeting Seneschal Pavilion
3:00 PM YAC Authorization (bring your own kit) Y&FA Pavilion
3:00 PM Rapier Spear Class Rapier Eric
3:30 PM Youth Armored Combat Class/Practice Y&FA Pavilion
3:30 PM Rapier Tourney Rapier Eric
3:30 PM Target Marshal Class Archery Range
4:00 PM Pelican Meeting Royal Pavilion
4:00 PM Cut & Thrust Tourney Rapier Eric
4:00 PM Novelty Shoot Archery Range
5:30 PM Royal Court of Morgan and Livia Royal Pavilion
Right after Court Chivalry Meeting Royal Pavilion
7:00 PM Vigil Parties Around Lists Field
8:00 AM Armor Inspection & Lists Lists Pavilion
9:00 AM An Tir Champions’ Tournament Main Erics
after Championship Royal Court Royal Pavilion
3:00 PM Site Closes Thank you for coming, drive safe friends!


Vigil Information – Friday

7PM – Vigil with Pelican Candidate Viscountess Temperance Trewelove, Summits Royal Pavilion on the Lists Field

7 PM – 11 PM  Vigil Chat Session with Laurel Candidate Baroness Sigrun Osrikskona, Red & Gold Dragon Wing on the Lists Field

7 PM – Vigil with Laurel Candidate Maire Blakater, Madrone Pavilion on Lists Field

7 PM Vigil with MOD Candidate Mieczyslaw Czarnecki, Aquaterra Pavilion on Lists Field


Vigil Information – Saturday

7 PM Celebrate with Kennara Sigrun Skaldsdottir, Red & Gold Dragon Wing on the Lists Field


Tournament Information

MIC: HL William Tarrell

Heavy Deputy – John de Percy
Rapier MIC – Feradach Mac Tralin
Archery MIC – Feradach the Beardless
Thrown Weapons – Aelfwynn Fiske
YAC MIC – Rashida bint Yusuf

There will be tournaments! Further information will be published as we get closer to the event.


Squire & Provost Tournament Preregistration is Now Closed. See you there!

Tournament is Saturday, July 15th. Preregistration is required and closes at midnight on Wednesday, July 12th. Hail Chivalry!


Kingdom Championship Tournament Preregistration is Now Closed. See you there!

Tournament is Sunday, July 16th. Preregistration is required and closes at midnight on Wednesday, July 12th. Hail Chivalry!



Youth Armored Fighters of An Tir! Join your friends for a group training session at July Coronation where you can practice tactics, play fun scenarios, and show your chivalry!
Your YAC MIC is HL Rashida Bint Yusuf. She does not have loaner gear available, so if you’re bringing your own, please be sure you meet the standards set forth in the 2019 An Tir Book of YAC (click on the ‘Combat – Youth’ filter button).

If you are an unauthorized YAC participant with your own kit, we can do an authorization on site— please arrive 20min early.



Their Royal Highnesses invite you to witness the might and grace of its armored combat fighters! Come cheer on your favorites! Kingdom Champion tourney will be an Urselmas style round-robin starting early morning Sunday, so our fighters can stay cooler!

The combatants will be divided into 8 erics which will be fought as round robins. The top two from each eric will progress into a sweet 16, standard double-elimination tournament bracket. The winner of the finals will be determined by best of five bouts. All An Tir legal weapons and weapon styles are permitted. The Crown requests all shields follow standard An Tir size conventions.


RAPIER: Rapier will host a spear class and tourney, both on Saturday afternoon. Time/details TBD.

CUT & THRUST: There is a plan to have a C&T tournament later Saturday afternoon. Time/details TBD.

ARCHERY: Archery will have open range time, in addition to a Jr. Marshal class, and a Fun Shoot.

THROWN WEAPONS: Thrown Weapons will have open range time.

YOUTH ARMORED COMBAT: There will be YAC activities Saturday afternoon! Time/details TBD.



Please be aware – In our efforts to be more environmentally conscious we will NOT be “waterbearing” as it has been done in the past. But we do know how important hydration is, therefore there will be a self-serve water station. This Water Point will be open and staffed during all tournaments. The fighters come to it, we do not go to them as in the past.

There will be plentiful, fresh water to drink. There will also be misters set up to cool down and refresh.

We highly encourage all fighters (or everyone really) to bring their own reusable water bottles and mugs.

Youth and Family Activities

Family Activities so far:
Stuffed Felt Dragons – Includes kit with pieces and stuffing, needle and thread, and instructions for finishing at home ($2 suggested donation).
Bookmark Illumination – Includes choice of bookmarks to paint. Kit, with paints, small pots, and brushes, is available for a $5 suggested donation.
Hopefully more to come. If you are interested in hosting an activity or simply want to help supervise, please let me know!
Bledyn Drwg de Caerdydd GdS, AoA
Family Activities Coordinator – An Tir
Protege to Elonda Blue Haven

Volunteer Information

Volunteer Coordinator: HL Aurelia de le Mer

There will be MANY opportunities to volunteer! And don’t worry if you have no experience in an area, we will happily show you the way 🙂 Volunteering is a great way to learn about other areas, too!

Signup worksheets will be coming soon and at Volunteers’ Point on site. Please dedicate some of your time and skill to help your chosen family have a good time!

Examples include:

Assist the Emperor of Privyland – help TP’s amazing Ja’lid al banna ibn Hyder to keep our porta privies well checked, stocked, and usable.

Brute Squad – help with site set-up and tear down, disposal/recycling collection, set up communal areas or for Royals, set-up lists fields, and more.

Parking – Viscount Bato is stewarding the parking area. Please help him keep everyone heading int he right direction, parking safely, and increase the enjoyment of the event.

Gate – take a shift helping to sign people in to the event and point them in the right direction. You can sign up for Gate Shifts here!

Heralds Point – sign up for a time slot to field herald to announce the tournament rounds and Town Cries to help folks know the relevant news of the day.

Lists – sign up to help run lists for a tournament or assist the lists person.

Marshalling – Volunteer to help marshal!

Merchant Information

Merchant Steward: Elsbeth Cameron, OL

There will be merchants, see the list below! Merchant applications have closed.

Business Name Business Website / Social Media Presence Description and/or Links to Pictures of Booth and Wares
Reannag Teine reannagteine.com Historically inspired functional pottery
Thistillium Pottery Thistillium Pottery and Things on Facebook High-fired, Period-based stoneware and porcelain function ware, and a few hand-sewn textile items
Redwolf Ltd redwolfltd.com  Brooches, Clasps, other crap , www.redwolfltd.com
Vidar Leatherworks @vidarleatherworks Fb.me/vidarleatherworks
The Sable Hare Www.thesablehare.com Wood chests, scribal boxes, wood chairs, tapestries, wood flowers
Wild Woods Period pavillion selling Bolga (grass) baskets hand made wood and leather items.
Grimstad Non Down sizing 30 years of SCA and period fabric, tentage and equipment.
Sidequest Forge Sidequestforge.com period garb, pouches, hand forged knives, jewelry, some feast gear, stone work.
Raven Wolf Creations Ravenwolfcreations.com Wood carved period accurate items, some bags, and hoods.
Blumechen’s Nadel and Khol https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090601047051  Historical Garb and Spices merchant
General Store https://www.antiquepowerland.com/country-store FOOD! – OPEN SATURDAY ALL DAY – THEY WILL ONLY DO SUNDAY MORNING/AFTERNOON IF THERE IS INTEREST.

Breakfast (am only): Pancakes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, and more.
Lunch/Dinner: Burgers, Veggie Burgers, Hotdogs, and more.
ICE, Water, Soda, Candy also available.
Hats and T-Shirts are available at the Country Store or the Welcome Center in the Dezotell Building. They are $20 each. If you purchase two, they are 2 for $35, you can save $5. Shirts also available with a pocket.

non-profit that runs the general store https://www.antiquepowerland.com/willamette-valley-model-railroad Your purchases at The Country Store help to fund the activities of the Willamette Valley Model Railroad Museum and the construction of the Larry Leek Visitor Center. The Museum’s goal is to preserve the history of regional railroading by building a replica train station where a miniature railroad is housed that educates future generations about the history of transportation and agriculture in Oregon.

Please read the An Tir Crown Events merchants policy carefully: Merchant Policy

There is a $25.00 USD fee for merchanting at Crown events. This fee is in addition to the regular site fee.

Upon acceptance of your application and preregistration you will be sent a PayPal invoice for this fee. Please use an email address you check regularly and watch for this invoice. Your space is not guaranteed until this fee is received by the event staff.

Emergency Preparedness Information

Security and Safety:

  • In case of any medical, fire, or other emergency, please contact the Event Steward and 911.
  • There will be roving patrols to serve as a “fire watch” that will patrol all areas of the event site.
  • Gate will be staffed by at least 2 people until 12 midnight each night with radios and cell phones, acting as another point of contact for emergency service guidance.
  • Event Steward will notify park management in an emergency.
  • The occupied areas (camping, merchants, etc.) will be laid out ahead of time with the necessary “access roads” for walking and emergency service access.
  • All fires (if permitted by fire regulations at the time of the event) must be 12” off of the ground in a fireproof container.
  • All fires must have a water source or fire extinguisher, with the capacity to extinguish the fire, available and identified within 10ft.
  • All fires, including above ground candles or torches, must be supervised at all times. Failure to supervise will result in the fire being extinguished by any member of the event staff. Multiple incidents of an ill attended fire will result in the camper being escorted from the event site, by the Event Steward.
  • Archery will be located to aim away from camping and other pedestrian activity.
  • Speed limit in park is 5mph.


Emergency Services:

Emergency Exits are marked on the map, there are three. There is cell service on site and I was able to have cellular data reception. Emergency Services can drive right up to most locations on site.

Local Hospital w/24 hour Emergency Room:

Salem Health Hospital

890 Oak St. SE, Salem, OR 97301

(503) 561-5200

Marion County Fire District 1/Station# 5: 4960 Brooklake Rd. NE, Salem OR, 97305


Local Amenities:

Across the street: Note – very busy street with lots of trucks (truck stop)

  • Pilot gas station and convenience store.
  • Fast food: Carl’s, Taco Bell, Subway, Cinnabon, Chicken place.

In Brooks – on the other side of the freeway:

  • Route 99 Café, pricey compared to some but sooooooo delicious.
  • Small Market.
  • Brooks True Valley Hardware.

In Keizer Station – one freeway exit south of event site:

  • Target (for all)
  • Lowes, Michaels, Staples (for the Artists and Scientists!)
  • Guitar Center (for the Bards!).
  • Food: Panda, Taco Bell, Burger King, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Taco place, Froyo place, Outback, In-n-Out, Chipotle, Panera, and more.

Further afield:

For items like a Safeway, Fred Meyer, Walmart, Costco, Walgreens/Rite Aid, etc., there are plenty, just not as close.

  • Safeway in Keizer: 4990 River Rd N, Keizer, OR 97303
  • Fred Meyer in Salem: 3740 Market St NE, Salem, OR 97301

Nearby Hotels:

  • Closest = Holiday Inn Express & Suites at Keizer Station.
  • Best Western Premier Salem/Keizer Hotel.
  • Roadway Inn in Salem, OR.

Everything after that is at least 15 minutes from site, but there are lots of options just off the freeway in Woodburn (where there is also a Walmart and a huge Outlet mall) or closer to Downtown Salem.

Please note: We do not endorse any of these hotels, we merely include their  information here for your convenience. There are many others within the area, these are a few of the closest.

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