July Coronation


Hosted by Device of Midhaven

The Shire of Midhaven (Skagit, San Juan & North Island Counties, WA)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Bryson MacLachlan
Date: July 19 , 2013 until July, 21 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 19th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 21th 2013

Event site:
Northern State Recreation Area
25625 Helmick Road Sedro Woolley, WA 98284

Crown Event No Conflicts Allowed


Event Logo - July Coronation 2013

Please join us in celebrating the reign of
King UlfR and Queen Caoimhe and to welcome our new sovereigns,
Ieuan and Gwyneth Gower.


July Coronation will be held in the Shire of
Midhaven.  The event is being co-hosted by the Shire of
Midhaven and the Barony of Aquaterra.


Please check out http://midhaven.antir.sca.org/JulyCoronation2013/
for event information.


The site is the Northern State Recreation Area
at the corner of Hwy 20 and Helmick Road in Sedro-Woolley, WA.
 The address is 25625 Helmick Road. This is 37 acres of flat
grassy ground with a several acre wetland setback from Hwy 20 and
facing onto Helmick Road. It is approximately ½ mile east of
Sedro-Woolley and is less than 10 miles off Interstate 5.


The site is without water
which means attendees must bring their own.

There are no trees/shade on
site except for that which we bring with us.


Site will open at noon on Friday, July 19 for
merchant set-up and at 3:00 pm for all others.


Royal Liason: Duchess Angharad (Alisoun
McCloughen) moc.oohay@darahgna_ssehcud


To request and additions or changes to the
schedule:  HL Mericke
de Ross (Monique Moran) moc.liamg@ssoredekcirem


Volunteer Coordinator: HL Bryson MacLachlan
(Bryson McCloughen) moc.liamg@ccmnosyrb


Marketplace Coordinator: Arontius of Bygelswade (M.
Aaron Rogers) (360)307-0526    


For RV Reservations (there are no
RV hook-ups at this site): Michael FitzGeoffrey (Darby
Cook)   moc.liamg@yerffoegztifleahcim


For space on the Eric (limited to
25’ frontage including support lines): Etolé Marchant
(Robin Begin)  moc.oohay@tnahcram_elote


For group camping reservations,
please contact Michael FitzGeoffrey (Darby Cook)  moc.liamg@yerffoegztifleahcim


  *There will be Period camping
surrounding the Erics and Kingdom and Branch

DEADLINE for Eric space and large
group camping reservations is Friday, July


Site fee: 

Adults (18 & over)      $20.00
(With a $5.00 non-member surcharge)

Youth (10 – 17 years) $10.00

Child  (9 &
under)      Free

Family Cap                 
$60.00 ($5.00 surcharge applies to each adult without a current SCA


Please make checks for US funds payable to
“The Shire of Midhaven, SCA Inc”



HL Bryson MacLachlan (Bryson
McCloughen),  301 S
6th Street, Mount Vernon, WA 98274   moc.liamg@ccmnosyrb

HL Mericke de Ross (Monique Moran), 700 N Reed
St., #48, Sedro Woolley, WA  98284 moc.liamg@ssoredekcirem


If you or your group are interested in
volunteering, please join the volunteer’s yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/antirjulycoronationvolunteers/
   There is not much happening
there right now, but as the time draws near, it will become



Woolley and area hotels:


Sedro Woolley
Amenities List

Unofficial Guide to Bringing Minors to SCA
Events http://www.aquaterra.antir.sca.org/files/2011%20Unofficial%20Guide%20to%20brining%20Minors%20to%20SCA%20Events_0.pdf







Site will open at noon for merchant set-up and
at 3:00 pm for all others


 7:30pm – Marshal’s
Meeting at Lists Pavillion.


8:30pm – Appreciation Court of King UlfR and Queen




  8:00am – Laurel’s

  8:00am – Lists open &
armor inspection

  9:00am – Seneschal’s

  9:00am – Chivalry Meeting

  9:00am – Black Lion
Herald’s Meeting

10:00am – Exchequer’s

10:00am – Pelican’s Meeting

10:00am – Squire’s Tourney

10:00am – Thrown Weapons & Archery fields

10:00am – Youth Armored Combat fields

10:00am – Embellisher’s Guild Meeting
followed by Challenges at the Dragon’s Laire

10:00am – 12:00pm –
Family Activities

11:00am – Lunch break and
prepare for Courts

12:00pm – Final Court of King
UlfR and Queen Caoimhe

 3:00pm – Coronation Ceremony

 4:00pm – First Court of King
Ieuan & Queen Gwyneth

 5:00pm – Kingdom
Protector’s Tourney (immediately following Court)

 5:00pm – Cadet’s
Tournament to be followed by the White Scarf Invitational
(immediately following Court)

 5:00pm – LoTR/LoVE Invitational


When it gets dark: Landed Champions
Torchlight tourney




  8:30 am – 9:30am –
List open and armor inspection begins

  8:30am – Finance Committee

  9:00am – Curia

  9:00am – Ordo Equis/Lance et de
la Leon meeting

10:00am – York Rounds

10:00am – Champion’s Tournament
entrants present themselves to the Crown; followed by the

10:00am – 12:00pm Ithra
Meeting at Madrone Pavillion

10:00am – 12:00pm –
Youth A&S Activity at Family Activities Day Shade

10:00am – Brewer’s
Meeting in A&S Pavilion

10:30am – Thrown Weapons
Marshal’s meeting

10:30am – Youth Combat events

11:00am – OGGS Meeting

11:00am – Inter-Kingdom
Sergeant’s Meeting

11:00am – Thrown Weapons
events begin

11:00am – Archery events

11:30am – White Scarves

12:00pm – Noble Estate

12:00pm –
Chatelaine’s Meeting

12:00pm – 2:00pm –
Family Activities at Family Activities Day Shade

  1:00am – LoTR/LoVE


All activities to stop for the
quarter finals of the Champion’s tournament

TBD – Final Court

6:00pm – Site closes (if everything is finished)


Other stuff:

Safety Rules

*Fire pits may be used on site with following restrictions: must be
18 inches off the ground,

have water or extinguisher near by and if you
have a mesh cover for them they need to be

*Ashes have to be removed from site, and can not be dumped in the
*No tiki torches.
*Propane torches are allowed.
*All BBQs/stoves must be 18 inches or higher off of ground.

No Fire Arts allowed anywhere at anytime on

Other information

*All Vehicles must be parked in the parking
lot after unloading.
*Site is pet friendly. You are responsible to keep your animal
confined or leashed at all times and pick up after them.
*There are no hook ups for RV’s. Generators use is limited to the
hours of 8-10 a.m. and 3-5 p.m to ensure minimum disruption to
attendees. No tent camping in RV area and no RVs or trailers in the
tent camping areas.
*Please respect the people around you and their encampments.
*The ground may be uneven. Please be prepared if you have ankle,
knee or walking difficulties.
*Quiet hours begin at 11:00 pm. There is a limited quiet camping
area east of merchant’s row.
*”In regards to marijuana laws, all SCA participants should follow
modern law, both State and Federal.  As it is still illegal
under Federal law, marijuana is prohibited at SCA functions.” (Jan
2013 Board Meeting)

*There will be a dumpster near the
entrance/exit – please help us clean-up the site quicker by dumping
your trash at the dumpster on your way offsite.

SITE BOUNDARIES: The site boundaries will not be
marked. The area to the west and south,
over the berms, is protected wetlands and definitely off
There is also moving
water bordering the site. It’s not terribly fast or deep, but
appropriate precautions should be taken. Please observe the
geographic boundaries.

The north and east edges of the site
are delineated by the walking trail that surrounds the area. The
walking trail, however, goes behind the archery range and there
will be caution tape to close access. There will also be caution
tape to close access to the road and walkway to the barns. The old
dairy barns are off limits per the site owners. If you are outside
the boundaries you are no longer on SCA rented property and are

*Please follow the site rules to help us make
sure this site is available for future events.

Thorin’s Vigil

I would like to extend an invitation to one and all to
attend the Vigil for Duke Thorin Njalsson who will be elevated to
the Order of the Pelican at July Coronation.
The Vigil will be held on Friday night from 7pm until
10pm in His Grace’s encampment which will be next to the Royal
Look for the wall tent with horses painted on the doors
and sides.
For those who cannot make it to the Vigil on Friday
night, the Vigil book will be made available throughout the
day on Saturday.
All those who would like to leave a message for His
Grace are invited to do so.

Being a Consort

Have you ever been asked to be the
consort of a fighter and then thought to yourself “What do I do as
a consort?”

Now is your chance to ask that and other questions of the
kingdom’s Ladies of the Rose (LoTR)  and the Ladies of
Valorous Estate (LoVE).

In case you don’t know, these are the past Queens and the
Princesses of the Principalities (or of An Tir when we were a

Please join us at July Coronation on Saturday evening at
5:00pm for the LoTR/LoVE Invitational

We will watch the tournament together and many of us will be
on hand to answer your questions and share with you what we’ve
learned as consorts.

Come help us encourage all the unbelted fighters who
have been invited to participate in the tournament.

The Creatively Comical Cod-piece

Create a historically accurate
(anachronistic) cod piece from any time and location in SCA period
in any medium (metal, fabric, etc.) Imbue your cod piece with a
special function. Some suggestions include but are not limited to:
sound making, light producing, dispensing of food or other items.
The choice is yours. Documentation in the form of a historical
image (portrait, illumination, museum collection photo) is strongly
encouraged. There will be a processional of pieces so wearablity is
a plus. There will be prizes for most authentic looking and most


Greetings from the Bards of An

We will be hosting a performing
arts/ A&S village at July coronation.
We have a stage (actual built wood stage), place for classes, and
an A&S display.
If you are interested in teaching a class, displaying your awesome
thing or performing on the stage let me know!

HL Ruadhan O Fearain [email: fern42
(at) gmail (dot) com]
Bardic Deputy An Tir
Apprentice to Mistress Alisaundre

From Mary McKenzie

Just a reminder of our contest!
Announcement to all Scribes of An Tir…
An informal charter painting contest will be held at July
Coronation this year!
As encouragement to all our scribes to paint more Kingdom Charters,
so that their Majesties may have as many as they may need (as their
reign is quickly drawing to a close) to give out to those well
deserving of our populace. Scribes of all skill levels are welcomed
and encouraged to participate. Four certificates of award will be
given, one winner each in a category of beginner, intermediate, and
advanced, and one Crown favorite.
**We are encouraging those entering to bring charters already
completed, as space and supplies to paint will be limited


“Full site cries will go out on a schedule set by the
herald in charge. If you have business for a cry, you must see the
herald in charge at Herald’s Point 30 minutes prior to a scheduled
cry going out.”

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