Iron & Ink 2024


Hosted in-person by Device of Lyonsmarche

The College of Lyonsmarche (Pullman, WA & Moscow, ID)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): HE Sigrun Skaldsdottir
Date: May 31 , 2024 until June, 2 2024
Site opens at: 3:00 PM on May 31th 2024
Site closes at: 12:00 PM on June 2th 2024

Event site:
Naff Farm
3761 Rd F NE Moses Lake, WA 98837

This is a Level 2: Branch Event where no Kingdom or Principality business is expected to be conducted event.

Iron and Ink is a weekend of Arts and Sciences classes and experimental archaeology.  Please contact the event steward to volunteer to teach a class.

Class lists will be updated on an ongoing basis leading up to the event.

***Garb is Optional***

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Has Classes
Has Arts & Sciences activities

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Site Fees

FEES: Ages 18 & up $20, youth under 18 free. $10 discount for SCA blue card members. Checks payable to COLLEGE OF LYONSMARCHE.

Event Schedule

Class Schedule (subject to change)

3 pm Friday May 31Site opens
12 pm Sunday June 2Site closes

Meal Information

Potluck Feast: Saturday Evening 7 pm

  • Please bring a dish or 2 to share.
  • Labels of ingredients are required for allergy purposes
  • Coffee and Hot Water provided.
  • Bring feast gear.

Classes Offered

Please contact the event steward or Phelan Tolusmidr (phelan.tolusmidr <at> to volunteer to teach a class.


Introduction to Lampwork Beads – Lærifaðir Phelan Tolusmidr

  • This one-hour class is intended to provide the student with the basic tools and skills to safely work with a Hot Head torch and 104 COE glass to make lampwork beads. We will cover terms, materials, safety, and techniques. This class is required for all future bead making classes in this series. Class size: no limit, class duration 1 hour, materials fee $1.

Beginning Lampwork Beads – Lærifaðir Phelan Tolusmidr

  • This course will teach intermediate lampworking techniques to replicate beads from 800 – 1000 AD Scandinavia. Period glass working techniques will be covered for historical background. Students will be taught what sorts of beads were being produced and were otherwise available. This is a hands-on class – the instructor will demonstrate a bead and then students will practice making the same bead. Class size 6 (or up to 12 if students are willing to share torches), class duration 3 hours, materials fee $5.

Fukuro toji 袋とじ Pouch (Book) Binding – HL ‘Izza al-Dimashqiyya

  • Chinese culture and inventions played a major influence in the countries surrounding it, and Japan was no different. Art, literature, cuisine, and inventions flowed from the mainland to the small island nation, including paper and the developing bookbinding styles. Of all the styles which made their way from the mainland, the one style which was fully embraced by the Japanese people and which can still be seen today is the Fukuro toji or Pouch binding method. In this method, sheets of paper are printed or written on one side (as the traditional paper only takes ink on one side), and then folded and bound with decorative stitching on the open end, forming pouch-style pages. For this class we will briefly go over the history of this book binding style and make a pouch bound book. Class Size: Unlimited No age limit but younger children will need help from parents for parts of the process (All children under
    12 must be accompanied by an adult during the class)

Birch Bark Oil – HL Una of Grimwith

  • In this class we will render down birch bark and discuss the medicinal and practical applications throughout the ages for this oil. Each student will have the opportunity to get a sample.  Please be aware that this is a hands on class and you probably will get dirty so dress accordingly.  

Cooking Like the Average Roman – Magistra Pompeia Rufina 

  • Course will discuss the cookware and utensils available to the average Roman as well as cooking styles used in the average Roman household. If time, and weather, allows we will do some cooking in Roman style pots and get to sample some Roman food.

Viking Wire Weaving Class- HL Mairghread of Wastekeep

  • This class is hands on. I will teach how to begin a wire weaving; continuing and ending and adding in new wire. If we have time, I can show how to put caps on each end and a clasp. One can also weave one end into the other for a continuous necklace. If you want to purchase the basic tools as well as the wire, I will have a few sets I can sell to you. If you bring your own, you need jewelry round nose pliers, half round pliers and flush cutters. I will have wire for sale also. The handout and spool of wire is $5 each. I can usually teach 5-6 people at a time. I can teach an additional class later in the day if the first one fills up.

Vendel Age Miniature Gold Foil Figurines – Brad Rasmussen

  • An Introduction and speculative discussion.  I will present an overview of the “guldgubber” and we will engage in rampant speculation about their purpose and use given that we have little else to indicate their true meaning. Bring your curiosity and we will muck about the mysteries of Scandinavia post Roman to Pre Viking. 2 hours, if you can bear it.

Target Archery Marshal Class- Bacchus of Ambergard

  • This course will give attendees the opportunity to become Junior Target Archery Marshals.  Please review the An Tir Book of Target prior to the class.

Flemmish Twist Bowstring Construction – Bacchus of Ambergard

Home Brewing Beer – Tova Fransdottir

  • Learn to brew at home. I will be showing you how to brew a one gallon batch so bring your chair and learn to brew a beer. Other brewing topics to be discussed. 2-3 hour class, no limit on people. No Cost.

Soapstone Cup/Bowl Carving – Guðrun Ulriksdottir

  • Carving a small bowl or cup. 5 people. Cost $10. Bring your own leather gloves. Any wood carving tools would be helpful. Time 2 hrs -3hrs.

Faicene- HL Egil

  • Faience is a glassy composite material which is usually associated with ancient Egypt but was used across the Middle East. Most commonly blue, it was also made in other colors. Class will cover the composition and history of faience, and we will make some small items out of blue faience which will be fired on-site in an electric kiln. There is limited space for firing, but any number of people can attend the class. No fee.

Block Printing – Ionamist

  • 2 classes are available, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 10 people each class max. In this class you will learn about the tools and materials for block printing. We will discuss different methods of use of those materials and their application to SCA garb and use in other cultures. You will do some block printing on fabric and paper. If you are inclined to carve a block of your own, tools and a block will be provided. The main part of the class will be spent using pre made blocks on fabric. This can be be a messy process, wear old clothes or bring an apron. Please bring a chair and your water bottle.  Cost: $5

Imitation Fancy Slavic Buttons – Rannveig ~skrifari

  • One hour hands on class where you will learn to make fancy slavic buttons. Materials for 6 matching buttons will be provided. (You may purchase a second package of materials for 6 matching buttons @ $5) Please bring your own round needle nose pliers (similar to Other useful tools for you to bring are regular needle nose pliers and micro flush cutters but these tools will be available for sharing. I will not have tools for purchase. Class Size: 10, Materials Fee: $5.

Portraits in the style of Hans Holbein – Mistress Morgaina of the Woodlands

  • Small materials fee or students may bring their own materials.

Friday Fire Pit – Mistress Morgaina of the Woodlands

  • We will have a pit fire Friday evening. Bring ceramic items ready to fire.

Thumb Draw Archery: Basic Technique – Sir Seamus de Mantel

  • Not everyone drew their bows with fingers the way we are used to in the West. Many cultures around the world, particularly in Asia, used their thumb to draw the bow. The thumb is hooked around the string (often with a ring of some type) and braced with one or more fingers. In this class we will practice a basic thumb draw technique that can be utilized as a foundation for many Asian forms of archery. Note on equipment: I will provide large rubber bands to practice the technique, after which if a range is available and we have suitable bows, I can provide additional instruction on the range with actual equipment. If you want to shoot thumb draw and have never done it before, you will need a relatively light bow that can be shot off the thumb side (right side for right-handed shooter). I would suggest a bow no more than 30 pounds, possibly less. I may or may not have a loaner bow and thumb rings to try out. Duration: 1 hour Cost: Free

Making a Horn Thumb Ring – Sir Seamus de Mantel

  • In most Asian archery traditions, thumb rings are used to draw the bow. There are many types of rings and nearly as many ways in which they are used. In this class, a horn blank will be provided, from which students will shape their own thumb ring. The type of rings possible will depend on the blanks I provide, and I will be focusing on a somewhat generic form, but if you have a specific style/culture in mind, ask and I may be able to help you make something more suited for that. A note on tools: I will provide a selection of tools to be shared amongst the class. If you have personal woodworking tools feel free to bring them. Useful tools include: Files, rasps, knives, gouges, sandpaper; particularly round files and rasps. Duration: 2-3 Hours Cost: 5 Dollars

Basics of Bowery – Sir Seamus de Mantel

  • In this class we will discuss the 4 basic steps of making bows. Material selection, design, rough shaping, and tillering. For simplicity sake, this class will focus on self bows (bows made of a single piece of wood). Tools and wood will be available to try your hand at, though making a bow is outside the scope of this class. Duration: 1 hour + more hands-on time depending on available time/interest. Cost: Free

Illumination: Pigments, binders and tools Oh my! – Vinnukona Kara Reginasdottier

  • 2 hours max 5 people for hands-on, any can listen in. Learn about the tools, pigments and inks early scribes used to prepare to illuminate a manuscript and how those tools have changed in the modern era. Class will be discussing tool making methods and will prepare a natural pigment for use. Supplies included.

Illumination: The Illuminated Capital – Vinnukona Kara Reginasdottier

  • 2 Hours max 6 people for hands on. Learn the tricks and techniques of the early scribes in layout, design and basic painting techniques and how to apply these techniques to SCA scroll design. Draw and create your own Illuminated capital. Supplies included.

Enameling on Bronze and Silver – Sir Warin of Essex

  • 2 hour class : max 6 people : Learn to paint, fire and finish enamel on bronze and silver. Cost $10

Introduction to Scythian Design for Tattooing and Other Applications – HL Shahzade Nisaburi

  • Explore the art and cultures of the Scythian and Pazyryk peoples as we examine a diverse range of artifacts and mummified remains. Using artifacts for inspiration, we will collaboratively sketch an elk design. Afterwards, I will help artists create their own animal design in free drawing as time allows. Materials are limited, artists are encouraged to bring their preferred drawing supplies. Materials available for 8 artists. No cost.

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