Hot Summer LIghts


Hosted by Device of Druim Doineann

The Shire of Druim Doineann (Port Angeles – Clallam & Jefferson counties, WA ) INACTIVE

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Althon Liesse
Date: July 29 , 2011 until July, 31 2011
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 29th 2011
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 31th 2011

Event site:
Peninsula Long Rifle’s Range
Slab Camp Rd. 2870 (Forest Service Rd.) Sequim, WA 98382


Hot Summer Lights XVII

Battle of the Furs

July 29 – 31, 2011

Long has our shire been a peaceful humble home
were people raise there crops and tend to there livestock. In the
times of past many of our artisans and warriors have gone to war in
the name of Woden and An Tir to become renowned in our

Druim Doineann is now once again at war with
the armies of Dragons Laire! Last year they threatened to poison
our lands and dump spoiled goods (ham) on our land. After we came
to agreement last year at Hot Summer Lights and Dragons Laire found
a different place to dispose of their goods.

Now our hunting parties and scouts are sending
reports that there is plentiful furs across the strait and Dragon’s
Laire is not willing to share. THIS MEANS WAR!!! We have the pelts
and furs and if Dragon’s Laire wants to claim what we fairly
trapped and hunted for back, they need to come get

As you guess it, this year we fight over fur
(and pelts). Their will be awards given out to the best themed
campsite involving a fur/pelt theme.


Adult, $12; youth age 6-17, $6; child age five and under, free.
Modern family fee cap, $35. Non-member surcharge (NMS) of $5 will
be applied to each adult that is unable to provide proof of
membership. The NMS is not included in the modern family site fee

Adult, $6; youth age 6-17, $3 child age five and under, free.
Modern family fee cap, $18. Non-member surcharge (NMS) of $5 will
be applied to each adult that is unable to provide proof of
membership. The NMS is not included in the modern family site fee


Highly advised for all large groups and recreational vehicles.
“Traditional” camping sites are not guaranteed without reservation.
Reservations must be received no later than 6:00 PM on Friday, July
22, 2011. Please contact Lord Ulrich Von De Sage at

Site Information
Gate opens Friday, July 29th at noon. Site closes at 5:00 PM on
Sunday, July 31st.

Peninsula Long Rifle’s Range

Slab Camp Road 2870 (Forest Service Road)

Sequim, WA


Arriving from the East: Take Hwy 101 West past Sequim. Just after
the Dungeness Bridge turn left onto Taylor Cutoff Road.

Arriving from the West: Take Hwy 101 East past the PUD station (old
Costco) and Big 5 Sporting Goods. Turn right at the Texaco station
onto Taylor Cutoff Road.

Follow Taylor Cutoff Road south (uphill) for approximately 2-1/2
miles. Stay right when the road forks onto Lost Mountain Road.
Continue uphill for approximately 2-1/2 miles. When you see the
“Dead End” sign, turn left on to Slab Camp Road (Forest Service
Road 2870). Continue for approximately 1/2 mile. Site is on the


There is a diverse array of fighting opportunities available this
event featuring Rapier Championship, Archery Championship, and
Thrown Weapons Championship. Two heavy combat tournaments are
scheduled and, of course, a war scenario complete with castle!
Great prizes include a new helm for the winner of the unbelted
heavy fighter tournament.


Druim Doineann Rapier Championship Tournament

hosted by Lord Enzio Bandinelli, Cadet to Maître Balthasar
Yvon Charon, Druim Doineann Rapier Champion, will feature a
round-robin/bear-pit style.

THL Mary Webb Memorial Archery Championship Tournament

will be hosted by HL Dearbháil ingean uí Dhonnchaidh,
Arcuarius to HL Evrard de Valogne, in lieu of HL Evrard de Valogne,
Druim Doineann Archery Champion. Competition will include a period
royal round, a shoot star (60 cm targets cut into stars with yellow
on the outside), a popinjay shoot with combat equipment, and a clay
target shoot. The top two scoring competitors will advance to the
final round and engage in a closest to center shoot for the title.
Please note that crossbows and hand-bows will be


Shire of Druim Doineann Thrown Weapons Championship

will be hosted by Lord Connal, Druim Doineann Thrown Weapons
Champion, and will feature a novelty shoot.  The top two
scoring competitors will advance to the final round shoot off for
the title.

Arts & Sciences
You don’t have to fight to win war points! Bring honor to your
cause by showcasing your talents in one of our many events.
Captivate your audience with your bardic skills. Express your
creativity using duct tape and twine.

Cook your way to glory in our

Siege Cooking Competition
This year’s competition will be hosted by last year’s champion
team: Lady Aileen, m’lady Marion, m’lady Saerlaith, and
m’lady Bronwyn. Contestant teams will have three hours to
prepare a periodesque full meal consisting of an appetizer, a main
dish, a side dish, and a dessert.

Teams of no more than four individuals will receive four
ingredients (spice, vegetable, fruit, and grain) and an additional
ingredient must be begged, bartered, or stolen from opposing
forces. For example if you are competing for Druim Doineann, then
you must get your ingredient from someone under the banner of
Dragon’s Laire. A small bardic tale of how you obtained the
ingredient will be required. Teams must use at least three of the
five ingredients in each dish. A bonus point will be given if all
ingredients are used in each dish. Because this is a siege cooking
competition, all dishes must be cooked on site with on-hand
ingredients. Leaving the site to obtain further ingredients is not
permitted. Individuals leaving the site for any reason will be
immediately disqualified.

Dishes will be judged on taste, presentation, and periodesqueness
as well as one or two other factors yet to be determined. We will
let you know how many judges for whom you will need to cook as well
as all judging criteria when you pick up your

Please register prior to event weekend so enough ingredients will
be available for all. List for this competition closes at 10:30 AM
on Saturday, July 30th. To register or request further information,
please contact Lady Aileen at


or 360-941-2053.

Sheep War
Guard your flock from the wolves that would steal your sheep! A
dusk to dawn competition that inspires contestants to decorate
and/or dress up their flock.


Friday, July 29th

12:00 PM    Gate opens

1:00 PM    Lists open (all competions)

1:00 – 8:00 PM    Archery range open with Marshals

6:30 PM    Activity heads/volunteers meet at Druim
Doineann Social Club (DDSC)


7:30 PM    List open (Heavy)

7:30 PM    Armor inspection

Dusk    Valhalla Torchlight Tournament

Evening activities to be announced – Listen for the

Saturday, July 30th

7:00 AM – 7:00 PM    Archery range open

8:00 AM    Lists open – Archery, Rapier, Heavy,
Cooking, A&S

8:00 AM    Rapier armor inspection

8:30 AM    A&S Duct Tape and Twine kits
available at List Table

9:00 AM    Shire of Druim Doineann Rapier
Championship Tournament

10:00 AM    THL Mary Webb Memorial Archery
Championship Tournament

10:00 AM    Archery York rounds

11:00 AM    Heavy armor inspection

12:00 PM    War scenarios start

12:45 PM    Cooking competition kits

1:00 PM    Cooking competition starts

1:00 PM    Storytelling class – Master James the

3:00 PM    A&S Duct Tape and Twine submissions

4:00 PM    Cooking competition entries

4:30 PM    Unbelted Rookie Tournament

6:00 PM    Althon’s “Not Quite Dead Yet” mercenary

6:30 PM    Potluck Dinner – Bring a dish to share to
the Gazebo

7:00 PM    Court starts (during dinner)

    Champions recognized

    Current Warpoint totals announced

    Sheep distributed

    Bardic fish rocks distributed


Bardic Competition starts

Dusk    Sheep War starts

Sunday, July 31st

9:00 AM    Sheep War count

10:00 AM    Bardic Competition count

10:30 AM    List open – Thrown Weapons

11:00 AM    Shire of Druim Doineann Thrown Weapons
Championship Tournament

12:00 PM    Closing comments

    Champion recognized

    Final War point tally

    War winner declared

5:00 PM    Site closes

Detailed Description of Activities and War

(Possible war points: 43)


Volunteers! (4 War Points)

That’s right. You can help your side win just by helping out!
Also, the first 20 volunteers register to help with receive a
special token handmade by the Chain maile artisans of the shire; L.
Althon Liesse, Gwenivare, Kayla, L. Connal and Wolfgar Helsborn
with one of the legendary artisans of An Tir, HL Sophia Francesca
Bruno and her lamp-work guilds beads on the token. Do not miss out
of these keepsakes! Be one of the first to volunteer! We will will
also be feeding all volunteers as thanks at Althons “Not Quite Dead
Yet!” after war party and swag pay.


Valhalla Torchlight Tournament: (Heavy)(1
war point)

The night before battle…the gods call for a test of warriors
for the battle in the coming day. 3 rings are set up representing
the Valhalla, Terra, and Hellheim and your goal is to stay is to
win in Valhalla as much as possible to show your skills to the


Rapier Championship Tournament: (3 war

Lord Enzio Bandinelli our current champion will be challenging
our rapier fighters in a tournament to prove who will be the next
champion of the shire.  The Tournament will be a round robin
bear pit.


HSL Siege cooking competition: (3 war

This years siege cooking contest
will be hosted by last years champions, Lady Aileen, m’lady Marion,
m’lady Saerlaith, and m’lady Bronwyn. The contest will be three
hours. In that time frame you will need to prepare a full meal
(appetizer, main dish, sidedish and a dessert), and it should be

Four ingredients (spice, veggie,
fruit, and a grain) will be provided to you, one ingredient must be
be begged, bartered or stolen from opposing forces (ie: If you are
working for DD you must get your ingredient from someone in DL
…with a small bardic tale of how you got it). You must use at
least three of the five ingredients in each dish. And a bonus point
if you use all ingredients in each dish. All dishes must be
prepared on site, no leaving site to get other

Judges will be looking at:
periodesqueness of the dishes, taste, presentation, and one or two
other factors. There will be atleast three judges, but maybe five,
so keep that in mind when preparing your meals. We will let you
know when you pick up your ingredients how many judges there will

If you would like to participate
or have any further questions, please contact Lady Aileen at
moc.oohay@cibabcs or 360-941-2053


THL Mary Webb Memorial Championship Archery
(3 war points)

Evrard de Valogne, our outgoing champion has sends his Arcuarius
Dearbhail in his stead to host our Archery Championship. Do you
have what it takes to become the next Archery Champion?

Tournament format as

Starting with a Period Royal Round –
with period targets,

There will be a Star shoot (60cm targets cut
into stars with the yellow to the outside),

A Pop-in-Jay shoot with combat

And a clay target shoot with
3” diameter clay targets.


The final
will be between the top two scoring archers and be a “closest
to center shoot.



Hot Summer Lights War Scenarios: 15
(3 points a scenario)

  1. Defense Bridge Battle. Dragon’s Laire starts at
    the halfway point on the bridge defending their trade route into
    there lands were the furs and pelts are plentiful. Druim Doineann
    has 5 minutes to push Dragon’s Laire off the bridge and unlimited
    res on both sides. DL can push DD back to the halfway on the bridge
    but no more DD is trying to invade.

  2. Boat Battle: Battle over the bridge is just the
    beginning. Druim Doineann needs the ports to truly expand trade to
    their lands and the mighty barony of Dragon’s Laire is fighting our
    fisherman and naval alike. Boat battle includes two boats and a
    plank, if you go over sides of boat or off the plank you drown. 2
    res (3 lives) battle.

  3. Town Battle: As the battle progresses. Housing
    and food are becoming a necessity that few have and now armies
    march on the towns to control this precious resource. 3 “huts” each
    have a flag in them… side that controls most flags at end of
    10-15 minutes is the victor. Unlimited Res.

  4. Peasants Revolt: The towns have been taken by
    the armies and the locals are not to happy about this. As the
    battle ensues the young ones of the town who are able arm the siege
    weapons and attack targets of opportunity as the battle continues
    over a choke point in town. (Bring your kids to help fight off (or
    for) the invaders and see why this scenario was such a hit last

  5. Castle Battle. The recently build keep (yes
    Druim Doineann has a castle woohoo!) has been taken over by the
    Barony of Dragon’s Laire’s reserves and holds the castle in hopes
    of ending the war. Druim Doineann is in a full siege to retake the
    castle before supplies run out. Battle continues for 10 minutes. At
    5 min mark the wall is breached (one of the sides is flank-able).
    Unlimited res.


A&S Duct Tape and Twine (1 war

In hard times artisans and craftsmen alike have had to get
creative and make due with materials on hand. Lady Sonja duBois
will be hosting a this A&S competition and its worth 1 war
point. You will pick up your bag at the gate and you will have
entail Saturday at 4pm to create an, as period as possible item out
of what is in the grab bag and 3 things from nature. Entries will
be judged on presentation, period items, creativity and


Un-belted Rookie Tournament: 3 war points(2
war points to the champion and 1 to the best

In the night after the war and the warriors of old have had
their fun the younger of the bunch that wish to prove themselves
take the field with their friends to cheer them on. The winner of
this tournament this year will win a new stainless steel
, hand crafted by HL Ivan Leskov and second place
will win a demi-gauntlet with his device
of choosing
put on to it from Lord Althon Liesse. Truly an
Tournament no new fighter should miss.

Requirements to enter the tournament:

  • 5 years or LESS
    of fighting experience

  • Can not be belted (as in Squire or Knight, Man at Arms are okay
    to compete)

  • Have never won a tournament.

  • (not a requirement but highly encouraged) have people(s) to
    cheer you on

Chivalry is paramount and will be recognized as well (play to
your best). The second part of this tournament is the crowd as the
best tasteful inspirations spectating the tournament cheering on
there fighters can win a war point for their side!


Bardic Competition (3 war points)

The warriors rest after a long day of fighting and the bards
wish to win favor over the people to prove there is more then one
way to win a war. Bards are competing for fish rocks (colored glass
which will be given out at the gate) starting after the feast and
running entail tally the following day. Who ever has the most at
the tally in the morning will win war points for the side they


Thrown Weapons Championship: (3 war

Lord Connal, Drium Doineanns (and Dragon’s Laires for that
matter) thrown weapon champion will be allowing anyone who feels up
to the task to compete for Druim Doineann’s thrown weapons
Championship. A novelty shoot will be set up be L. Connal to
determine next years champion. This is also worth the final 3
points of the war.


Sheep War(4 war points)

When all seemed to be peaceful and the war seemed to coming to
an end, a new and nefarious war happens at night. When the starving
peasants and the master thieves try to gain control of the flocks
of livestock. Come, play the game that has been a won and lost at
Hot Summer Lights threw the last 10 years! The game start at dusk
and continues threw-out the night (entail 6am)






Object: Protect your own flock while increasing
its numbers. The team with the most sheep wins. All teams start
with one sheep only. All participants will need a working



There is honor among thieves in this war! It is not a contact
sport. Anyone using force or violence will be disqualified.


You may dress up or disguise your sheep, but you may not hide or
completely cover them up.

The correct response to a theft is catch a thief with a
flashlight beam and cry “wolf” before they are able to leave your
camp with it!! Once they have left your camp it is a legitimate
theft. Players are bound by honor to stop and return the sheep if
they are caught in the campsite.


You may untie them or take them. It is not safe to be running in
and out of crowded campsites with any exposed blade, and is also


if they declare so from the start, but secret alliances are not

“In plain view” – also means not above normal range of eye level
(6ft. max). No hiding them on biffies or in trees, etc.

PLEASE LIMIT PLAY – to areas where other people
are playing and take care not to invade or disturb those who are
not playing.


Any attempt to steal sheep after 6am will result in being


Sheep parts: Alas, they are wooden, and subject
to loss of limbs…sheep parts only count as a sheep if you have
the body and head.

to help replace the sheep.)


Hope to see you all there~L. Althon Liesse

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