Honor War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Tova Fransdottir
Date: April 24 , 2009 until April, 26 2009
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on April 24th 2009
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on April 26th 2009

Event site:
Hells Gate State Park
4832 Hells Gate RD Lewiston, ID 83501


As the cold
grip of winter slips from the lands, the College of
Lyonsmarche, Lentil Capital of the Knowne World, inventories
yet another year of excellent crops. Yet jealous eyes from
nearby lands take note. Baron Wastekeep
plans to lead a military expedition to claim what He feels is
rightfully His, including back taxes and
Friendly forces, lead by Baron Wealdsmere,
assemble from the north, east and south to free the College
of invading tyranny. Even Mighty King
Vik and Gracious Queen Inga
come from Their
northern bastion
to see this matter


friendly folks of Lyonsmarche invite you to the first An Tir
Inlands camping war of the season.  Get your SCA year
started off the Honor War way.  The Crown is scheduled
to attend.  Saturday: The War, A&S
Competition, artisans displaying crafts, Lentil
Cooking Competition, Homebrew Competition, Potluck
Feast. Sunday morning: Rapier Tourney.


We will have a Target
Archery Range open during the Honor War weekend. 
The range will be most gratiously run by Daffyd de Doake who
is the An Tir Kingdom Protector.  He and  Evrard de
Valonge of Wyewood who are both Sr TAM will be holding a Jr
TAM class.


Cooking Competition – Best Period Lentils and Best
Lentils Period.  Do you have a tasty winning dish? 
NOTE: Lentil dishes baked or otherwise can be prepared at
home and reheated or finished on site.


NEW: Raised fire pits
are okay in the C-loop camping area, but not in the war
field. Saturday evening there will be plenty of wood
pallettes to burn.


NEW: There will be a
Heraldy Consulting pavillion next to the A&S


NOTE: Dogs
are fine.  Ours will be staying home because she barks
and is not civilized for the SCA.  Dogs need to be
leashed or tied out in camp.  Please be considerate of
your neighbors and clean-up after your dog(s) as


Those with
large encampments, pavillions that would like to be setup
along the eric, merchants needing infomation – please send an
email to the autocrat ten.enoelbac@avot for assistance
with arrangements or call to let me know you are

As of
Monday, April 20th

Known large encampments (in alphabetical order): The
Brotherhood, Caiethland, Wastekeep, Wealdsmere.

Known pavillons along the war field: Wastekeep, Heraldry,

Known merchants: Lynn the Weaver, a food vendor (the autocrat
is paging Turlock?), and probably more as they show up on


night’s Bardic Fire – will be to open our festivities at
Honor War.  Many people are driving long
distances to our event and not even arriving until
after dark, so our Bardic Competition will be held on
Saturday night.


will start with a Junior Target Archery Marshalling class by
An Tir Kingdom Protector Daffyd de Doake.  This is a great
opportunity to warrant Junior TAM marshals in the Inlands
region, so plan to attend.  Please read and review
The An Tir Book of Target.


The A&S
competition is open to all. Your entry should not have won a
previous A&S competition. There is no theme for this
competition, but at least minimum documentation is
required.  If
you are working on something that is not ready for a
competition or you don’t think you are ready for competition
come and display your work and talk to others about theirs.
Don’t be shy, we all like to talk about our arts and


fighting scenarios will focus on raids to obtain/defend
lentils from the various store houses scattered about the
College of Lyonsmarche.  But be warned, getting the
lentils is only half the challenge, one must also bring them


Perish the
though that the Heavies get all the fun!  After the heavy scenarios,
the fine rapier fighters of An Tir will wage their own
battles to determine the fate of our prized legumes!


After a good
day of fighting, what could be better than some home cooked
lentils, gleaned from the field of glory, to be chased down
with some fine home brewed spirits.  Join your brothers and
sisters in arms over the fruits of our conflict, and help
determine the Lentil Cooking and Home Brewing Champions of


Evening Court will be held either before or after our



night’s Bardic Fire will include the competition for
Lyonsmarche’s very first Bardic Champion!  If you intend for your
performance to be included in the competition, please
announce that prior to beginning your piece.


morning will feature our first ever Rapier


Site closes
Sunday 3pm


Please note
that times listed below may be subject to some
change as the day progresses.  This is a tentative
As always be
listening to your ever friendly heralds for


FRIDAY April 24th, 2009

3pm site

Bardic – Pass the Stick


April 25th, 2009

am  Archery Range opens – or soon there

8:30 -10:30
am  Junior Target Archery Marshal class
(before Heavy War)

10:00 am
to be displayed with judging in afternoon;
Heraldry Consulting starts

am  Heavy Armor

11:00 am –
2:30pm  Heavy War

Rapier Armor inspection

3:00 – 4:30
pm  Rapier group battles /

4:30 – 
5:00 pm  Lentil & Homebrew

5:00 – 6:00
pm  Court 

6:30 – 8:30
pm  Feasting

8:30 pm is
sunset and then Bardic Competition


SUNDAY April 26th, 2009

AM – Archery
range probably open

am  Rapier inspections start

10:00 am –
Noon  Rapier Tourney

3:00 pm site


AUTOCRAT:  Lady Tova Fransdottir (Diane
Lillibridge) 1513 Airway Ave, Lewiston ID 83501; Phone: (H)
208-743-8970 or (C) 208-790-3335; Email: ten.enoelbac@avot



WARCRAT TEAM:  Phelan Tolusmidr, Killianflynn
McThoy, Baron Caieth, Baron Styrkarr


EVENT SITE: Hells Gate State Park, 4832 Hells Gate RD,
Lewiston, ID 83501


GATE opens Noon, Friday April 24th. Site
closes at 3 pm, Sunday April 26th.


FEES:  Ages 16 & up $14, 6-15 $6, 5
& under are free. Family cap $36. Day fees half price,
but driver pays $4 day parking fee.  Non-member NMS $3
fee applies.  Checks payable to COLLEGE OF




CLASSES: Contact ten.enoelbac@avot to


Please note this is a State Park so there
are flushies and showers in
the bathrooms in the camp site restrooms.


Camp trailers or
RVs –  The C-loop does not have any RV
hook-ups.  If you need/want electricity and water
hook-ups these are available in the adjacent B-loop
for an extra $10/night. Please contact the autocrat so
that she can reserve a spot.  You will still need to
goto the C-loop SCA gate to pay.


CABINS: rent for $45 per
each plus Idaho State Sales Tax.  There is a $10
reservation fee
.  Call the McCall office at
208-630-5050 to make cabin reservations at Hells Gate State
Park in Lewiston.

The one-room
cabins sleep up to five on bunk beds and futons. Cook outside
on the grill-covered fire pit. The cabins are powered, heated
and air conditioned.

Camp Cabin
Amenities: Units sleep five and are equipped with
electricity, lockable windows and doors, heat and A/C.
Central restrooms. Each cabin includes parking for one
vehicle.  Extra
cars cost extra per night unless moved to the outer

There are 8
cabins at Hells Gate. The 4 cabins nearest Honor War are
located between the B & C camp loop are Locust, Sycamore,
Maple, and Pondersa (closest to the C-loop).  The 3 cabins between the A
& B loop are Sacajewea, Lewis and Clark (closest to the
B-loop) and the furthest cabin in the middle of the A-loop is
Tammany. If you end up in one of these distant cabins, then
you will want to drive back and forth between these distant
cabins and Honor War in the C-loop.  Note: as of the
week before Honor War, there was only one cabin left
unreserved for the weekend. 


PARKING: will be the same as last year. We would
like to reserve parking near the C-loop out in the field for
those with medical conditions, disablitiies, or smalls
using car seats.  We will provide a minivan at our SCA
Gate that will shuttle vehicles to the outer non-fee parking
lot once you have unloaded at your camp site.  If you
really, really want your car close by while camping this
weekend, then parking will be $5.32 extra per night ($5 +
tax).   Those arriving after dark on Friday night
can move their dragons out of camp on Saturday


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