Honor War


Hosted by Device of Lyonsmarche

The College of Lyonsmarche (Pullman, WA & Moscow, ID)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Phelan Tolusmidr
Date: May 2 , 2014 until May, 4 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 2th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 4th 2014

Event site:
Lewiston Roundup Grounds
2100 Tammany Creek Road Lewiston, ID 83501

The College of
Lyonsmarche is under siege!  Dread foreign mercenaries
have been hired by Agents Unknown and have descended upon our fair
lands in search of lentil plunder!  Hearing of the
besieging hordes, Baron Styrkarr of Wastekeep has dispatched word
to His Magesty King Eirik Daegarsson requesting aid in coursing out
the rampaging hordes.  Rumors are that other forces from
the north may be approaching – be they friend or
foe?  Come all good peoples to Honor War to save our
lentils!  In addition to our heavy and rapier war
scenarios, come compete to be our next bardic, arts and sciences,
brewing, archery, and/or rapier champion.  And let us not
forget our younger members – there will be a youth armored
tournament on Sunday.

WAR 2014 SCHEDULE (Subject to change)
12:00 pm – Site opens to
   2:00pm – Site Opens to
Saturday, May 3, 2014

9:30 am  Armor
inspection for Five-Man Meelee Tourney
       9:30 am
 Beginning Bardic Primer at the War Field Pavillion (see
information below)
10:00 am – 12:00 pm  Five-Melee
Tourney (see information below)
11:00 am – 2:00 pm  Adult Archery
Championship  Tournament + fun shoots

11:00 am  Chainmaille
class at the War Field Pavillion
12:00 pm – Heavy armor inspection for
12:00 pm –
A&S championship opens to entries
12:30 pm – 3:00 pm  HEAVY WAR
     2:30 pm – Rapier
      3:00 pm – 5:00
pm  RAPIER WAR scenarios (see information
   4:00 pm – A&S and Brewing Championship
presentations/judging – Under the A&S canopy  (see
information below)
      8:00 pm – War
accounting at the Bardic Circle
      8:30 pm –
Bardic Circle & Championship Competition at the Bardic Circle
(see information below)
Sunday, May 4, 2014

10:00 pm – Rapier
10:30 –
12:30  – Lyonsmarche Rapier Championship
 12:00 pm  YAC armor inspection followed by

 3:00 pm – Site
Steward: Master Phelan Tolusmidr (Bill Lillibridge) 1513 Airway
Ave, Lewiston  ID 83501; Phone: (C) 208-791-5039;
Email: moc.liamg@rdimsulot.nalehp
wishing to have a booth at Honor War please contact the event
steward prior to the event.
Anyone wishing to teach a class during
the weekend please contact the event steward to arrange a time and
place at our event (as well as getting on the site copy and town
War 2014 Site Fees:
Adults (18 and
Adults (18 and up)
Adult SCA Member:
Adult SCA Member: $10
Adult Non-Member:
Adult Non-Member: $15
Youth (6-17):
$10                        Youth
(6-17): $5.00
Child (0-5):
Free                          Child
(0-5): Free
Family Cap:
$45.00                      Family
Cap: $25.00 
Please note that adult non-members are
charged a $5 surcharge. The $5 NMS is applied after the site
fees / family cap is determined.  So a family with 2
non-member adults would pay $45 + $5 + $5 = $55. One adult
non-member would pay $15 + $5 = $20.
Please make checks payable to College of
Lyonsmarche, SCA INC
Bardic Primer – Lady Emma Godwif, Kingdom Bardic
in bardic, but not sure how to begin?  No problem!
 Participants will learn what the Bardic Arts are, tips for
selecting a piece and getting ready to perform, as well as tricks
to combat performance jitters.
Five-Man Melee
reaches our ears from the neighboring Kingdom of Artemisia,
warriors are called to stand shield to shield with their brothers
& sisters and test both Honor and skill upon the field. The
name of the 5-man melee tourney will be called “The Battle of Five”
The list for the tourney sign up at Honor War will start on Friday
night in the Brotherhood Camp. We will have armor inspections and
tourney rules at 9:30 am, with fighting to start at 10 am. The
teams will be made of 5 men each with no archery or thrown weapons,
two knights max per team. Each team will have 2 shields, 1 spear, 1
mass weapon & 1 weapon of choice. Each team will also need a
voice herald to announce them onto the field. The scenarios will be
fought on Open, Fort & Bridge fields, with the finals fought on
a broken/flag scenario. For more info, and a look into the circuit
rule and field designs check out our Facebook page called “Battle
of Five”. ~ Sir Dahoud

Rapier Brawl 1) A BRIDGE TOO
Wastekeep and Wealdsmere shall take up positions on either side of
the bridge, wishing to claim the crossing for their side, they
shall battle till all enemies lay lifeless at their
3 lives per
participant.  Two 15 minute rounds, 1 with RBG’s, 1
points awarded to the winner
Rapier Brawl 2) BRINGING THE
Setup) In the
middle of the field shall be placed the parts to two canons, one
per side (2 wheels, 1 axel, 1 barrel, 1 bag of powder). Each side
will need to secure the parts of their cannon and bring it back to
their setup area. Only one piece can be in transit to your side at
a time. If you are killed while transporting a piece, drop it at
your feet and head to the rez point. You are not allowed to touch
the other sides pieces. After all pieces are assembled, fire your
cannon by yelling loudly, BOOM! The side that fires their cannon
first is the winner.
We will play two rounds of this, with and
without RBG’s.
War points awarded to the
Brawl 3) POWDER MONKEYS – Those walls won’t fall down
by themselves.
Setup) Open field battle, the objective
will be to escort your “powder bags” to your cannon
first.  Will be played several times, with and without
points awarded to the winner
Rapier Brawl 4) NEW WORLD ORDER –
Only the good die young.
Setup) Circle the warriors, last person
standing claims the war point for the side of their
point to the side chosen by the last person
Arts and Sciences
all ye artisans and craftspeople to vie for the honor of
Lyonsmarche A&S Champion! In addition to the Championship,
there will be prizes for Best Documentation, Populace Choice,
and Most Unusual Entry. Each entry must be accompanied by a sheet
telling what the entry is and who is entering it. Additional
documentation is strongly encouraged, but not required. Oral
presentations to the judges (see schedule for time) are also
encouraged but not required. I hope to see a lot of entries so we
can show everyone what a crafty bunch of people we
Homebrewing Championship – Tova says that
one of the requirements is that you use yeast that ferments to make
your homebrew whether it be beer, wine, or mead.

Bardic Championship

So too  will be
tested your prowess of merriment and music, around the fires of the
evening on Saturday shall a new Champion be cheered and cajoled
into their office. This year there will be a Bravosi Bardic
Competition, with crowd response during each presentation being the
deciding factor for victory. In other words, the bards must make
the populous laugh, cry, groan or sigh, etc to come out



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