Three Mountains Honor Feast, Arts and Sciences and Rapier Championships


Hosted in-person by Device of Three Mountains

The Barony of Three Mountains (Clackamas & Multnomah Counties, OR)

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Ansgar Kartenmaker
Date: October 22 , 2022
Site opens at: 9:30 AM on October 22th 2022
Site closes at: 8:30 PM

Event site:
Saint Bartholomew Episcopal Church
11265 SW Cabot Beaverton, OR 97005

Their Excellencies Three Mountains invite one and all to join in honoring His Lordship William Tarrell.

The day will include competitions to find our next Arts & Sciences Champion, our next Rapier Champion, and our next Armored Champion. There will also be non-competitive A&S displays, classes, games, and thrown weapons.  After a splendid supper, Court will be held, and the three new Champions will be named.

All Championship competitors are asked to review the Three Mountains Customary, Section IV: Champions ( Historically, each Champion is responsible for organizing a competition to choose their successor. Each of the winners will have their names added to the Legacy Scrolls and will wear the Champions’ Cloak while standing in Court with Their Excellencies.

Barony of Three Mountains Arts and Science Championship

The honoree is a proud member of the Whimsical Order of the Ailing Wit, so he has chosen Humor as the theme for this year’s A & S Championship.  Two entries are required: one inspired by or related to humor and a second entry chosen by the entrant.  Each entry should have at least a page of documentation describing the process, the sources and a bit about what was learned while completing the entry.  One of the two entries may be a work in progress, and neither should have been submitted to a prior championship. Modified Kingdom forms will be used for judging. Please email the current A&S Champion, Thora Jorsalafari, OL, [moc.liamg@iaresik] for more information or with your intent to enter.  The deadline is Sunday, October 9.  Include a description of the entries so that appropriate judges can be found.

Barony of Three Mountains Rapier Championship Tourney

As the close of our current Rapier Champion’s, Regent Victor de Guers, tenure draws near, rapier fighters of the Known World are invited to Honor Feast where a tourney will be held to choose a new Champion. The Tournament will be fought in six rounds of single combat with one “Pass” allowed. Finals will be best two out of three. Please email the Event Steward (moc.liamg@rekamnetraK.ragsnA) with your intent to join the tournament.

Barony of Three Mountains Armored Championship Tourney

Sebastiaen des Roseaux, Armored Champion of Three Mountains, has stated that it is time to find his successor and that time will be at the Honor Feast for William Tarrell of Three Mountains. William is a marshal extraordinaire and what better way to honor him than by exhibiting feats of honor, chivalry, and pageantry on the fighting field. Come to meet friends and comrades in arms. Come and try to take my field from me, and become the next Heavy Champion of Three Mountains, or possibly win some cool prizes.

Additionally, the Rivers Buckler will be available to challenge for heavy fighters – if you are unfamiliar go to Facebook and look up An Tir Sword and Buckler Duels.

Arts and Science Displays

As we prepare to gather to Honor His Lordship William Tarrell and conduct our Baronial Arts and Science Championship, we would like to extend an invitation to the populace to display their A&S works. This is a non-competitive A&S display. All works are welcome, be it a physical, craft or research. We are especially extending an invitation to our martial community members to recognize and acknowledge the beauty and skill of a carefully sewn fencing doublet or the time consuming and highly physical metal work of a helm or leather armor.

  • Fighters, fencers, and archers – bring the items in the martial kit you built, embellished, painted, carved, hammered, and display them for people to enjoy.
  • Fighters, of all stripes – show off your gear!
  • Populace members – show off your work!
  • Written documentation is not required, but can be included if you wish.

If you are interested in displaying, please contact Ulaan via email gro.ritna@icsnstrA.sniatnuoMeerhT, and we will make space for you!

SCA Banner Display

Please help us enliven the feast hall by displaying your personal or household banner.  Email the Event Steward (moc.liamg@rekamnetraK.ragsnA) if you have any questions and especially if you have a banner to include in the display.  The Event Steward would like to collect all of the banners by October 19, with the assurance that these will be returned in the same condition in which they arrived.

Thrown Weapons Event

At the request of the Honoree, there will be Thrown Weapons activities. Bring your favorite throwing weapon – knife, ax, or spear and join in the fun.


This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Has Classes
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Thrown Weapon activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Offers a feast or meal

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Registration Information

Pre-registration numbers equal our seating capacity.

Thank you to all who took the time to pre-register.


Accessibility Information

There are 6 ADA parking spaces.

There are 2 wheelchair accessible restrooms.

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adults $25
Youth & Children Free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Event Schedule

Time Activity Location
9:30 Gate opens
10:30 Invocation Court Main Hall
11:30 A & S competition Library
11:30 Rapier Competition Front patio
12:30 Heavy Combat Back lawn
2:30 Thrown Weapons Back lawn
5:00 Splendid Buffet Supper Main Hall
6:00 Court – Champions Named Main Hall
8:00 Event Closes / Clean up begins
10:00 Site Closes

Meal Information

This is DRY SITE.  Bring NON-ALCOHOLIC beverages.

Attendees are asked to bring their own lunch.

Coffee, tea, spiced water and plain water will be provided.

Plates and bowls will be provided for the two snacks. Please bring feast gear for the supper.

Light snacks will be served in the late morning [fresh fruits, boiled eggs, tarts] and at mid-afternoon [cinnamon soup, bread with toppings, garbanzo bean salad and a niblet tray of vegetables, fruits & nuts].

A splendid buffet supper will be served prior to Court:  chicken with herbed sauce, copadia pork, saffron rice, fruytes royal rice, carrots & parsnips with cuminatum, winter salad, honey cakes / fritters and spiced water, coffee & tea.

Tournament Information

Rapier Championship Tournament

The Rapier Champion has determined that this tournament will be fought as follows:

  • No “testing the field”.
  • Single elimination, with one “pass” allowed per competitor (not in the finals).
  • 1st Round: Single sword
  • 2nd Round: Sword and cloak
  • 3rd Round: Sword and baton
  • 4th Round: Sword and buckler
  • 5th Round: Sword and dagger
  • 6th+ Round: Bring your best. No spears, no case, no projectile weapons.

Finals: Best two out of three. If all forms have not been used, then we start where we left off. Otherwise, bring your best. No spears, no case, no projectile weapons.

Pass: Not all fights need to be fought. From time to time, it is better to reject the challenge and just walk away. Each fighter will be given several tokens. One will be different, a “pass”. After pairings have been chosen, just before entering the field, each fighter will hand the marshal a token. If either token is a pass that fight will not happen and both fighters will move to the next round. Neither the marshal nor Lists will announce or record which fighter (or if both) asked for a pass.

Armored Championship Tournament

Our current Armored Champion, Sebastiaen des Roseaux, has determined that you don’t need to be vying for champion to come and fight. There is a prize for someone not vying to become champion. Want to know more? Read on, hero!

There will be three rounds plus points given for your pre-round request to enter the lists.

Pre-round points:

  • Points will be awarded to the fighter who comes with a letter for the coronet requesting to enter the lists, detailing their inspiration, and their intentions (to vye or not to vye!) at morning court.
  • Points will also be awarded to the fighter who presents their flag or banner when they present themselves to their Excellencies and on the field.


  • Round 1: Dagger and Buckler. Round robin format. Daggers shall be no more than 20″ total length from handle to tip, including the thrusting tip. Bucklers may be no longer than 16″ at its widest span. 1 point for each win. Double kills to be refought.
  • Round 2: Single sword or short axe over barrier. This will be a single 15-minute round. Each win is a point. Order is in reverse according to points from the previous round score (i.e., the person with the lowest score fights the person with the second lowest). Double kills are not refought, no points awarded and the next two fighters in que take over the barrier. Winner holds the barrier.
  • Round 3: Sword and shield. The top 4 fighters from the previous 2 rounds AND the Chivalry prize recipient will fight. Best 2 out of 3, single elimination. No long weapons – 36″ limit.

Prize Awards:

  • The fighter with the most points who is vying will be Champion of Three Mountains
  • The Chivalry prize winner will be determined by Their Excellencies Three Mountains and honored guests who are invited to help choose the fighter who is deserving of the honor.
  • The fighter with the most points who isn’t vying for Champion will be awarded a prize.

The Prizes:

  • Bronzehammer gift coins
  • A sword



Youth and Family Activities

There will be games – chess, checkers, shut the box and mah jong will be available.

Volunteer Information

Set Up on Friday evening/Gate/Take Down/Cleanup

Volunteers will be much appreciated. Please email the Event Steward at moc.liamg@rekamnetraK.ragsnA for details and to offer a bit of your time.

Merchant Information


Classes Offered

Disc Braiding Class, to be taught by Judith. This is a 1 hour class and has room for 10 people, though more may observe. Children over 8 are welcome with a parent. In this class, we will learn how to make a disk from easy-to-find materials (i.e. cardboard!) and learn how to set up and weave a simple 7-strand braid based on a European straw-plaiting pattern from the 1700s (or earlier). You can use what you learn today to make many more braids, experiment with variations, and start exploring more complex and historic braid structures.

Supplies: We will have some available. But it would be helpful to bring yarn, thread, rattail, or other things to braid. Scissors would be useful. We will bring a stack of already-made disks to hand out and extra cardboard for those who want to make their own.

Basic Kit Class, to be taught by Ursel.

Wine and Blood, Smoke and Fire: Medieval Roots of a Modern Church to be taught by Lady Adele.

This is a lecture class that will provide an overview of religious practices in medieval England through the reign of Elizabeth I, and their modern echoes in The Episcopal Church.

Additional classes and Storytelling are in the preparation stages and further information will be provided.

Emergency Preparedness Information

Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

9205 SW Barnes Rd, Portland, OR 97225


Kaiser Westside Medical Center

2875 NE Stucki Ave, Hillsboro, OR 97124

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