Honey War


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Disa i Birkilundi
Date: June 12 , 2009 until June, 14 2009
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 12th 2009
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 14th 2009

Event site:
Northwest Equestrian Center
10048 Highway 507 Rainier, WA 98576


Glymm Mere Requests

Once again the stores of honey in the Barony of Glymm
Mere are running low. The honey rightfully won by our fair
barony last year was “missing” as our most honorable Baron
Godric attempted to savor a drop from the cask supplied by
Blatha An Oir. It would seem that maybe the taste for honey
runs strong with the residents of Blatha An Oir.

Glymm Mere has been honored with many visits from her
neighbors to the north over the past year. The barony has
welcomed these visitors with warmth and gladness. Oddly
enough, the honey supply in Glymm Mere has dwindled soon
after these visits.


Coincidence? Perhaps. Then again….?

The righteous Baron Godric, fair
Baroness Kara and the Barony of Glymm Mere invite one and all
to Honey War. Help Glymm Mere protect what is left of her



Honey War

Glymm Mere

June 12-14, 2009

Rainier, WA


Glymm Mere invites you to Honey War at a NEW LOCATION!!! Come
and join us for a battle between Glymm Mere and Blatha an
Oir. Activities contributing to war points will include heavy
and rapier scenarios, archery, A&S, siege cooking,
children’s activities, and much more!!!  Come and
support your favorite barony!!


Autocrat: Lady Disa I Birkilundi (Andrea
Harding) 4401 37th ave se #61 Lacey, WA 98503
360-412-7487 (no calls after 8pm please!)  moc.oohay@yawsrehtomeht


Merchantcrat: Lady Gyl of the White Moors
(Jill Whitmer)



Site Coodinator: Lady Margaret Fae (Maggie
Wood) moc.oohay@eaf_teragraM


Northwest Equestrian Center 10048 Hwy
507 Rainier, WA 98576  Gate opens at noon for merchants
and 2pm for general populace and closes at 5pm on Sunday.


Camping Adults-$16, Youth 17 to 12- $8,
Children 11 and under FREE

Daytrip Adults- $10, Youth- $6

$3 NMS fee applies. Family cap of $48. Make checks payable to
“Barony of Glymm Mere”





12pm   Site opens for Merchants

2pm     Site opens for Populace



9am      Armor inspection

Heavy and Rapier Lists Open

10am    Morning Court w/ Champions Exhibition
immediately following

11am    Archery Range Open

Pied Piper Children’s War Point Prep

Heavy and Rapier Scenarios begin

Cooking in Reproductions of Medieval Pottery Demo begins

1pm      Siege Cooking begins

Children’s War Point games begin

2pm      Brewing Judging

A&S Judging

Youth Armored Combat begins

3pm      Pie in the face for Charity

4pm      Siege Cooking Judging

Wacky Tacky Water War!!!

Archery Range Closes

6pm      Evening Court



12pm    Closing court

3pm      Site Closes


War Points

Champion’s Exhibition-1

Come and see the champions of Glymm Mere and Blatha an
Oir compete for the first war point given at Honey War! Our
archery, heavy, rapier and thrown weapons champions as well
as a five-man war band will compete against each other! The
barony with the most winning champions will take the war


Scenarios-Save the Sheep, 2 Open field battle (1 res 1 no
res), Bridge battle

Siege Cooking-1

*Two secret ingredients will be presented
*A small cloth banner will be given to each participant-
Please display the banner in a conspicuous spot at the
location where you will be cooking during the time you are
preparing your entries. The judges will be visiting.
*Please set out all of the ingredients you will be using in
your dish(es) for the judges to see
*Each dish will be judged as a single entry. You may enter as
many dishes as you like; keep in mind that some amount of
both secret ingredients must be in each dish.
*Points from 1-5 will be awarded for each of the following
Presentation, Creativity, Cooking Style, Taste
*One additional point will be added if honey was used in the


One war point will be awarded for the highest score on
the warrior targets and one war point will be awarded for the
most IKACs done by each barony!


This event couldn’t happen without all of our
wonderful volunteers! For each half hour of volunteer work
you do you will receive a coin. Drop it in the box of the
barony you are supporting. The barony who has the most coins
before court on Saturday evening will be awarded the war

Pie in the face for charity!-1

Come support your barony and the fight against breast
cancer! This war point will be for the barony that raises the
most money at an auction to throw a pie in the face of
baronial volunteers. All proceeds will go towards the Breast
Cancer Awareness 3-day Walk!

Kids (for the little ones)-1

Thrown Weapons-1



Youth Armored Combat-1


Children’s IKAC
Prize Tournament (Saturday)
A call is
being put out for the youth of An Tir to show the Known World
the prowess of our up and coming next generation of
Archers.  Are you willing to support your kingdom on
demonstrate the accuracy of An Tir’s youth?  To
encourage our youth, a prize tourney will be shot for both
the Childrens (5-10 yrs old) and youth (11-13) Inter Kingdom
Archery Competition (IKAC).  Tourney sponsored by Daffyd
de Doake – Kingdom Protector An Tir


Rapier Prize
Tournament (Sunday)

(more information to come!)


3 Man War Band
Tournament (Sunday)

(more information to come!)

Saturday Class

“Cooking in Reproductions of Medieval Pottery”
A demonstration of cooking procedures using pottery over
charcoal.  Sample
dishes will include beef stew, rice, oatmeal, stewed apples,
chicken & leek
soup, and noodles with cheese.  Learn how easy it is to
control a charcoal
fire and safely cook in pottery. Length of demo, approx. 2
hrs. Please bring your own chair.


So you want to be a Merchant at Honey War?  Ok, first
we’ll need two
blood samples, a certified DNA mapping, the mortgage on your
born….ooops, wrong list!;)

Honey War this year will be at the Beautiful NW Equestrian
Park June
12th thru the 14th in Rainier.  The site at 10048 Hwy
507, Rainier WA
98576 is approximately 20 minutes south of Olympia and has
ample room
for everyone to spread out and enjoy themselves while staying
close to
home.  Merchants will be set up in a courtyard type
setting with some
seating available in the center courtyard.  Spaces are
the typical 10
foot frontage by 20 foot depth with the possibility of
depth on request.  Merchant fees are steep however,
we’re asking
Merchants to provide our Autocrat Team with a $20 gift
certificate to
their booths so that they may choose prizes for the
competitions occurring at the War.  This
“fee” is valid for a 10 x 20
space or a 20 x 20 space, anything larger will have to be

So, Come to the Honey War! Merchant! Have fun! We’ll
look forward to
seeing you there!

Gyl of White Moors
Honey War 2009


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