Hogamany Scottish-Celtic New Year


Hosted by Device of Myrtle Holt

The Shire of Myrtle Holt (Josephine County, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Catarine Mitchell
Date: January 3 , 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on January 3th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Kerby Belt Building
24311 Redwood Highway Kerby, OR 97537

Assistant Autocrat: Jennet
MacLachlan of Loch Fyne

Step back in time 500 years with us to the year 1514, and join us
for a traditional Scottish New Year Feast.

As has become tradition, the Shire
of MyrtlehHolt will be hosting the traditional Scottish new year,
and this year in grand style.
This year, we will be celebrating at the Kerby Belt Building, the
traditional home of this event from years past.
The daytime activities will include :


Classes: sign up and payment for
classes will be at gate. 

1. Incense making class – learn how
to make your own cone insence.

2. Outlander Cowl class – there
will be both a Knitting version and a Crochet version.  This
project can be completed in 2 hours.  Keep warm this winter
with an outlander inspired cowl.  Knitting needles, crochet
hooks and yarn will be available for purchase for this class. You
do not need to know how to knit or crochet, we will teach you.
(Size 50 knitting needles – $8.00/pair, crochet hook – jumbo $3.00
each and yarn provided will be Wool-Ease “Thick and Quick” by Lion
Brand at $6.00 per ball of 6oz.  This is a number 6 super
bulky weight yarn.  The knitted project uses 2 to 4 balls
depending on what you choose to make, the crochet version uses 1 to
3 balls depending on your project style)

3. Scottish Highland Sword Dance.
 A high energy sword dance traditionally done in the
Highlands.  Come with ballet or modern dancing shoes if
possible. You will spend the time mostly on your toes.
 However, this is really fun.

4. Lucette class. Learn how to make
your own cording using Lucette.  There will also be kumihimo
available for those who cannot master the lucette 🙂

5. Period patterning and dress
fitting class. 
making class taught by Her Ladyship Taran mac Tarl’a

Tired of having to wear a bra with your garb? Envious of ladies in
stunning fitted dresses? Want a nice, historically accurate dress
pattern that is fitted to you? I can help!
I will be leading a workshop on patterning the “Gothic Fitted
Dress” (also called a bust-supporting kirtle) at Hogmanay
this year!
These dresses, which can be buttoned or laced, make an excellent
stand alone gown, or a foundation for surcoats and other outer
In this workshop, you will get a chance to learn the process of
fitting a bust-supportive gown and come away with a pattern that is
made just for you! 
We will be working in pairs during the fitting stage because you
need someone to fit the pattern on you. You don’t have to
bring a buddy unless that makes you more comfortable, I will make
sure everyone gets a pattern.
I plan to bring as many supplies as I can, but we will have to
share some things. If you can bring some of your own supplies it
would go a little faster. Each person will need:
Safety pins (good ones; you don’t want them to bend and stab
Markers or colored pencils (3 different colors- I like to have 1
sharpie and 2 contrasting colors)
A pen or pencil
A Blanket or cloak to lay on during the fitting stage
Pattern Paper
Pattern weights
Paper scissors
Tailor’s snips/craft scissors (small fabric scissors to trim
excess fabric while draping)
A large manila envelope to store your finished pattern
I have more than enough mock-up fabric, rulers, and measure tapes
for everyone, but you can bring your own too.

6. There will be a scribal class –
details to be advised.
   10:30 to 4:00 A&S competion for
best period youth garb. Extra points will be awarded for
youth modeling , and presentation. ( presentation to be done at

Half dozen
competition: Bring 6 items that you have made
that are related in some way.  The winner will get to choose
one item from all the entries as their prize.

Heavy and Rapier Fighting:
Myrtleholt’s Heavy and Rapier Tournament of men who stare at goats.
Rules will be as follows:
On the Eric there will be on oppisite sides an empaled goats head,
The fighters will be asked to take their
positions with there helms on the goat heads, at lay on they will
have to spin around the goats head 10
times while counting, and then procede to engage thier most
honorable (dizzy) oponent, if you reach
your opponent and they are still spinning, death from behind rules
will apply. Other than taking a leg, if
the fighter goes to the ground the fight is over. If this isn’t fun
enough we will be recruiting the help of
our spectators,  they will be asked to bring one farm type
annimal of the stuffed variety to throw once
per fight at the combatant of their choosing. At the end of the
competition when a victor is announced
they will be given the golden fleece to adorn themselves

2:00 to 4:30 Highland Games, such as the haggas toss, the hammer
toss and back by popular demand the sheaf toss.

6:00 to 10:30 We also welcome entertainments from any who wish to
provide music or bardic endeavors.


A light side board will be
available through the early afternoon for those who need to curb
their appetites.

The feast will take us through to a fully separate feast hall.
Therein we will serve traditional Scottish
Hogmanay favorites, along with other great Gaelic dishes, not to
mention traditional Haggis.



Soteltie to
head table only to open the feast:  An edible “Treasure

One:    Green Salad with blackberry vinaigrette

Vegetable Beef

Tray:  Cheese, beef summer sausage, Scotch egg wedges and
carrot sticks

Veggie soup on request

Jannock Bread
and butter

Spiced apple
juice/cider or tea to drink throughout the

Soteltie to
all:  Ground turkey Hedgehogs

Course Two:
  Egurdouce (Rabbit in sauce)

casserole (Vegetarian friendly)

Carrots and
Parsnips with herbs

Tray:  Sliced apples, celery stuffed &

Russian Bread
throughout rest of meal- more Jannock on

Soteltie to
all:  “Jewel Pouches”

Course Three:
Chicken in Gravy

Bulgur wheat
dressing (Vegetarian friendly)

Stewed sweet
potatoes with apples

Tray:  Sliced oranges and cucumbers

to head table only:  “The Dragon’s
(A symbol
that “Satan” is slain for the New

Four:  Beef with green peppercorn cream


Millet in
almond milk and honey

Green beans
with smoked almonds

The Haggis is
piped in then the Dessert Banquet begins in the
adjoining room:

spiced tartlets Bishops caps

cookies Almond caps with custard

Sweet Haggis in
wedges Anise cookies

remains of the “largess” sotelties Non-alcoholic

9:00 to 10:00 With our stomachs full, and our hearts filled with
joy, it will be time for the women to put on their judging
and send the men to wash their knees!! The famous Bonnie Knees
Contest will once again be the highlight of
the evening.

Event Steward:

Katarine of Myrtle Holt, (Assisted
by Visc. Jennet MacLachlan of Loch Fyne)

437 Mace Road, Medford OR

Phone: 531 840-5559


Feast Stewards:
HL Felicia of the Truelane and HL Kirstianna Olsdottir.
Site Info:
Kerby Belt Building
24311 Redwood Highway
Kerby, OR 97531
Site opens at 9:00 am Saturday January 3rd, 2014 and closes at
10:30 pm.
Feast will begin at 6:00 pm. This is a wet site, however, please
exercise moderation!!!
Site Fee:
Adults: $15.00 (over 17), Children 12-17yrs: $10.00, younger:
Family Cap: $40.00 Non-SCA-members: add $5.00 for each adult
Nearby Lodging:
For those who are traveling farther than might allow for returning
home after
the event comfortably, there are two lodging options very close to
the site:
Kerbyville Inn (B&B)
(Located almost directly across the street from the site)
24304 Redwood Highway, Kerby, OR
Rates: Please call for information
Holiday Motel
(Located about 3/10 of a mile from the site)
24810 Redwood Highway, Kerby, OR
Rates: Please call for information

Feast Information
This year’s feast will continue our commitment to providing
incredible quality and quantity of period foods with an eye
towards modern culinary tastes and dietary considerations to
celebrate the New Year. Not only that, but as usual, the Feast
Stewards are attempting to make certain that dietary pathways
through the feast are provided for the following requirements:
Gluten intolerance, diabetes, vegetarian, and a small handfull of
alergies. If you should have dietary considerations that you’d
like to make the Feast Stewards aware of in advance that might make
your feasting more enjoyable, please don’t hesitate to let
them know as soon as possible. Likewise, should you have an alergy
and wish to know which dishes to feast on, or to avoid,
please ask.

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