Hocktide Emprise


Hosted by Device of Glyn Dwfn

The Barony of Glyn Dwfn (Medford, Ashland, Jackson Counties, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Blackthorne Duirson
Date: May 13 , 2016 until May, 15 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on May 13th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on May 15th 2016

Event site:
Farwood Horse Park
4780 Dodge Road White CIty, OR 97503

The clash of
steel! The thundering of hooves! Come join the Shire of Glyn Dwfn
as we celebrate the start of the camping season with feats of great
skill and activities for all!

At this year’s
Hocktide Emprise, due to popular demand, we are happy to say we are
back at Farwood Horse Park (see below for address). At this great
site we will be holding the annual competition for the Outrider of
the Summits, our fine Principality’s Equestrian Champion! With the
usual feats of skill and pageantry, it is sure to be an excellent
competition! Glyn Dwfn will once again search for its own
Equestrian Champion! Do you and your trusty steed have what it
takes to become the bearer of the handsome green and gold

For those more
inclined to steel fighting, Glyn Dwfn will be hosting a grand
competition to determine its second annual Cut & Thrust
Champion! The format will be a double round robin with rotating
off-hands. The person who holds the field will be able to use their
preferred for 1 fight and get to choose when that combination is
used. Otherwise, fighters will be rotating between single sword
(which does include longsword), sword of bucker, and sword and
cloak. Those rotating in will get to pick their weapon and off
hand. Come test your metal and vie to be our new

We will also
be holding a rapier plank battle with actual plank! The format will
depend on the number of fighters but will either be a double round
robin or double elimination tournament. This will also be a
“treasure chest” prize tourney, so please bring something to
contribute. It doesn’t have to be big, there just need to be enough
“loot” to go around! – Lady Aifé, Rapier Champion of Glyn

We will also
have a Potluck on Saturday so please contribute enough for 10!
Please see our facebook event and the An Tir Calendar for more

HL Blackthorne (David Zobrisky).
moc.oohay@0002suosorceN. 541-664-1037.
Fees: $15 adult; Non-Member
Surcharge applies. All youth and children 17 years old and younger
are FREE. Make checks payable to Shire of Glyn Dwfn, SCA Inc. Horse
stalls can be reserved at $10/horse/night.
Hours: Gate opens Friday, May
13 at 12:00pm. Site closes on Sunday, May 15 at 3:00pm.

Site: Farwood
Horse Park, 4780 Dodge Road, White City, 97503.



Gate opens at noon –
Equestrians who are travelling and merchants contact Jana
DeLong​ (moc.liamg@2102gnoledanaj, 541-621-7513) or
Blackthorn (David Zobrisky,​ 541-664-1037) for early entrance
if needed.Equestrian practice time Friday when EQ Marshal is in

Signup by 7pm: Rapier Prize
Tournament (awesome prize, details tba) $3 buy in (fighters are
encouraged to be sponsored by a current or former champion who will
pay their entrance), all proceeds go to Summits General Fund.
Restricted to people who have not won a Summits or Kingdom level
tournament or title.

5pm – 7pm: Equestrian Ground Crew Class

7pm – 9pm: Meet & Greet in Equestrian Camp

Time TBD at Meet & Greet:  MANDATORY Rider’s
Equestrian Meeting


9am: Heavy
Armor Inspection

Outrider Equestrian Tournament (tbd if other Equestrian activities
will be simultaneous or separate. We WILL have mounted gaming and
what looks like a fun mounted archery activity.)

– noon: Glyn Dwfn Heavy Defender Tournament (using multiple

– 1pm: Lunch Break

1pm –
3pm: Cut & Thrust Competition–Double round Robin, with
rotating off hands, rotating between Single Sword (which does
include longsword), Sword and buckler, and Sword and

3pm –
4:30: Plank Rapier Battle

– 7pm: Court

Potluck Feast (Shire of Glyn Dwfn will be supplying slow BBQ roast

Saturday Potluck contributions by first letter of mundane last

A –
D:  Meat or Entree

E –
L:  Salads,  fresh fruits & veggies, or vegetable

M –
R:  Potatoes, pasta, breads, chips, etc.

S –
Z: Desserts or fresh fruit



Blue Steel Rapier War Practice

Site closes
at 3pm

see below for details on the activities!

Outrider of the Summits Championship

Rumors of
War abound in the southern most end of the great Kingdom of An Tir.
A spy has informed our great Praetor and Praetora of a courier
carrying war plans for the dread Kingdom of the West. Their Royal
Highnesses send their finest mounted warriors in search of the
courier and those plans. The riders
must battle their way through Knights and footmen, maneuver past
obstacles and treacherous trails to wrest away the plans and return
with them.

Obstacles for the equestrian martial course at Hocktide:
Quintain with quintain lance
Other object to hit with quintain lance
Rings with ring lance
Tent Pegging (Pig sticking with smaller target)
Javelin throw
Regular heads run
Heads in a keyhole
Maneuver around things without knocking them over (slalom)
In and out (backing out without hitting poles)
“Squire Buster” (The medieval version of Mythbusters.. Yes, he has
a red belt)

possible obstacles:
Objects to walk over (bottles or tarp)
Side pass over poles
Cavaletti to jump/step over

The order
of the obstacles will be shared at site on Friday evening at the
riders meeting. We will do a walk through of the course to answer
any questions.

will be stationed on the course. If a rider needs to be handed a
weapon, he/she must designate the Senior ground crew prior to the
run. The rider must come to a halt before the ground crew can hand
the weapon.

The course
is timed. Missed obstacles incur a time penalty of 5

Entrants must introduce themselves and their noble steed to the
royalty. If they are riding in honor of someone, this would be a
nice addition to their introduction. A rider may choose to have a
herald to do the introductions for them.

You will
have approximately two minutes to show off your horse’s training
and abilities, your barding, your costuming, and your riding
skills. You may include music if you would like. We have an outdoor
speaker set up that allows for a device to be plugged in (so please
bring your own music player – your phone works ;))

The winner
of this part of the competition will be able to walk, trot, and
canter their horses on both leads, as well as impress the royal

Scores from
both portions will be combined to choose the winner of the Outrider

A reminder
to riders: you must be a member and reside within the Principality
to be the equestrian champion. Please bring your membership card
(and your rider card!) if you wish to participate in the Outrider
competition. For those of you who would just like to ride this
course, please come play!!

Heavy Defender

The tournament
will be fought with the traditional Hocktide rules. A strike to the
head or body is considered a defeat. Two strikes to a limb or one
strike to a limb followed by a strike to the body is a defeat.
After each landed blow, the fighters will reset until a fighter has
landed a killing blow or two limb strikes

There will be
six rounds to the tournament:

  1. Single Sword
  2. Mass Weapon and Shield (i.e.
    Axe or Mace)
  3. Sword and Shield
  4. Two Weapons
  5. Great Weapon (i.e. Two-Handed
    Sword or Great Axe)
  6. Pole Weapon
These rounds will appear in
random order.

Traditionally each fighter
starts with 3 ribbons, or points. Having a mostly period kit is
worth an additional point. Heraldic Display is worth an additional
point…banners, surcoat or painted shield. A herald to announce
the fighter is also worth an additional point. After 6 rounds the
maximum ribbons a fighter can have is 12.

Rapier Plank

My lords and ladies, pray

At Glyn Dwfn’s Hocktide we
will be holding a rapier plank battle tournament! Bring your best
off-hand and the format will either be double round-robin or double
elimination depending on the number of entrants. This will also be
a “treasure chest” prize tourney so please bring something to
contribute. It doesn’t have to be big, there just needs to be
enough “loot” to go around!

– Lady Aife, Rapier Champion
for Glyn Dwfn

Glyn Dwfn 2nd Annual Cut and Thrust

Hocktide is fast approaching,
and those who wish to vie for the Cut and Thrust should know that
the format depending on how many fighters come is going to be a
double round robin with rotating off hands. The person who holds
the field will be able to use their preferred for 1 fight they go
to choose when they do that. Otherwise they will be rotating
between Single Sword (which does include longsword), Sword and
Buckler, and Sword and Cloak. Those that are rotating in will get
to pick their weapon and off hand.


Creek Manufacturing
Goblins Grotto
hanging wood
The Light House
(There will also be a leather

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