Hartwood Yule Feast


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Branch Seneschal): Aline de Seez
Date: November 24 , 2018
Site opens at: 10:00 AM on November 24th 2018
Site closes at: 10:00 PM

Event site:
Qualicum Bay Lions Club
280 Lions Way Qualicum Bay, BC V9K 2C3

Event Steward : Lord Ulf Treteljgar (David Kennedy) 250-589-1542
Co Steward: Lady Giovanna Sollario (Don McConnell) on FB Chat.


Please find your way to the smaller building behind the Greater Hall, and there you will find the entrance to the Hartwood Yule Feast! The served feast will begin at 6 pm.

The Shire of Hartwood is proud to host the King Christian and Queen Hélène of An Tir, as well as the Prince Havordh Ættarbani and Princess Mary Grace of Gatland of Tir Righ, and the Baron Edward and Baroness Lucy Holgrove of Seagirt.

If you are willing to serve on Retinue please contact the Royal Liasion Her Ladyship (Danielle Bevan) Cunegonda van den Bossche

Starting at 10 am Martial Arts will begin. As last year if you intend to fight bring a small gift to drop into the coffer.

@@@There will be a day board served at noon with a $3 fee@@@

There will be the Xmas tree trade again, those that bring a gift and place it beneath or on the tree will be able to retrieve one.

Largesse will be delivered to the Seneschal Archos John Mail-Macandrew at this event, we will have a basket available for depositing of the largesse items.

Decorator for the Site Tesse Dionne-Gauder will be looking for help, please contact her if you are willing to help.

An Embellisher’s Guild Challenge Meeting is intended. The present time(s) will be posted.

The Schedule is yet to be formally set as we await a few more details.


The Menu

1st Course

Smoked Salmon, Olives (2 types), Pickles (2 types), Bread (2 types) Dips for Bread (2 types)

2nd Course

Winter Soup of Sausage, Cabbage, Onion, Apple, (Sausage removed and Mushrooms added for a Vegetarian option), Bacon Cheese Pie, Cheese Buns

3rd Course
“Peacock”, Roasted Roots (Carrots, Parsnips, Beets, Turnip), Creamed Barley, Mushroom and Cheese Pie (Vegetarian), Sauce undecided as of yet.

Sweet Course
Seasonal Fruit, Candied Ginger, Candied Nuts, Gingerbrede Deer, Turkish Delight, Apple Cinnamon Pillows.


This is to be a fully served, and we are looking for Servers. We also seek Kitchen Cooks to aid the Feast Cook. Please contact Co Steward Lady Giovanna Sollario (Don McConnell) to volunteer. Also, a Kitchen clean up crew for after the feast would make it easier for the staff to leave at a decent time. Please contact the Event Steward Lord Ulf Treteljgar (David V Kennedy) if you are willing to help.

+++++Craftsman Challenge at Hartwood Yule: One completed item that would have been used by your persona. Documention to include a paragraph on your persona and information on both the item and the process used to create it.

Please have your intent to enter to me (on facebook or email: lionsgater@yahoo.com) by Nov 10th to allow me to line up judges.


John Mail-Macandrew


Hartwood! Your Bardic Champion calls to you!

Come Hartwood Yule, a new Champion is called forward, and you could be it!

This year, the challenge will be -two- pieces of differing genres. Knowing how singing is popular, one is permitted but not required.

What other performing arts are applicable? So glad you asked: dance, drama, juggling, poetry, puppetry, riddles, songs, stories, tumbling, and instrumental music.

Both pieces presented must be medieval- or SCA-appropriate.

One piece may be Yule-themed.

Maximum length is 6 minutes each.

Documentation to be any length from a paragraph to a page, indicating source or reason for medieval/SCA-appropriate.

Deadline to indicate intent to enter is November 10, 2018, via FB messenger or email halima.dancer@gmail.com (Subject: Bardic Champion). Information to include names, type/genre of piece, and title, if any.


Halima Al-Rakkasa, outgoing Bardic Champion


TICKETS: Please contact Lady Gwynafel ben Madhudain (Wendy Gwynafel Kennedy)
Please make cheques out to: SCA – Shire of Hartwood
Mail to: 5262 Wilkinson Rd, Port Alberni BC, V9Y 7B1

Pricing as posted:
13 – 18 years $10 for feast, no feast $0
Adults: Day fee $15 + Feast $15 = $30
Less $5 for members.


No pets are permitted on site or in the building.
No live flame is allowed in the building as well
Smoking is not permitted within 15ft of the venue

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - King
Royal Presence - Queen
Royal Presence - Tir Righ

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