Guard Wars/Lights, Cavs & Heavies


Event Summary

Date: August 16 , 2002 until August, 18 2002
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on August 16th 2002
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on August 18th 2002

Event site:
Riverglenn Farms
14715 South Fork Rd E Orting, WA 98360

Guards War 2002
Blatha An Oir
Riverglen Campground, Orting, Washington
August 16 – 18, 2002

The Doge of Venice, childless and in his 90th ear has named his favorite champion, Sir Bodith as heir to his lands and titles. The Doge and his closest circle have come to stay the summer at his hunting lodge near the sleepy little town of Riverglen on the Puyallup.

A horrible conspiracy leaves Sir Bodith dead! The Doge needs a new right-hand man. The Baron is charged with seeing justice done! The peasants want to go fishing without snagging dead bodies! Chaos Reigns!

The message has been sent out that the Doge will select the most worthy aspirant to be his heir before he returns to Venice in September.

Aspirants to the honor will form Guard Units and compete for the favor of members of the Doge’s inner circle and of the officers of Blatha An Oir to procure an introduction to the Doge. These favors can be won by participating in sundry contests and martial activities during the event. Aspirants may also procure the needed favors by performing tasks and volunteering of their time during the event. A partial and very tentative list of activities to be offered include: Archery, both Combat and Target, Bardic Performance, Brewing, Heavy Fighting Scenarios, Rapier Scenarios,
Riddling, Siege Cooking…and hopefully, lots more!

You do not need to be Landed or Noble to be an Aspirant and form a Guard Unit! So form a unit today!

Aspirants are strongly urged to register their intentions (before the event) with the Autocrat so that she will have sufficient supplies of such things as will be needed.

There will also be a contest for the populace to discover who killed Sir Bodith and how and where the dirty deed was done, with all proceeds to go to the Kingdom Travel Fund. Rules and information to be provided on site.

Cloak Contest
Everyone knows the best costumers sew best under pressure! The Barony of Blatha An Oir’s Ministry of Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce a costume contest!

Keeping with the spirit of the theme of Venice, create a new or embellish an existing cloak to reflect the pageantry and mystery of Venice, Italy. Think of rich textures, masques, and picturesque scenery. Create a vibrant cloak that will make others knash their teeth in envy… all while competing for a war point!

No documentation required…that includes fabric choices.

Must be able to be worn by a human being above the age of 12
(please, no doggie-wear or baby cloaks)

While there is the slightly risqu����?�������© side to Italian culture
(Commedia dell’Arte can get a bit bold), please keep it clean,
remember, this is a family show.

Bring/wear your cloak to Guards War and get ready for judging…time and location of judging will be announced on site. Please check the site letter for further information.

Mabel de Wymburn, Minister of Arts & Sciences, BAO

At Guard Wars, the Doge would like to see pageantry and glorious displayof arms. To encourage this, a Heraldic Scavenger Hunt is being sponsored for a War Point on Saturday!

Based on the displays I find on site Friday and early Saturday, lists will be available at Herald’s Point on noon Saturday for either single or team players to show their ability to find the described items. Search items will range from Novice to Advanced, so don’t panic, you don’t need to know Herald-ese or how to Blazon to play. If you can tell the difference between the Barony of Blatha an Oir and the Kingdom of An Tir’s banners, you too can play.

So come, drag out those tabards and surcotes all you fighters! Touch up those shields! Display those banners and awards for all to see and admire, who knows, you too might be listed for players to search out and identify. If you know you will be there, and have your device being used as a display, feel free to let me know ahead of time at moc.liamtoh@guardelec and I’ll include you on the Hunt List.

Rules for the Hunt:

* Remember your camp etiquette! If you want to get a closer look at something in someone’s encampment to better list it, please ask before entering!

*Feel free to participate on your own or in a group of up to 4 people, but if you are a group and wish to be able to earn the War Point, you must note with whom you are aligned when you pick up the Hunt List.

*The Hunt Lists need to be returned by 4 pm so that I can determine who won and be able to award the War Point at the Bardic Circle Saturday Night.

*Per the Autocrat, the War Point will ONLY be awarded to people who have aligned themselves with someone by the time of entry. Otherwise, you may win the Hunt, but the War Point will go to the runner up.

Angharad ver’ Reynulf Bealidh Pusuivant, Blatha an Oir moc.liamtoh@guardelec

Autocrat: Rosylynn the Silversmith’s Daughter, aka Kathryn Ice, 21004 99th
Avenue South, Kent, Washington 98031, (253) 850-8067, no calls after 10 pm
Merchant-o-crat: Lady PegLeg, aka Judy Sallee merchants–advanced
registration is required! Please call or e-mail for specifics (253)
383-3905, ten.zo@gelgep
Site-o-crat: Mychael Wyndsyngyr, (Russell Jensen) (425) 317-0258 no calls
before 6 pm M-F, ten.ogreve@nesnejr

Site fee is $12 non-members, $10 members (with proof), $8 for ages 6 – 12,
5 and under free–Family cap of $35. (note: Family in this instance means
modern family of up to two adults, and minor children 18 and younger)
Merchants, please contact Lady PegLeg for applicable fees and registration.
Make checks payable to SCA, Inc.–Barony of Blatha An Oir

Site opens at 2 pm for populace, 12 noon for merchants and closes at 4 pm

Riverglen Campgrounds, 14715 Southfolk Rd E, Orting, WA,

Southbound: Take Highway 167 south to Highway 410 exit. From 410 take the Orting exit. Turn right/south onto Highway 162. Proceed 5 miles to Riverglen Campground. Road will be on your right. If you cross the bridge, you’ve gone too far.

Northbound: Take I-5 north to Highway 512 until it ends at Highway 167. Go north on Highway 410 and follow the directions above.

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