Freeze Off


Event Summary

Date: October 17 , 2015 until October, 18 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 17th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on October 18th 2015

Event site:
Salmon Arm Fairgrounds
481 5th Ave SW Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1T5

Frolic and Feast at Freeze Off 2015!

M’Lords and Ladies, may your ears hear, and your hearts jump at
news of the upcoming 2015 Freeze Off tournament! Nestled among
sun drenched hills near Ramsgaard lays an oasis of forest and
fields, soon to be blasted with the colourful tents and frocks
citizens galore as we gather to frolic, feast, and fight! Heed
call and join the festivities. Ring out the harvest season! Or
simply gather to eat, fight, and be merry.

Gates open at 8am on Saturday, October 17 at the grand Arena of
North Thompson Agriplex, 4856 Dunn Lake Road, Barriere, BC. For
paltry gate fee of $15 (an additional $5 for non members please
make checks payable to the shire of Ramsgaard ), you will be
to a full day of classes on Saturday, the epic Rapier “Frozen
inspirational tournament, the stupendously silly “Wacky
Heavy tournament, and for the second time – Archery and an

“This is simply too much wonder in one day,” you
say! But if there
is enough interest, we may be holding a Rapier and a Heavy
on the Sunday as well! Join us for a feast of magnificent
for only $10/person. Try and find prices like that for a
multi-course meal surrounded by hordes of your dearest
The lovely Alisian at the hearth has a plethora of tasty treats
make you salivate and grab for your feast gear. Reserve your
soon, the more notice the lovely lady has, the more spectacular

October is still lovely weather here in Ramsgaard, and for those
are brave, there is plenty of camping space to lay your war
bones. Gates close just after 3pm on Sunday, and the Ramsgaard
look forward to lazy Sunday morning visits.

For more information, or to book your space, please contact
HL Conn McRoy (Stephen Cole) at 250-320-8001 or via email
at conn_mcroy(at)

The citizens of Ramsgaard look forward to sharing the
See you on the field.

Site Fees:
Event: $15 (plus $5 for NMS)
Feast: $10
Camping is an addition $10 for the night (unfortunatly this is
only way we could do this)
Close by hotels to follow with rates and animal restrictions.

0800 – Site Opens
0830 – Rapier Inspections
0900 – Rapier Tournament Begins
0900 – Archery Range Opens
0900 – A&S Competition Begins

1100 – Rapier Tournament Ends
1130 – Lunch Begins
1300 – Heavy Inspections
1330 – Heavy Tournament Begins
1530 – Heavy Tournament Ends
1545 – Wacky Weapons Tournament Begins
1745 – Wacky Weapons Tournament Ends
1745 – Archery Range Closes
1745 – A&S Competition Ends
1815 – Setup for Feast
1830 – Feast Begins (or Court Begins)

Bardic Competition Begins with the Feast
Classes throughout the day as long as we can find instuctors

Sunday (possibly depending if people want to stay)

0900  -Rapier Inspections
0930 – Rapier Red Scarf Tournament Begins
0930 – Archery Range Opens
1130 – Rapier Tournament Ends
1230 – Heavy Inspections
1300 – Heavy Squires Tournament Begins
1500 – Heavy Squires Tournament Ends
1900 – Site Closes

Appetizers to follow court.
There will a short break between appetizers and the main
During said time, the Bardic Competition will be held.
Main Course & Dessert to follow.
After dinner there shall be a time to revel! There may be
and, perhaps, even a little dancing.

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