Egil Skallagrimson Memorial Prize Tourney


Hosted in-person by Device of Adiantum

The Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Lane County, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Yseult of Broceliande
Date: May 24 , 2024 until May, 27 2024
Site opens at: 12:00 PM on May 24th 2024
Site closes at: 3:00 PM on May 27th 2024

Event site:
Lynx Hollow State Park
80998 Davisson Rd. Creswell, OR 97426

Join us for Egil’s Tourney XLVIII!

We will have demos and classes galore; a hafla* and many Bardic activities; seven A&S competitions; multiple heavy, rapier and cut & thrust competitions; multiple archery scenarios and competitions; thrown weapons open range and competition; Summits War Practice, including war archery and siege engines; Norse stickball; Merchants’ Row; Norse Trade Blanket; Little Free Library, Garb Exchange, Bardic Activities, and likely more!
* A Hafla features Middle Eastern dancers, dancing, and musicians.

Pre-Registration was required for Land Reservations, but

General camping will be available at the Gate.


At gate

Adult (age 18+)$45
Adult with SCA Membership Discount$35
Youth (age 10-17)$15
Children (age 0 – 9)Free

Family Fee Cap is $120 (minus applicable SCA membership discounts): This covers 2 Parents/legal guardians and their legal minor Children/Youth/Wards.

ONE-DAY-ONLY: Adult (18+) is $25 with a discount of $10 for SCA members. Minors (0-17) are free.

PET FEE: $2 per pet. Dogs, cats, and non-livestock birds are the only animals the OR Parks Dept. allows on site. All cats and dogs must have proof that their rabies vaccination is current (a date of expiration, a date of inoculation with a tag).

The event has an unofficial website that is frequently updated with current info in a readable format at

Our official Facebook chat group is a good place to ask questions  at

Egil’s Tourney 2024 Info (Unofficial Group)

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - Summits
Accepts PayPal
Has Merchants
Has Classes
Has an Heraldic consultation table
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Archery activities
Has Thrown Weapon activities
Has Bardic activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities
Allows pets (check for details)

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Registration Information

Pre-registration for camp sites has closed, but we have general camping available.

If you are an SCA member, whether or not you pre-registered, please bring your proof of membership to the event and show it at Gate.
If you are planning to day trip, you will pay at the Gate.
Non-Member Adult weekend camping fee: $45
Member weekend camping fee: $35
Youth (10-17) $15
Child (0-9) free
Pets (Day and camping) $2 per pet. (Dogs, cats, non-livestock birds. Must have proof of Rabies vaccination.)
Daytrip Fees:
Non-member adult $25
Member adult $15
Child/youth free (0-17)
Family Max: 2 Parents/legal guardians and their legal Children/Youth/Wards, $120 minus applicable SCA membership discounts.
(Adult Members receive a $10 discount.)
Family max is limited to two adults and two (or more) youths for whom the adults are legal parent/guardian. What that means, is that after you have paid the “family max”, any other legal dependents you have aged between 10 – 17 years old, are free. For example, if you have four legal dependents between 10 – 17 years old, you pay Gate fee for two, and the other two are free, covered by the family max.
SCA Adult Members (age 18 and over) receive a $10 discount per the two adults included in the family max. So that’s $110 for a family max with two adult parents/guardians who are members of the SCA.
Youth / Ward covers two family members aged 10 – 17 years. As stated, there must be a legally recognized family relationship between at least one of the adults claiming the family max, as parent or guardian.
Children aged 0 – 9 are free, and so not eligible for the family max discount count. (They’re free.)
Family max is only available for weekend camping.
If you have any questions, please email

Egil’s Tourney is hosted by the Barony of Adiantum, in Creswell, Oregon, on 24-27 May 2024.

Site map.

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Accessibility Information

Accessibility Information for Egil’s Tourney 2024

Egil’s Tourney takes place at Lynx Hollow Park, a primitive park. We’ve done our best to make things as accessible as possible for everyone attending.

The flattest, smoothest paths through the site will be marked out with flags, for ease of mobility, including wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, etc.

On the map in the site booklet, the road from gate, by areas B, C, and G will take you to the main activity area. A video of an electric cart/scooter navigating this route is available at

The Egil’s staff, in concert with the park authorities, have made two sets of stairs with railings to help navigate the slopes. These are sturdy wood and gravel stairs, with sturdy metal rails.

There will be an area for mobility-impaired RV campers near Gate. Space in this lot is limited, so please let us know ahead of time if you need to be assigned there. Let us know through the Castrorum “Comments” when you pre-register, and/or by contacting the event Email address: .(There are no RV hookups at Lynx Hollow Park.)

All other RVs will be asked to park in the parking lot.

A generator is available for recharging scooters / wheelchair/ CPAP batteries, by prearrangement. The last day to request generator access is Monday, May 20.

Please contact to preregister. Put “Generator Access” in the subject line. The generator will only be available by pre-arrangement, and volunteers will be needed to sit with the generator during its use.

Generator use is free, though donations toward fuel will be gratefully accepted from the populace so inclined. Please note: the generator is reserved for scooters / wheelchairs / and CPAP machines. It is not available to charge phones, tablets, laptops, and similar personal devices.

The bathrooms at Egil’s are porta-potties. There are 4 accessible porta-potties: one near the entry to the archery range, two by merchants’ row, and one at the Y at the east end of the Great Meadow.

There is limited parking available for handicapped and mobility-impaired attendees. When you pre-register in the Castrorum system, be sure to request handicapped or limited mobility parking in the “Comments” section.

Also you may contact the event at  by May 17th if you need handicap parking. Please bring your placard if you have one.

The vehicle parking area is separate from the main event area. There is a volunteer service to bring people parking in the limited mobility area of the parking field back to their encampments after they have unpacked, and to take these same people to their vehicles when it’s time to pack up. Enquire at Gate when you arrive on site. This service is available only to people with handicapped or limited mobility parking passes.

For those who are sensitive to noise, including animals, there is a clay target shooting range close enough to the park to be heard. If you’ve been to Egil’s in the past few years, you have experienced it – it’s been running for a while. The range hours are 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be some generator noise during the day, and possibly more in the evening, as we expect at least 19 RVs on the site. They are parked to minimize the impact on the camping areas.

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please email the event at . We strive to answer within 24 hours, and usually answer within 12.
Site Map for reference.

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Site Fees

Fee TypeCost*
Non-member adult camping$45.00 for the weekend
Youth camping (10 to 17)$15
Child (0 to 9) free


Non-member adult $25

Child/youth (0-17) free

Family Max: 2 Parents/legal guardians and their legal Children/Youth/Wards, $120 minus applicable SCA membership discounts.

Pets (Day and camping) $2 per pet. (Dogs, cats, non-livestock birds. Must have proof of Rabies vaccination.)

  • Family max is limited to two adults and two (or more) youths for whom the adults are legal parent/guardian. What that means, is that after you have paid the “family max”,  any other legal dependents you have aged between 10 – 17 years old, are free. For example, if you have four legal dependents between 10 – 17 years old, you pay Gate fee for two, and the other two are free, covered by the family max.SCA Adult Members (age 18 and over) receive a $10 discount per the two adults included in the family max. So that’s $110 for a family max with two adult parents/guardians who are members of the SCA. 
  • Youth / Ward covers two family members aged 10 – 17 years. As stated, there must be a legally recognized family relationship between at least one of the adults claiming the family max, as parent or guardian.  
  • Children aged 0 – 9 are free, and so not eligible for the family max discount count. 
  • Family max is only available for weekend camping. (Pre-registration for land reservations is highly encouraged.) 
  • If you have any questions, please email
*SCA Members will receive a $10 member discount off the cost listed above.

Meal Information

We wil have food vendors at Egil’s Tourney:

McLavenders, featuring full meals

Arr-Tic Poison –  featuring Philly cheese steaks, hamburgers, fresh salads, breakfast foods, dinner specials.

The Sable Hare – Food: prepackaged cookies & cupcakes.

Tournament Information

For Heavy fighters:

Holmgang, 10 am Saturday

Never Won a Tourney Tourney Heavy,  1 pm Saturday

Egil Skallagrimsson Memorial Tournament, 9 am Sunday

For Cut & Thrust fighters:

Armor As Worn C&T Tourney, 3 opm Saturday

Cut & Thrust Skills Challenge, 9 am Sunday

Cut & Thrust Tourney, 1 pm Sunday

For Rapier fighters:

Steel Challenge and Melee with rubber band guns, 10 am Saturday

Never Won a Tourney Tourney, 1 pm Saturday

Rapier Tourney, 3 pm Sunday



Youth and Family Activities

Many of our activities are available to youth and children. 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent. Check out the class listings, open range times at archery and thrown weapons, and all of the demos.

We also have a number of other activities available for all ages:

Little Free Library & Garb Exchange share a pavilion in the A&S area

Norse Trade Blanket – 8 pm Saturday in the A&S area

A Hafla (middle eastern music and dance) takes place at 8 pm Saturday on the list fields

Bardic circle in the list field area at 8 pm Sunday

Volunteer Information

Volunteer Point on the NW corner of the List Fields will connect you with numerous opportunities to volunteer in just about every aspect of this event.

Merchant Information

We have 20 merchants presenting their wares for you purchasing pleasure! Enjoy Merchants’ Row along the south side of the Great Meadow.

Arr-Tic Poison – Food vendors featuring Philly cheese steaks, hamburgers, fresh salads, breakfast foods, dinner specials.

Dragonskiln Studio – handmade pottery and sculptures of dragons and other mythological creatures.

Firedryk Steel – Handcrafted medieval armor and blades.

Grouchy Mongol Armoury – Blades small to large. Blacksmith items. Leather purses/pouches and leather armor, functional and decorative. Jewelry- Byzantine style with and without modern pendants.

Little Roman Farm / Ironhorse Armoury – Farm stuff: lamb cuts, sheep hides, fleeces. Craft stuff: armor/metalwork, LPG torches, woodwork, wall art, maille, jewwelry, spinning/weaving needs, pottery lamps, used book, 3D printed novelties and lego castle guys.

McLavenders – Food vendors featuring full meals.

Medieval Masterworks – Custom leather goods, on site repairs, SCA appropriate pouches and archery equipment, leather bottles, horn coated and uncoated.

Nordic Trader – Viking Age and early European jewelry and personal items.

Oat Lane Merchants – Handmade replicas of medieval artifacts.

Raven Claw – Beads & beading supplies, drinking horns, live herb plants, books, bags, rings & pendants, sewing supplies, buttons.

Reannag Teine – Historically inspired functional pottery.

Redwolf Ltd. – pewter castings, brooches, torcs, jewelry.

Sarangs & Stuff and Blacksmithing – Saris, sarongs, tapestries, jewelry, scarves, misc. fortunate finds in fabric. Tent stakes, back scratchers, hardware, housewares of iron.

Thistillium Pottery – High-fired, period based porcelain & stoneware, functional pottery, a few SCA appropriate textile items.

The Bird And Bench – Ceramic mugs, bowls, plates, cups. Folding wooden benches. Functional cookware. Handmade rings and bracelets.

The Sable Hare – Food: prepackaged cookies & cupcakes. Wooden boxes, chairs, saris, sari skirts, pillows & pillow covers, stuffies.

Vidar Leatherworks – SCA appropriate leather goods.

Wildwoods – Bolga baskets, leather book covers, wood turned items.

Wyvern’s Maille – Chainmaille jewelry and accessories.

Adiantum Baronial Fundraiser – an eclectic collection of items located at Volunteer Point on the SW corner of the list fields.

Classes Offered


Sign up for classes between 4 and 8 pm Friday or after 9 am Saturday and Sunday at the big blue A&S pavilion on the main meadow.


Roman Man’s Tunic & Toga, Helen Gaskyn. This class will discuss how and by whom these were worn and their basic construction. We will measure you and help you format a pattern so you may construct the garments on your own. 1 hour. Sat., 10-11 am, classroom #4

Roman Woman’s Tunic, Stola, and Pala, Helen Gaskyn. This class will discuss how, when and who wore these items. You will receive construction instructions and be measured so you can cut out and construction these garments on your own. 1 hour. Sun, 12:30 – 1:30, classroom #2

Laundry Through the Ages, Helen Gaskyn. We will review laundry techniques from pre- Roman time to the 1700s. I will have some river friendly soap and paddles; if you want to give it a try, bring a dirty garment. Open to anyone who can make it to the river – if the weather is good, we’ll hold class there. If bad weather, we’re in the A&S classrooms next to the list fields. 1 hour. Sun., 2-3 pm, classroom #2.

Learning to Make Basic Garb: T-tunic and Trousers, Isabeau de Loutre Argent. Bring paper and pen, fabric, measuring tape, scissors if you have them. Limit 5. 14 years and older. 2 hours. Sat., 1-3 pm, classroom #4.

One Piece Shoes from the Bronze Age to the Roman Era, Agatha Iris – Agatha will discuss one-piece leather shoes, tips and tricks for making your own, and share her process for making them. Old enough to hang out and learn about making shoes!. 1 hour. Limit 20. Sat., 11-noon, classroom #1.

Introduction to Festoons, Isabeau de Loutre Argent. Learn about some history of the decorative festoon and its use. They are beaded strands worn traditionally by Norse women, suspended between domed brooches in the 9th-10th centuries. $20 for handout and materials. 13 years and up. 1 hour. Sun., 11-noon, classroom #2

Knit a Pouch, Gytha Anora ni Keran. This is a class for knitters of any age who can knit a CO, K2tog and YO. Learn how to knit your own pouch! We will be knitting with wool and all supplies will be provided (except embroidery scissors) for you to keep. This is a class for advanced beginners. Limit 6 people. 1 hour. Sat., 3-4 pm, classroom #4.

Beginning Embroidery, Leda Aleskandrovna Lebedovicha. Limit, 6. For those old enough to hold a needle (12 and younger must be accompanied by a parent). Cost: $2 for the bibliography handout. $10 if you need all the materials, or you can bring: 6” embroidery hoop, three colors of embroidery floss, a comfortable needle, beeswax, plus 8″ X 8″ plain cotton/blend fabric. 2 hours. Sat. 10-noon. Classroom #2. 12 and younger must be accompanied by a parent)

Brocade Tablet Weaving, Ainslee Goldheart. Experience required. This will be a hands-on class to learn the specific technique of Brocade. You will need a solid knowledge of tablet weaving. The class can accommodate 4 students and 4 observers. There will be no time in the class session set aside for warping. Students will need to bring with them a warped loom. * Warping is single color alternating SZ * You can come to the earlier Geek session, Weaving All the Things!, and warp then. We will gloss over the basics to be sure everyone is up to speed. The goal is to end with a working knowledge of brocade, a pattern chosen, and a band well underway. 90 minutes. Sun., 2 – 3:30 pm, classroom #3.

Pewter Casting and Soapstone Mold Carving, Brizio de Maroni
Carazzaio. Buttons – buckles – pilgrim badges, an introduction to carving soapstone molds and casting your own pieces in pewter. Class includes everything you need to get started: soapstone, tools, pewter, along with a lot of knowledge and instruction for only $20. Due to molten metal, adults only; limit 5. 2 hours. Offered twice, Saturday and again Sunday, 1-3 pm, at the picnic table in the A&S area.

Inkle Loom Weaving For Beginners, Isabeau de Loutre Argent. An informal approach to the art of inkle weaving: warping, simple patterns, and weaving. There will be a couple of looms for hands-on to practice, or bring your own. Limit 8. 10 years and older. 1 hour. Sat., 11:30 am – 12:30 pm, classroom #4.

Middle Eastern Rhythms and Movements, Morgan Mayhem. Embark on a journey into the heart of Middle Eastern Rhythm and Movement guided by three expert instructors. Explore four vibrant rhythms with two experienced musicians, then let a skilled dance instructor immerse you in the art of Middle Eastern dance in a captivating workshop. Bring drums or percussion instruments if you have them; some will be available. 15 and older for drumming, 13 and older for movement. 2 hours. You will be able to use your new skills at the Hafla Saturday evening! Saturday, 3-5 pm, Music/bardic area.

Besom (broom) Making, Onóra Ui Cléirigh. A brief history of brooms before creating our own hearth besoms (small, round brooms.) 1 hour. Sat., 10-11 am, classroom #1.

Wild Tea Foraging Walk, Muirenn inghean UiCléirigh. From the A&S tents we’ll take a short walk around gate and down by to river to identify local plants (many the same or similar to varieties in Northern Europe) that can be used to make tea. Upon return, we’ll make fabric tea bags and brew a cup if time allows. Bring a gathering basket if you are able. 1.5 hours. Sun. 11 – 12:30, classroom #1.

Foraging for Wild Edibles, a walk around tour with Ailynn Catriona Moireah as your guide. All class participants need to wear good walking shoes, carry something to take notes, and possibly a basket or container to collect plants. Gloves would also be nice if we find some stinging nettles. Sunscreen and a hat for sun (or rain) protection is also a good idea. Well behaved, supervised children are welcome if accompanied by their guardian and are able to follow directions. Printed class notes ($5 each) for 15 people. All who want to can come, and are encouraged to watch and learn. 90 minutes. Sat., 2 – 3:30, gather at the A&S pavilion for the walk.

Make Your Own Balms and Salves, Ailynn Catriona Moireah & Gytha Anora ni Keran. Taught in our encampment so we can heat up the ingredients. Limited to 10 people. $5. 13 and up. Sun., 10-11, check at the A&S pavilion for location.

Stones and Bones, Muirenn inghean Ui Cléirigh. We will look into the materials and process of creating paints (as well as writing utensils) from rocks, minerals, and bones. Those who want to learn more can come back for the Natural Pigments class in the afternoon. 1 hour. Sat., 10-11 am, classroom #1

Beginning Mead Making, Hrodnavar Hakonsson. How to get started making your own mead. This class is intended for the rank beginner, absolutely no experience required. I will go through the steps of starting a batch. This will not be “hands on”, and no materials are provided. 1 hour. Sun., noon – 1 pm, classroom #4.

Natural Pigments Around Us, Muirenn inghean Ui Cléirigh. Includes an overview of the paint / ink making process with time to play with the paints. Weather permitting, maybe a walk afterwards to look for suitable plants. 1 hour. Sun., 1-2 pm, classroom #4.

Best of the Bestiaries, Liutgard of Luxeuil. A thorough examination of bestiaries and their roles in medieval culture, including the symbolic meanings of the individual creatures. Limit 10. Adult only (some sexual themes). 1.5 hours. Sun., 2-3:30, classroom #4

Who are all those people with shiny metal head gear and how do I address them? Aila’ntha of William’s Keep. 30 minutes. Sat., 11:30 – noon, in the Newcomers encampment.

A Brief History of the SCA, Aila’ntha of William’s Keep. Aimed at the curious and the new, here’s how we started and got to where we are now. 30 minutes. Sat., 3- 3:30, in the Newcomers encampment.

What is a persona, and how do I get one? Aila’ntha William’s Keep. 45 minutes. Sat., 4-4:45, in the Newcomers encampment.

How to become involved in your local Barony, Shire, or Canton, Aila’ntha of William’s Keep. 45 minutes. Sun., 11-11:45, in the Newcomers encampment.

Loud With Purpose: An Introduction to Voice Heraldry, Randulf Greenwall. I will take people through the basics of voice heraldry – Court Heralding, Field Heralding, Town Crying – leaving room at the end for questions and answers. No size or age limit, but 12 and younger must be accompanied by a parent. 1 hour. Sat., 3-4 pm, classroom #2.

Coordinating the Merchant Area of an Event, Elsbeth Cameron. For event staff, merchants, and populace alike, this class/article addresses merchant coordinating in general… as well as some of the various issues (both obvious and obscure), complete with sample forms, reference links, and a worksheet of potential scenarios. Specifics as to laws in Washington, Oregon, & California are used as examples I’ve dealt with first-hand over nearly twenty years coordinating merchants. 2 hours. Sun., 3-5 pm, classroom #1.

So, You want to be a Laurel? “Looking behind the Shrubbery”, Seamus O’Caellaigh – Come learn about the Laurel Circle, common misconceptions, and different ways to walk the path to Peerage. 1 hour. Sat., 4-5 pm, classroom #4.

Volunteer Orientation, Muirenn inghean Uí Cléirigh. This is a space for new volunteers or volunteers who are new to Egils to learn the ropes, find the volunteer tent, and ask any questions they may have! 30 minutes. 12 and younger must be accompanied by a parent (but there are volunteer opportunities for children!) Sat., 9:30-10, Volunteer Point at A&S

How to design/plan and budget for an event proposal, Kattera Giese. Interested in doing an event but not sure where or how to start? This is for you. Limit 20. Age 15+. 1.5 hours. Sunday, 1-3 pm, classroom #1.

Phonetography: tips and tricks, Ylva Annarsdottir. Have you ever wanted to get better photos using your phone? Learn ways to frame your shots, along with simple editing tips. We will be walking around the event talking and taking photos. Then we will sit down and work on editing ideas for those shots. Adults. Bring your fully charged phone. 1.5 hours Sat., 10-11:30 am, classroom #3

Ahead of the Curve: Mechanics and Techniques for Sabre, Samwell Langdon. This class will cover body mechanics and techniques drawn from Russ Mitchell’s excellent book “Hungarian Hussar Sabre and Fokos Fencing”. We’ll examine how to best utilize a curved blade for both defensive and offensive actions with incorporated footwork, as well as a few nasty tricks with the false edge. 30 minutes. Limit 12. Minimum 16 years old. Required: A fencing mask and gloves as well as an SCA legal steel sword or synthetic trainer, preferably with a curve. Some swords will be available to borrow, but supply is limited. Sun., 12:30 – 1 pm, on the list fields

Introduction to Thrown Weapons, Eoghan Ua Cléirigh -An introduction to the rules and safety requirements on the Thrown Weapons range along with basic instruction on form and scoring. You must be 9 years old or older and wearing closed toe shoes. 12 and younger must be accompanied by a parent. Loaner weapons provided. Limit 6. 1 hour. Sun., 9-10 am, at the Thrown Weapons Range.

“Bring Out your Dead”: Simple Arrow Repairs, Don the Archer – We’ll cover a variety of repairs, especially common field repairs needed for safety, then how to fix feathers, recover & replace tips, nock repairs, wet arrow recovery, etc. The remaining time is a hands-on repair session:. Each class member will receive a small arrow repair kit to use and keep. If time permits, we will do some advanced repairs and discuss the best ways to store and handle arrows. Bring any broken arrows to fix, a tube of Duco Cement. and any repair parts that you already have: tips, nocks, feathers. I provide an Arrow Repair Kit ($5 donation requested), misc. nocks, points, and feathers. Class limit 4. More can watch. Under 13 need parental supervision. 1 hour. Sun., 3-4 pm at the archery range.

Twist your own bowstring, Tryggr Tyresson. I will bring thread/string enough to demonstrate the skill necessary to make a bow string that will fit any bow. I will be using modern Dacron B-50 for my demo material. No cost for participants. No age limit, but it will take some patience and manual dexterity. 12 and younger must ab accompanied by a parent. 1 hour. Sat., 3-4 pm at the Archery Range.

Archery Workshops by the Grey Geese. Each workshop is approximately 10 minutes of information or demonstration and then 2-5 minutes of questions or practice at each station. Visit several stations to meet various Grey Geese and learn from their expertise, or stay in the same place hearing it several times to hone that particular skill. Workshops may cover: Stance, Aiming, Release Techniques, Time Skills, Arrow Straightening/Inspecting, Bow Care/Inspecting, Period Gear, Crossbows, Novelty Shoots, Event Prep, etc. Sat., 1-2 pm, on the Archery Range.


Working With Wool: Fleece to Finish, Rowan Stewart Walker. A demonstration and discussion of wool preparation from the raw fleece to the finished product. Interactive class, participation welcomed. Bring whatever you wish to join in with or have questions about — drop spindles, spinning wheels, fleece, spinning prep tools or anything else. I’m glad to answer “What’s this/how does it work/how do I fix it.” Eight 30 minute segments, all in one session. Come and go as you please. Also be a concurrent display of Rowan’s naturally dyed (from plants and lichens) skeins of wool as well for commentary and questions. Sat., 1-5 pm, classroom #3.

Weaving all the things!, Ainslee Goldheart. Come join us to celebrate and play with all things band weaving — inkle weaving, Baltic weaving, tablet weaving, and brocade. Bring your current project, your loom if you have one, or any other weaving project you want. There will be some books and assorted supplies to look over. Some tools and supplies may be available for purchase. Questions are welcome and troubleshooting available. If you are taking the brocade class, this would be a good opportunity to warp your loom if you have not already done so. 2 hours. Sun., 10- noon, classroom #3.

Period Cookbook Nook, Emma Haldane. Look through a collection of cookbooks and books about cookbooks and food history, and chat about food and cooking with the Nook Minders. Handouts available on sourcing materials as well as critiquing the usefulness of sources. Bring note taking materials. Sun., noon-2 pm, classroom #3

Egils Spinning Circle, Oswyne Walston. Hang out and spin! Bring your spindle, wheel, current project and seating. I will have hand cards and English combs for use if you’d like to bring scoured wool. 1 hour. Sun., 10:30 – 11:30, classroom #4

Summits Apothecary Guild, Seamus O’Caellaigh – Interested in period Apothecary? Want to be part of a group? Share sources?? Come geek out. Handout available. 1 hour. Sun. 3-4 pm, classroom #2.

European Instrumental Dance Music, Marina Mac Chruiter. Bring your instruments or just your interest and let’s look at pre-1600 European dance music. We will have the “Pennsic pile” of music for SCA dance available. 2 hours. Sun., 2-4 pm, Music/Bardic area.

Siege Weapons, Quinn Phelan. Ask questions, share your interest in the siege weapons on display immediately following the shooting demo on Saturday. Demo at noon, geek session at 1 pm at the Archery range.

“I failed. Now what?” How to get back on track, Ainslee Goldheart. We all go through set backs, mistakes and failures. The key is how to get back on track without losing your drive. This will be an open/guided discussion about how we as  individuals manage our disappointment Handout available. 1 hour. Sat., 1-2 pm, classroom #1.

Meeting Our People Where They Are: A customer service approach to creating a communication hub for an SCA event, Emma Haldane. Anyone interested in discussing strategies, techniques, things that are problematic in current online platforms (looking at you, Facebook), writing effective copy for different communication platforms, e.g. Facebook, email, Word Press/Unofficial Websites, Kingdom Calendar, Crier, Unofficial An Tir Discord, Office 365, Google Works, Zoom, etc., is welcome. We can also touch on Digital Accessibility techniques, DEI sensitive language, communicating within a team, technical challenges, all the nerdy stuff. To paraphrase the movie Apollo 13, the focus of this conversation starts with, “What have we got that’s good on the spacecraft?” I have over twenty years of experience in Corporate customer service, including developing Chat for Intuit’s QuickBooks Online, adapting the approach for marketing as well as tech and customer support. I have also worked in Development for Non-Profits, including ARC. My recent SCA experience in online communication has been as Communications (Comms) and co-Steward of An Tir 12th Night 2023, and as Comms for Egil’s Tourney 2024. 2 hours, bring a chair, a way to take notes, and $2 for a physical handout; also available free in digital form. Sat., 1-3 pm, classroom #1.

Motivations and Needs by Generation for Volunteers, Kattera Giese – Let’s talk about what motivates and encourages volunteers by generation….bring your stories, ideas, observations – I will bring the research ($5 for hard copy, available as a free download). 1.5 hours. Sat., 3-5 pm, classroom #1

Gender Minority Fighter Session, Taran Dæstingr. Curious about combat but unsure if the field is the place for you? Come ask seasoned fighters all the questions you have. Need advice on armor? Just want to meet the community? Join us for an informal discussion of all things combat related. We also welcome allies interested in LISTENING to the concerns of gender minority fighters to better serve the community. 1 hour. Sat., 4:30-5:30, Populace day shade.


Create a rolled felt rug from wool to walkable, Vivien NicUldoon. This two day, all day interactive demo will create a rolled wool felt rug starting with loose wool and ending with a completed rug. Anyone of any skill level can join in at any point in the process – many hands make it a game instead of work. Begins in the morning Saturday: We lay the wool for the cut shapes, roll the felt, cut the patterns and lay the wool for the completed piece.

Sunday: Finish laying loose wool, Roll the rug until its completely felted and ready to use.
– Songs are used to track how long the rolling goes and keep everyone rolling together. No one is required to sing – and – everyone is welcome to. The tunes are all simple and the lyrics will be visible while we roll.

– There is water involved in rolling. It’s kept mostly kept contained, but not entirely. Dress accordingly when you help roll.
– The process we’ll use scales down unchanged to allow a single person to make felt for rugs/shoes/hats while inside at home.
– The process has simple variations we’ll demonstrate that accommodate most physical limitations while rolling the felt.
Children 12 and younger must be accompanied by a parent and safe around boiling water. In its own 10×10 pop-up in the A&S area.

Kantele Demo, Khanzara of Samarqand – learn about and get a chance to play a kantele – an ancient zither from Finland that likely dates back to at least the iron age or possibly earlier, and featured in the Kalevala, Finland’s famous national epic poem. Any age to listen, toddler age and up to try the instrument with parental help and supervision 1 hour. Sat., 10-11 am, Music/Bardic area.

Scheitholt Demo, Khanzara of Samarqand – learn about and try a scheitholt, a fretted zither from late period Germany. Any age to listen, 5 and up to play the scheitholt with parental help and supervision Bring a chair and your curiosity about weird instruments. 1 hour. Sun.,10-11 am, Music/Bardic area.

Dressed to Kill: Late Period Polish Garb and the Sabre, Samwell Langdon. An examination of Late Period Polish Garb, its influences, and its practicality for dueling with the sabre. Please bring your own seating. 30 minutes. Sat., 12:30 – 1 pm, populace day shade.

Embroidery with Gold Thread, Leda Aleskandrovna Lebedovicha. 1 hour Handout will be available for $2 (includes bibliography, suppliers). Sun., 10-11 am, classroom #2.

Basic Wool Spinning, Oswyne Walston. How is wool made into yarn? Watch a demonstration of basic wool combing, carding, spindle, and wheel spinning. Wool spinning dates to prehistoric times and the basics haven’t changed much. 30 minutes. Sun., 10-10:30, classroom #4.

Seed and Plant Exchange, Gytha Anora ni Keran. Bring your extra seedlings, plants and seeds to exchange for something you just might want to try this year in your garden (veggies, flowers and herbs). There will be a blue pop-up canopy set up just outside the Clan Wagner encampment for you to check out! This will be ongoing Friday evening into late Sunday morning Ask for directions at the A&S pavilion on the main meadow.

Cold Work Armoring, Brizio de Maroni Carazzaio. Four demos with discussion, in his pop-up in the A&S area:

#1. How to make rolled edges, explore different rolled edges and how to achieve them. Round, triangle, and roped rolls. Saturday, 10-noon.

#2. Patterning 15c German Gothic elbows with medieval geometry. One measurement, compass, and straight edge layout the pattern, with tips on how to shape. Saturday, 3:30-5:30 pm
#3. Articulations. How to do elbow and knee joints with a good range of motion and little gapping. Sunday, 10 – noon.
#4. Basics of fluting. Options on stakes and hammers along with basic techniques and concepts. Sunday, 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Siege Weapon Firing Demo, Quinn Phelan. On the archery range from noon to 1 pm both Saturday and Sunday. Learn about siege weapons, how they can be used in SCA war, and watch an arbalest, ballista and trebuchet in action. Train to be on the team. A geek session about siege weapons will follow from 1-2 pm Sat. only.

Cut and Thrust Armor as Worn, Bohemond Reynard de Gervais – A pre-tournament class/demo/practice for all participants of the cut and thrust armor asworn tournament to ensure that they are on the same page about what the rules are. Participants in the class must be at least 16 years old; participants in the tournament must be authorized fighters. Entrants need a cut and thrust legal kit, meeting or exceeding An Tir’s requirements. There will be a limited quantity of loaner gear available. 30 minutes. Sat., 2:30-3, on the list field.


Emergency Preparedness Information

Access emergency services by calling 911. The event site address is:

Lynx Hollow State Park, 80998 Davisson Rd., Creswell, OR 97426
The nearest hospital emergency room is PeaceHealth Cottage Grove Community Medical Center, 1515 Village Drive, Cottage Grove, OR 97424, open 24 hours, 541-767-5500, approx. 11 minutes away.

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