Ducal War North


Hosted in-person by Device of Coill Mhor

The Shire of Coill Mhor (100 Mile House, BC )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Hamelin L'Archier
Date: June 23 , 2023 until June, 25 2023
Site opens at: 3:00 PM on June 23th 2023
Site closes at: 3:00 PM on June 25th 2023

Event site:
Northwood Lodge and Resort
5538 Northwood Road Lac la Hache, BC V0K 1T0

RV Sites require an extra fee paid to and organized by Northwood Lodge (Ann @ 1-250-396-7311)
Cabins are rental but are being organized by the event staff, payments to the site.

This site is the same site Tir Righ uses for its June Coronet for many years now. It has plenty of lake-side camping, RV sites with hook-ups. There are a limited number of cabins that will be assigned through the Steward and through the participating Ducal Households. The site is a bit spread out with some inclines, so isn’t the best for mobility. The War Site will be on the baseball field at the site entrance, all camping will be along the lake.
“A rivalry so deep that generations have come and gone knowing nothing but war – an eternal conflagration that sees no resolve by mortal means. Ducal Houses of the Known World are invited to Coill Mhor to face off against the Einar’s and the Wolfpack for supremacy over these lands. Support your side or sell your services to the highest bidder. Merchants · Potluck · Bardic Slam · WAR · Newby Bearpit · Brewing Competition · Iron Rose Tournament for female / gender minority fighters.”

Ducal Households are requested to register their attendance by May 31, 2023. Registration and Questions to hamelin1066@gmail.com.

The Future:
The future we hope to have archery war points, rapier war points, youth war points and points for the best period encampments. We also hope to expand the length of the war so it can be a vacation destination as well as a war.

War Points:
Siege Cooking War Point (3)
Heavy War Points (8)
Brewing Contest (4) Mead, Ale, Wine, Overall
Youth Armored Combat War Point (1)
Bardic Slam War Points (3)
Service (Gate, Marshalling, General) (2)
Gate Organization(1)

Total : 22 points
Tie Breaker: Winner of Champion’s Dagger Fight.


Gate Organization:

Each year a rotating household is responsible for organizing gate. There is usually a lot of volunteers trying to get credits for the service points and shire locals willing to help out. The household organizing gate receives one free War Point.
Dagger Fight / War Scenarios:
The war scenarios commence with a dagger fight. Each household has one champion they put forward with full armor and a dagger. This can be a free-for-all or round robin depending on the number of households. As the scenarios change depending on participation numbers it is not possible to say the exact advantage of winning here is, but generally it means favorable starting scenario conditions. Also, the winner of the dagger fight will gain victory in the case of a tie, in a ranked order. Ie. If the final war points equal a tie, the person whose champion won the dagger fight or finished highest, wins.
A war scenario package will be release as soon as numbers of households participating is confirmed.
Siege Cooking:
Immediately after fighting on Saturday is the siege cooking contest. The ingredients will be provided. All cooking implements and serving dishes for presentation will need to be provided by the contestants. Some cabins have stoves so it may be a boon to provide your siege cook with access to a stove. Details for the scenario and ingredients will be provided closer to the event. These points may be won by non-households, denying points.
Brewing Contest:
An elite panel of judges will determine war points for the brewing contest. Participants can have entries in one or more categories and everyone will be eligible for overall consideration. Competitors do not have to be aligned with any Ducal Household, and can steal these points for their own renown and glory. The categories are: Mead, Ale/Beers and Wine. Any period brewing that falls outside of these categories may be entered for consideration for the overall war point.
Bardic / Bardic Slam:
One of the highlights of Ducal War is the Bardic Slam. On Saturday evening a fire is lit and everyone gathers for bardic. General family friendly bardic is encouraged until 10pm, after which it is requested that any smalls be sent to bed and the Bardic Slam begins. A battle of wits ensues through song. At this time, only those vying for the bardic points are free to sing. After the last song / rebuttal, a popular vote is held to determine the best “burn” and that side wins 3 war points. After this, a talking stick is circulated so all can participate in bardic. DO NOT MISS THIS! This is some of the most entertaining bardic in the SCA! It may take a year or two for new households attending to get the gist, but filks are the usual means of competing in the Bardic Slam. Having lyrics available while you sing is ok but memorization is recommended and encouraged.
Service war points are awarded Sunday morning. Hours volunteered at gate and site maintenance can be recorded with the event steward. The side with the most hours volunteered will receive two war points. If two households are close in hours, these points may be divided at the discretion of the steward. If you are looking for something to do to help the event, please reach out to Hamelin before and during the event, there is always something small needing doing!
Youth Armored Combat
This year we are happy to announce a Youth Armored Combat.  Happening right after the war on the warfield.  Hosted by His Excellency Viscount Alden.


Now: You can book RV sites at Northwood Lodge if you are bringing an RV.

May 15th – Last day to register a Ducal Household if you want first refusal on an allotment of cabins

May 16th – Dukes will be informed of their cabin allotment. Cabins become available for booking.

May 31st – Last day to register a Ducal Household for points. Also, last day to book your alloted cabins.

June 1st – Any unbooked cabins will be returned to the pool for a lottery.

June 15th – Last day to register for Siege Cooking teams. Send an email to hamelin1066@gmail.com to confirm numbers as we need to purchase supplies.

June 23 – 25th – DUCAL WAR VIII

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - Tir Righ
Is an online gathering
Has Merchants
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Archery activities
Has Bardic activities
Offers a feast or meal

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Accessibility Information

The site does have hills between event locations.  The areas where events occur are generally flat.

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adult 30
17 and under Free
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.

Event Schedule

Time Activity Location
Friday 2pm Gate Opens Gate
11:00 am Saturday Armour Inspections Castle / Warfield
12:00 pm War! / Gate Gloses Castle / Warfield
3:30pm YAC War Point / Demo Castle / Warfield
3:30pm Brewing & Siege Cooking Contests Castle / Warfield
6:00pm Pig Roast Feast / Revelry Feast Hall
7:00pm Tir Righ Royal Court Announced at Feast
9:00pm Family Friendly Bardic Announced at Feast
10:00pm Adult only Bardic / Bardic Slam Announced at Feast
9:00am Sunday Newbie Bearpit Castle / Warfield
11:00am (Right After Newbie Bearpit) Iron Rose Tournament Castle / Warfield

Meal Information

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  The Potluck feast has been replaced by a Pig Roast Feast.  The fees are $15 for 18 and older, free for those 17 and younger.

The menu is as follows:
Roast Pork
Dairy free baked cheesy veg
Roasted vegetables
(potatoes, carrots, beets, and onions)
Roast Beef OptionFeast is hosted by his Excellency, Viscount Stein

Tournament Information

We have two tournaments on Sunday:

Newby Bearpit:
Open to unbelted fighters with less than two years of experience (COVID years do not count).  There will be an hour of all the fighting you can handle.  All participants will get a choice of prizes.  Any legal shield / weapon combinations are welcome.
All veteran fighters:  Please bring a donation of equipment or some other medievally useful thing for the prize pool. 

Iron Rose Tournament:
For female and gender-minority fighters.  Format to be announced.

Youth and Family Activities

Youth Armored Combat Demo and War Point Tournament – Saturday at the keep immediately after fighting. (3:30 pm)


Volunteer Information

There are many opportunities to volunteer.  We will need people for gate, marshalling and general tasks.  There are war points tied to volunteering!  Seek out the event steward for more information.

Merchant Information

Merchants are welcome!  You can camp with your booth along Merchant’s Row.  Food vendors will have to be pre-approved as the site has a restaurant (which may or may not be open).  Electricity may be available if required, but bring extension cords.  There are no fees for merchanting, but please contact Hamelin.  A donation to the Newby Bearpit Tournament would welcome but is not required.

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