DRF/EIF Kingdom Calendar Deadline


Event Summary

Date: February 15 , 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 15th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

As stated in the Crier Submission Guidelines:


All events must have an Event Information Form (EIF) on file
with the Kingdom 

Calendar Deputy (gro.acs.ritna@radnelac) before event copy can
be published in the 

Crier. If you live in a principality, send your EIF (with plenty
of time for processing, 

please!) to your Principality Calendar Deputy. The Kingdom
Calendar Deputy’s deadline 

remains the 15th of the month, 2 months before publication.



An Tir DRF/EIF Form:  http://legacy.antir.org/Pubs/forms/0203_DRF_EIF_SAVE.pdf (Send
to An Tir Calendar Officer)

Tir Righ DRF/EIF Form:  http://www.tirrigh.org/downloads/seneschal/045_DRF_EIF_SAVE.pdf (send
to Tir Righ Calendar Officer)

Summits DRF/EIF Form:  http://legacy.antir.org/Pubs/forms/Summits_DRF_EIF_save.pdf (send
to Summits Calendar Officer)

Avacal Calendar Forms:  http://www1.avacal-sca.org/calendar (send
appropriate form to Avacal Calendar Officer)


Please check the calendar before submitting a DRF/EIF form to
the Calendar Officer to ensure that the new event does not conflict
with any Level 1 events in your conflict zone.  If you don’t
know your conflict zone, please email your Calendar officer for
specific information.


Please remember that each Barony is limited to 3 Level 1 events
in a calendar year.

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