Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Peter von Setzingen
Date: July 5 , 2013 until July, 7 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on July 5th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on July 7th 2013

Event site:
Calgary Archer’s Club
241050 Range Rd 25 Calgary, AB



Ill omens have
been seen. There is unrest in the Barony. The old Baron and
Baroness have stepped down. The new liege lords have taken their
place, but they are untested.


And the Dragon
knows this.


From its lair
in the mountains it smells the unease in the Barony, and would
strike at us while we are divided. With razor teeth and fiery
breath it would sunder our lands and destroy our people. Baron
Kraig and Baroness Una call upon their people to unite as one to
face this threat to land and life; to take up arms and defend homes
and children. And they would call upon their people to choose two
champions – a champion of sword, and a champion of arrows
– champions with the strength, courage, and honour to slay
this Dragon and protect the Barony and its people for the year to


The omens all
point to a summer battle, therefore Their Excellencies would invite
you to join them, July 5-7 to choose their champions and slay this
encroaching menace.


During the day there will be a Heavy Championship; an Archery
Championship; the always popular archery “roving
range”; a rapier tournament; an archery night shoot; youth
combat; youth activities; a thrown weapons tournament; a bardic
tournament, and A&S activities. Royal
Rounds will be run on the field range throughout the weekend for
those wishing to record scores. Due to the mundane rules of the
club, crossbows are not permitted


This year will also see the return of the Heavy Fighter Intro
contest. There will be a prize for the best introduction of a heavy
fighter entering into the Dragonslayer tournament lists. The
fighter does not need to be vying for Champion. Also, on Saturday
night, we will once again hold a Torchlight Charity Tournament.
More details to follow.


The Green Cauldron will be on site providing delicious meals from
Friday supper to Sunday breakfast, however no supper will be provided
on Saturday
. For menus and pricing, you can find them


Feast: Once again the Calgary Archer’s Club will
be providing a great feast. This year the feast will be a steak
dinner with grilled veggies and stuffed baked potatoes. Feast is
$15 ($7 ages 12 and under) and is separate from the event fee.
Feast fee must be paid to Brian at the Calgary Achery Centre;
arrangements can be made in person (4855 47 St
SE  Calgary, AB T2B 3S5) or by contact him at
(403)-255-6830. Pre-registration is required!


Event Stewards
Peter von Setzingen & Bronwyn the Ever-Present (MKA Steve &
Simone Haywood); 403-479-8944;



Merchantocrat: contact Pol the Blackfist if you
would like to vend your wares on site: moc.liamg@krats.e.enyaw.


Pre-registration for gate is available here:


Site lnfo:

Calgary Archers Club (No street address)
Highway 8, Calgary. 
Site opens at 5:00pm Friday, and closes 2:00pm Sunday. The Tipi
camp site closes at noon Sunday.  Site does not have drinkable
water.  Some will be
available from merchants, but we recommend you bring
some.  Stores and
restaurants are nearby. There are no RV hook ups on site. There is
no garbage pick-up so be prepared to take your garbage and
recycling with you.


Site fee:

$15 (youth 15 and under free).  Non-member
$5.  Make cheques
payable to MCSA.


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