Dragon’s Mist Defender Tournament


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Date: June 7 , 2003 until June, 8 2003
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on June 7th 2003
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on June 8th 2003

Dragon’s Mist Defender Tournament
DMDT  June 6-8
Washington County, Oregon

Help!  The shire of Dragon’s Mist has been raided!!! Maidens have been
captured and held for ransom by raiders. Small raids continue across the
bridge to the village. The warrior who shows the best skill at arms,
bravery, and chivalry defending the bridge becomes the new shire defender.
They will then lead the rescue.

Heavy and Rapier bridge battles against raiders. Those who do not wish to
vie for the defender title are welcome to be raiders. There will be an
archery tournament for the Shire archery champion. Final scenario is a
battle lead by the defenders to rescue the maidens. The winner of this
battle gets the ransom (and/or maidens).  There will be battles plenty,
maidens fair, merchants, and fun for all. Volunteers for raiders and maidens
are welcome.

The site is a large  Filbert orchard with an old airplane landing strip down
the  center.  It is an excellent site near Banks Oregon but with plenty of
isolation  from modern interruptions.  There is lots of room under the trees
  and in the open field for camping and event activities.  If you need room
reserved for a very large pavilion, space reserved for a household camp, or
a spot on the eric (period camps please) contact the autocrate. Site opens
Friday June 6 at noon and closes June 8 at 3:00 pm.  Site fee is $8 for SCA
members, $11 for non-members. Children 12 and under are half price. Day trip
fee is half price.  Make checks payable to SCA Inc. – Shire of Dragon’s

DMDT takes place at  the Woodward orchard, 49490 NW Clapshaw Road, Forest 
Grove Oregon.
Make your way to Hwy 26 heading West out of Portland Oregon.
Travel about 15 miles to Hwy 6 and take this road. This exits to the left,
South, off Hwy 26.
After 2 miles take the Banks exit, take a right at the end of the exit
heading East on Hwy 47.
After 1.5 miles take a right, South, on Greenville Road.
Follow Greenville till it comes to a stop at Kansas City Road.
Go left at the stop and go 100 yards then take a right on Clapshaw road.
Follow Clapshaw for 3 miles, keeping left at the fork, to the event site.
Signs will be posted!


Heavy Tournament and war scenario
This year’s tournament is a bridge defense against raiders. Raiders have
captured some of the Shire’s maidens. A tournament is being held to select
the best fighter to lead the rescue.  Additional points will be awarded to
fighters who show outstanding bravery, chivalry, flamboyance, and best

Prizes will  be given for the best in the categories even if you don’t win
defender.  Don’t want to fight for the Defender title?  We need raiders –
come fight  for the bad guys!  At the end  of the day the maidens still have
to be rescued. There will be a  short war of villagers versus raiders with
the new defender leading  the  villagers. You do not not need to be in the
tournament to  fight in the war  scenario.

The raiders also have ships. Rapier fighters will defend the bridge against
fighters off the ships. Rules are the same as the heavy tournament. Best
defender with win points for bravery, chivalry, flamboyancy, and best death.

The Archery Defender will be chosen by demonstration of best skill at the
bow on the 40 yard target range.

Dragon in any Medium A&S contest.  Brewers competition for the best grain
and non-grain (mead and other) brewed beverage.  Bardic, merchants, and

For more information see the event web site at

Lord Conall O’Datho (mka Curtis Smith)
(503) 430-1578, DMDT2003@attbi.com

Lady Alida Susan Yasamin of Jasmine Haven

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