Deadline for April Crier


Event Summary

Date: February 15 , 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on February 15th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Crier Submission Guidelines:
Step 1: All events must have an Event Information Form (EIF)
on file with the Kingdom 
Calendar Deputy ( before event copy can
be published in the 
Crier. If you live in a principality, send your EIF (with
plenty of time for processing, 
please!) to your Principality Calendar Deputy. The Kingdom
Calendar Deputy’s deadline 
remains the 15th of the month, 2 months before
Step 2: Send event copy to The Crier
deadline remains the 
15th of the month, 2 months before your event takes place.
(May 15 is the deadline for 
the July issue.) Please put the EVENT DATE & NAME in the
subject line. Use the body 
of your e-mail, or attach a *.doc, *.docx, or *. txt file (no
zipped files or *.odt *.wpd or 
*.wps files). Simple formatting please – no
indents, borders, boxes, boldface, fancy 
fonts, underlines, or tabs. Do NOT send multiple submissions.
To conduct official SCA 
business at an event (presenting awards, Crown lists, etc.)
event copy with the 
information requested below must appear in The Crier (Kingdom
Law Article V.5).
The following information is required for publication:
— Official SCA event title (as it appears on the kingdom
— Name of the sponsoring group.
— Event dates (day, month, year). 
— Mundane location of sponsoring group.
— Autocrat’s name (society & modern), phone number and
e-mail address.
— If a fee is charged, the statement “Make
checks payable to (group name, SCA Inc.)†
must be included; international groups, please use
“Make checks payable to (group 
name).†If there’s a fee, the $5 non-member
surcharge must be mentioned (see NMS 
policy below – the $5 NMS applies only to
adult non-members). IF THERE’S NO FEE 
or required donation, please say so. 
— Site location (mundane name, street address, town, and
postal/zip code if available). 
— Hours: when the site opens & closes.
— Explicit driving directions are strongly recommended (and
required for any site that 
has no street address). Please drive and double-check your
Event copy is limited to 350 words. 
Extraneous language is fun but may be pruned to create room if
we’re tight.

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