Daffodil Tournament and Feast


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Isabella de la Vega
Date: March 19 , 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on March 19th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Cowichan Exhibition Grounds
7380 Trans Canada Hwy Duncan, BC V9L 6B1

Archers! Artisans! Come one and all on March 19, 2016 to compete
for glory at the Barony of Seagirt’s Daffodil Tournament!

There will be exciting activities including:

Defender of Seagirt Tournament (heavy)
Captain of the Grenadiers Tournament (rapier)
Archery Contest
Daffodil In Any Medium Contest (A&S novice and advanced)
Daffodil Costume Contest (A&S novice and advanced)
Period Feast
A Door Prize

 Event Steward: Isabel Velazquez de la Vega
(Serena Stratford)
933 Skogstad Way
Victoria BC, V9B 3C2
(no calls after 9pm please)

Site info: event runs 9am to 11pm
Cowichan Exhibition Grounds
7380 Trans Canada Hwy
Duncan, BC V9L 6B1

Amazing prizes to be won:

Heavy Champion: Heavy Helm
Rapier Champion: Buckler
Archery Competition: Quiver
Daffodil Costume A&S
Contest: Fabric and Trim
Daffodil Any Medium A&S Contest: Lanterns
Door Prize: Prize Treasure Chest of goodies

Gate Fees:

Feast and Entry Combo:
Adult $30
Youth (13-18) $15
Child (12-6) $10
Infant (5-0) Free

Entry Only:
Adult $20
All Minors Free

$5 Non Member Surchage (NMS) applies to all adult gate

Please have all minor
waivers and consent forms filled out ahead for all underage
children. Forms at 
http://www.antir.sca.org/Pubs/forms/. Underage
children coming without their parents must have forms signed by
their parents designating an accompanying adult as their guardian
for the event.

Feast and Entry Combo tickets will be sold in advance and the cut
off will be March 12th. No Combo tickets will be sold at the door,
only Entry tickets. All tickets are non-refundable. Please make any
cheques payable to “Barony of Seagirt”.

Please remember to present your numbered ticket at gate, as
the stub will be entered in a draw for our door prize! Each ticket,
whether it be Combo or Entry Only will have a matching stub that
will be entered into the Door Prize to win the Daffodil Tournament
Treasure Chest! To be eligible to win, all you have to do is attend
the event! What kind of awesome things will be in the Treasure
Chest you ask? See for yourself what we have so

* White linen
* Blue wool
* Woven trim
* Black silk embroidery floss
* Wooden embroidery hoop
* Tudor themed needle keep with tapestry needles
* Tudor themed scissor keep with embroidery scissors
* Glassware (set of 2)
* Red satin embellished keepsake box
* Silver gilded book (journal/multi-purpose)
* Dress maker pins and tape measure
* Titanium scissors set (small and medium)
* Calligraphy set (pens, nibs, multiple coloured ink &
instruction book)
* Modern parchment paper (8.5 x 11)
* Wooden chess set (travel sized)
* Gouache paint set (12 colours)
* Paint brush set and palette

and more to come!


9:00 am Site opens
10:00 am Opening Baronial Court/Invocation of the lists
10:30 am Lists for Rapier and Heavy Tournaments open
11:00 am Archery and A&S Contests begin
11:30 am Lists for Rapier and Heavy Tournaments close
12:00 pm Rapier Tournament begins
1:00 pm Heavy Tournament begins
3:00 pm Tavern opens
3:30 pm Entry for Door Prize Draw closes
4:00 pm Closing Baronial Court/Investing of Champions/Door Prize
5:00 pm Principality Court
6:00 pm Preparing hall for the feast
7:00 pm Feast
8:30 pm Dancing and Revelry
11:00 pm Site closes

Daffodil is not only a place where Marshal Arts contests will be
had, but also those of the Gentle Arts! As usual there will be the
Daffodil Any Medium and Costume Contests, and we will be continuing
with having two categories (Novice and Advanced) for each of the
A&S competitions. The details of the contests are as

Daffodil Any Medium Contest: This is a
free-for-all A&S contest. Submit whatever medium you like, from
cloth to food to paint to poetry.
Anything goes, so long as its Daffodil themed.

Daffodil Costume Contest: Dont let the name
fool you, this A&S contest doesnt require your submission to be
Daffodil themed. Submit a piece of garb completed by yourself,
whether a single item or an entire ensemble, the choice it

Novice Category: This category is for those
newer to the world of A&S will require only 1 page of brief,
basic documentation (the who, what, where, when and why of your

Advanced Category: This category is for more
experienced artisans and will require a more robust and standard
Baronial level documentation of no more than 3-5 pages long. Please
submit a copy of your documentation to moc.liamtoh@llewdloc.aneres
by midnight, Saturday March 12th so the judges may review it prior
to the event.

Day Food (all proceeds going to the Seagirt Baronial
Travel Fund):

Coffee $1 per cup or $5 all day

Hot water will be available for tea, please bring your own tea
bags, as this is a fundraiser we request 25 cents per cup of
hot water or $1 for all day


Sweet filling $3 each
Whipped cream
Peanut butter

Savoury filling $4 each

Ingredient list for the feast:

(The selection of breads, cheeses, pickles and olives hasn’t
been decided yet. That will be decided closer to the day)

* Chicken Pie: chicken breast, onion, butter, bread crumbs,
raisins, dried cranberries, pepper, powder forte (ginger, nutmeg,
mace, cloves)

* Salat (Salad): mixed greens (will depend on availability and
cost) with a oil and vinegar dressing

* Vegetable Soup: zucchini, butternut squash, onion, vegetable
broth, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron, brown sugar

* Baked turnips and cheese: turnips, Swiss cheese sauce (rice
flour, milk and Swiss cheese), allspice, nutmeg

* Roast chicken: whole chicken, garlic, salt & pepper

* Beef Skewers: beef cubes, oil, garlic, salt & pepper

* Roasted vegetables: carrots, onion, butternut squash,


Tables will be $5 each this year. To request one please send me
an email at moc.liamtoh@llewdloc.aneres, stating your name and how
many tables you will require. We will have space for about 10-12
6ft tables, and it will be first come first served for


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