Champions Tourney & Boar’s Head Hunt


Event Summary

Date: September 28 , 2013 until September, 29 2013
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 28th 2013
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 29th 2013

Event site:
Camp Ireland
31557 NW Camp Ireland Road Hillsboro, OR 97124

chedule of Events:

Saturday – Open to the Public, 10am

Opening Court: All those wishing to via for a
Championship please be prepared to present your Letter of Intent to
Their Excellencies, Baron Refr and Baroness Svava.


Boar Hunt Scenario and a Two Hander Rooney as
prepared by Lord Nicolai Rabenis von Tachov.

Archery Championship conducted by Lady
Caterina de Fortuna.

Thrown Weapons Championship conducted by Lady
Caterina de Fortuna for Gowain.

Rapier conducted by Eoghan O’Briain and
William Drake.

Arts & Sciences Classes will be from
11am-4pm, in the small covered hut areas (cunningly labelled: Hut A
& Hut B)
Please bring small bills to pay your teacher(s) directly. Please
bring a chair! No pre-registration, get to class on time to get a
space!! More exclamation points!!!




Hut A

Hut B


Class title: How to make a simple fabric satchel

Instructor: HL (Lady) Hannah Tobias

Class size: 2min/8max

Length of class: 1 hour

Cost: $2

Things students should bring or not bring: Bring scissors, tape
measure, needle and thread.


Class Description: Whether called a scrip, a wallet, or a satchel
everyone wants a way to carrying things hands free. This class will
show you how to construct a simple rectangular satchel with

The Lopsided Stitch: Long-Arm Cross Stitch

Instructor: Mistress Arlys o Gordon

Cost: $2

Class size: 3min/10max

Length of class: 1.5 hrs

Students bring: sewing snips, a chair, and a beverage as desired.
All other materials and a handout will be provided by the

Course Description: Long-Arm Cross stitch is a variant of regular
cross stitch and was used throughout Europe from at least the
1200’s on. While it is a little tricky at first, it is easy to
learn, lends itself to a wide variety of uses, and is a very sturdy
stitch. Students will learn a bit about its history, see some
period and SCA-period examples, then practice the stitch before
embarking on a small class project.


Class title: Intro to
Medieval Smocking

Instructor: Mistress Katrine
de Saint Brieuc

Class size:

Cost: Free

Length of class: 1

Come learn how to make a medieval smocked apron!  You should
bring 1 yard of linen or cotton (not too thick) for a waist length
apron, needles and white thread.  If you have a preference for
smocking thread color bring the embroidery thread of your
choice  If you don’t have cloth the instructor will
provide fabric to do practice smocking. 

Long-Arm Cross Stitch


Open in case Smocking runs


Class title: Easy Medieval

Instructor: Domina Cassia

Class size:

Cost: $2.00

Length of class: 1

Come make easy medieval sauces using easy to procure ingredients in
easy to mix applications. Spiff up your usual event cooking by
adding an easy historic sauce to meats and other food. Our focus
will be on quick and tasty and easily portable sauces, many don’t
need refrigeration. Come get a feel for historic condiments and
leave with examples to try at home or at the potluck.

Students should be baggies or containers to take samples home or to


Class title: Hat making in
the German style

Instructor: Mistress Katrine
de Saint Brieuc

Class size:

Cost: Free

Length of class: 1

Come learn how to cover a straw hat to make a wide brimmed hat
suitable for 16th century fashions (especially
German!)  Materials will be provided, but if you have a strong
color preference, please bring around a yard of wool, brocade or
velvet that you would like to use.  

Sauces continued (if


Open for Hat making to
continue as desired.


Children’s Equestrian and a few other child
friendly activities will be available, HL Conchobhar o’Muirchertaig
will be sheparding the activitivies. 

Archery and Thrown Weapons Investiture after
the fighting.

**************Roast Pig Potluck
 – immediately following court! The Barony of Dragon’s
Mist will be providing a whole roast pig and bread. We ask that our
guests please help us provide the rest of the meal in side dishes
and desserts. The event has a German theme, if you could provide a
dish to feed your party and 8 to 10 other guests we would
gratefully appreciate it!

There are no kitchen facilities on
site. We will try to have coolers available Saturday morning for
things that need to stay cold. If you need to heat your dish,
please be prepared to bring your own heat source. We’ll be
using the picnic tables available on site along with additional
tables. Bring a chair in case you’re not eating at a picnic


Sunday –
Site open to the public, 10am

Opening Court for anyone who did not turn in a Letter of Intent
on Saturday.

10:30 AM Armor Inspection

Class:  Needlefelting with Countess Astrid. Class
Max – 3 or 4. Fee: $5 for materials Time: TBD

Heavy Championship Tourney as prepared by Gerard de Bayonne.

Knights, Squires and all unbelted fighters of merit! The Barony
of Dragon’s Mists seeks to reward your prowess for one-on-one
combat AND command in war during this year’s tournament for
the Heavy Championship of the Barony of Dragon’s Mist in A.S.

Description of Scenarios: 

If there are 12 or more entrants: 

Alliance by Conquest 

The first round will be round-robin, one-on-one fights.
Remaining rounds will be melees with captained teams. 

1. Entrants will be grouped by the Lists into four fields.
 Those four fields will fight round robin, and become a unit
advancing to the next round, with the fighter with the most wins as
their Captain.  

2. Lists will then pair those four teams for the for the next
round. Paired teams will fight melee-style 2 out of 3 fights
against their assigned opponent. The Captains of the winning team
of each pairing will assume command of both teams’ fighters
in the next round (Finals).  

3. The Finals will consist of 2 out of 3 bouts between the
remaining Captains and their full teams. The Captain of the winning
team will be made the next champion of Dragon’s Mist.


• In addition to being named champion, there will be a
prize for the captain of the winning team.  

• There will also be a prize for the most chivalrous
fighter to be decided by the lady’s gallery.  

• The team members of the victorious team will receive a

If there are less than 12 entrants: 

There will be a multi-weapon, scenario-based, double-elimination
tourney with special conditions each round.  (e.g. Specified
weapons, bridge fight, standard field, broken terrain, baronesses
choice, etc.)  


• In addition to being named champion, there will be a
prize for the victor. 

• There will also be a prize for the most chivalrous
fighter to be decided by the lady’s gallery.  

Champions Baronial Court



There is potable water on-site.

We will have limited camping available on
site for those who are traveling from out of town. Contact
the Event Steward for further details.



There are areas off the paths that have poison
oak and wasps. Please stay on the paths. If you have a bee allergy,
please bring your epi-pen. 


Site Fees:

Adults $15 includes, roast pig potluck for the weekend + NMS
fees.  Young adults aged 15-18 $10.

Children under the age of 15 get in free! 

There is a site token.

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