Champion’s Favour


Hosted by Device of Hartwood

The Shire of Hartwood (Nanaimo, Campbell River, Courtenay, Port Alberni, BC )

Hosted by Device of Online

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Cunegonda van den Bossche
Date: July 17 , 2020 until July, 18 2020
Online meeting begins at: 5:00 PM on July 17th 2020
Online meeting ends at: 8:00 PM on July 18th 2020

This is an online Informal gathering.

Each of the Hartwood Combat Champions are getting restless during the plague restrictions, and are looking to have challengers vie for their favour. Join Hartwood for a day of ‘camping’, TUTR classes, challenges, and general camaraderie.

To connect to this meeting online, you’ll need the following information:

This e-Vent will use the zoom platform.

Please contact the individual above with any questions.

Classes, Champion’s Challenges, games and round tables will take place throughout the day.


Note that the most up to date schedule can be found on google docs.

Time Main Hall Challenges Classes
5-8 pm Socializing N/A N/A
9:00 am Welcome    
10:00 am Socializing (All Day) Craftsman Fabric Stamping
11:00 am   Thrown Weapons
12:00 pm   Heavy Armour Verdant Quill Drawing
1:00 pm   Scholar
2:00 pm   Archery Hair Taping
3:00 pm Royal Q&A Rapier (2 hr)
4:00 pm   Book Binding
5:00 pm   Ducal
6:00 pm   Bardic  
7:00 pm      
8:00 pm      


This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - Tir Righ
Is conducted online
Is an online class
Is an online gathering
Has Classes
Has Bardic activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities

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Online Event Connection Information

This e-Vent will use the zoom platform.

Registration Information

Pre-registration for classes begins July 2nd and noon and closes July 16th. To register, please fill out this form

Any challenges that require documentation submitted in advance will be due no later than Thursday, July 16th, 6pm PST. All entries should be sent to with a subject line reflecting the relevant challenge.

Tournament Information

Third in a series of Ducal Challenges, her Grace Tangwystl Tudur now seeks to be inspired by Hartwood and friend’s encampments. Additionally, Hartwood’s champions have issued challenges to earn their Favour. If entries are specified as required in advance, the deadline is 6pm Thursday 16th. All entries should be emailed to Subject line should be the name of the favour it is directed at.

Ducal Challenge

Tangwystl Tudur, Duchess and Viscountess of Ealdormere and Countess of the Midrealm to all the Commons of Hartwood, So sworn in fealty to the Kingdom of An Tir.

On this Day of Champions, We would be delighted and so pleased if all the Good Commons of Hartwood and our Friends would set out to decorate and imagine such wondrous Medieval Presences and Encampments that would inspire all to achieve.

Be creative and as authentic as you are able. Decorate your backyard, balcony, or even your living room. Decorate as much or as little as you want to or are able to. Large or small, it all counts.
• Please submit photographs on Friday July 16th to before 5 p.m., with subject line: Ducal Challenge
• Please include a very brief description of what you have submitted.
• Include your name, persona and the rough era and place your are presenting
• We will be reviewing all entries at 5 p.m. Saturday July 17th

Be Inspired and Excited, just have fun!
Tangwystl Tudur
dei gratia, si quid est, subscripsi who ordered all these above writings to be written.

Halima al-Rakkasa
notary, wrote them.

Archer’s Favour


Category: military sciences

Entries may include 1 or more of the following categories:

Presentation (5 min max) recorded video file
Documentation (2 page max) submitted document
Created artifact (2 page max) submitted document showing the object through images
Bardic Performance (5 min max) recorded video or audio file performing a bardic wit the subject of medieval munitions.

Each category is worth a total of 10 judged points. Entrants only need to enter a single category but MAY enter more, up to all 4. Total Aggregate score will determine the winner.

The focus of these categories is an object used as a missile weapon against armed opponents and shot from some form of weaponized object. It may include Arrows, bolts, javelins, rocks or any other item documented to be used during your declared time period (+- 50 years) and in your declared location.

Entries should be submitted no later than 6 PM Thursday July 16 , 2020 to
Subject line: Its been so long I really missile you

Any questions can be addressed to James Llewellyn.

Bard’s Favour

As the Bard of Hartwood, I challenge you to entertain the populace with a show of creativity and skill. Using the medium of puppetry, present to us a folk tale or fable during the grand feast on July 18th. Make sure your telling includes a strong moral. You may pre-record your play, or present it live.

Before the show commences, at 4pm, all players will convene in a breakout room to discuss their presentations with myself and the other judges. Please be prepared to summarize your presentation (you do not have to show the whole thing at this time) and discuss why you made the choices you did as far as type of puppet, fable selection, theatrical story telling devices, historical puppetry and how yours relates, etc.

Send any documentation you wish to: by Thursday July 16th, 6pm.
Subject line: Bard’s Favour

If you have any questions, please contact Fionualla, or via FB Messenger.

Craftsman’s Favour

As the Shire has been on lock down, the people have turned to their projects. For my favour, I, HL Kjarten kraka, would like to see something you have made to fit your persona. 

Declare that you will enter in writing to with the subject line Craftsman Challenge by Thursday, July 16 at 6 pm. Be prepared to show your project at the designated meeting time. 
All the qualifying entries will be put into a draw to see who gets my favour.

Heavy Fighter’s Favour

The call was made and as Hartwood’s champion I answered. Donning my armour, I rushed to her defence. However, in my rush I brought only meager supplies, not expecting a prolonged siege. I now need the assistance of brave warriors willing to risk plague and hostile forces to come and reinforce Hartwood. The way is difficult and treacherous on its own accord. Assemble your gear and supplies and prepare to brave the trek to our hidden oasis. 

Submit a photo or video of you with your assembled gear and the means by which you (alone) would get it to our location. Please add a list of equipment (as it might not all be visible in a photo) and the reasons you would bring specific items. I will choose the warrior with the best kit to join me in Hartwood, receive my Favor and the gratitude of the populace. 

Send your documentation, picture/video to:
Subject line: Heavy Armored Favour

If you have any questions, please contact Wulfgar via email or FB Messenger.

Rapier Favour

Items needed:
Antir book of rapier combat

As stand in campion I would like my favour to be worn by one whom understands the rules as laid out by the antir book of rapier combat. The winner will be the one who inspires me through knowledge.

Purpose of challange, to inspire and encourage the populace to understand what and why things happen on the field and encourage non combatants of the populace to join the marshallate for rapier.

This challange is open to the entire populace and will be judged on a sliding scale:

  1. Non authorized rapier combatants will be given an opportunity to explain the basic rules of rapier in antir.
  2. Authorized rapier combatants will be given an opportunity to explain the rules of rapier in antir and explain the rules of the list and how they apply them.
  3. Jr and senior rapier marshals will be required to complete task 2. AND explain the authorization process.

Following the challenge I will open a breakout room for discussion of the rules and answer questions about the rules.

Any questions should be sent to Seamus MacDonald.

Scholar’s Favour

Being that you are not near a convenient tavern or castle kitchen, what meal are you going to eat today? Whether mid-day, breakfast, or evening, what is on your table?

Describe this meal as well as you can, considering how and where you achieve ingredients, and how you (or your servant/s) prepare it.

This should take one to two pages, not including a list of references.

Points will be given for:
– Overall impression
– Clarity of communication
– Depth of information
– Reference quality and usage
– Bonus point for recipe!

Send your entry by midnight Thursday July 16, 2020, and be prepared to answer questions about it at the Scholar’s Favour scheduled Saturday time slot on Zoom.

Send to:
Subject line: Scholar’s Favour

The one who succeeds in achieving the Scholar’s Favour will have their entry included in the Hartwood newsletter, ‘The Hartbeat’. Will that be you?

If you have any questions, please contact Halima al-Rakkasa, via FB Messenger, or via the event page post for this Challenge.

Share your knowledge! One Hartbeat!

Halima al-Rakkasa, OP
Hartwood Champion – Scholar

Hartwood’s Thrown Weapons Favour

Our forges are lit. Our smithies are poised to tease from raw ingots using mighty hammer blows and gentle taps, the weapons we need to defend our realm. It is up to us to proffer designs for these mighty shapers of ion and steel to replicate.

The Thrown Weapons Challenge for 2020 consists of two parts.

1 – create a mock up of the perfect throwing weapon, either axe, knife or spear. Use cardboard, duct tape, paper mache or shaving cream. (NOTE: hard to win with shaving cream in this environment.)
Your weapon must be “legal”, that is it must conform to the rules set out in the An Tir Book of Targets December 2019 (…/Docu…/Forms/AllItems.aspx… ).

That is a mouthful. You can also find the document by going to and selecting the “Combat – Archery and Thrown Weapons” button.

2- On Saturday July 18th at the appointed time you will join our breakout room and display your pride and joy by bringing up your entry on your screen then sharing your screen to the room. You must then justify your design decisions, pointing out its salient features and explain to us the reason(s) your design will score higher in a royal round than a standard design.

The winner will be the entrant who is best able to convince the judge (me) that their design really does represent a new standard in a thrown weapon. Neatness will count!

NOTE: Only one design per contestant. If designing a spear you only have to create a replica that displays your design modifications. If the shaft is un-changed then you will enter only the head of your spear.

Please email me a photo of your design by 6pm Thursday July 16 – just in case we have a screen sharing nightmare. If your entry runs to a video, then place it on YouTube and provide the URL (address) so we can all access it on Saturday.

Send to:
Subject line: Thrown Weapon’s Favour

Any questions can be sent to Harold of Hartwood.

Harold of Hartwood

Shire of Hartwood
Thrown weapons champion 2019

Volunteer Information

Cunegonda is looking for assistance in moderating throughout the day. If you are interested in a shift, please contact her at Thank you!

Classes Offered

Pre-registration for classes begins July 2nd at noon and closes July 16th. To register, please fill out this form. Any questions can be sent to

Fabric Stamping

10am – 12pm
Tatiana Marina Melville, Mistress of the Order of the Pelican
This is an online class that will address the history of stamping and stenciling on fabric and explain the process of stamping/stenciling on fabric. I will show the tools and supplies that will be needed to print fabric and how to use them.

Scribal Symposium

Brother Thomas of the Verdant Quill
This class is an introduction into the Scribal Arts commonly practiced within the Society. The class will focus upon building the basic elements of medieval manuscript design, establishing a common
vocabulary of scribal terms, and completion of scribal tutorials, etc.

Hair Taping

Honourable Lady Diamanté da Magenta
Technique for hair embellishments, braiding and twists.

Book Binding

Maulana Halima, Order of the Pelican
Create a blank “limp parchment” book in medieval style using easily accessed tools and materials. Class will include detailed instructions on assembling and sewing an adhesive-free notebook. Discussion will include examples and ideas for customizing future books. Procedures and skills learned are transferable to other methods, being only one of many facets of traditional bookbinding.

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