Carrion Dreaming


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Sigrid Arden
Date: September 15 , 2001 until September, 16 2001
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 15th 2001
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on September 16th 2001

Event site:
Pendale’s Champion Tourney Site
1685 Paisley Rd. Spirit Lake, ID 83869-9611

Carrion Dreaming Sept 14-16, 2001 The now full status Shire
of Ravensweir and their former (and most appreciated)
sponsoring Shire of Cold Keep welcome all to this event
planning summit of AnTir’s northernmost shires. There will be
a Rapier Tourney – Ravensweir’s Champion and a Champion of
the Day as well as an Archery competition. There will be a
contest for best codpiece construction (use your imagination)
and there will also be several games of the harvest
persuasion. The site is primative but lovely with no mundane
views at all. Water will be brought in and there is a biffy
on site. Site fee is $3.00 per person, with a family max of
$8.00. The site opens Friday evening and closes Sunday
afternoon. AUTOCRATS – Lady Sigrid Arden (250)992-2123; email, and Rowena Skerlenger (250)747-2720
Carrion Dreaming Rapier Tournament Note to Competitors:
Ravensweir’s Shire Champion will also be chosen by the
results of this tournament. All those wishing to compete for
the Shire Championship must meet Ravensweir’s
requirements. It is most common for Champions to attend three
events in the year they hold the office, and command the
shire’s contingent of fighters in wartime (or appoint a
proxy if champion is unable to attend or is unwilling to
command… unwilling? Who the heck would be unwilling?) ALL
at this time proof of payment is acceptable. Requirements to
compete: -Competitors must have a current rapier
authorization. -Competitors must have armour that meets
minimum Kingdom requirements. -Non-SCA members must sign
waiver before competing. -Armour and weapon inspection will
take place at 10:00 a.m. -Competition will commence at 11:00
a.m. Special Rules: -In some scenarios, the competitor is
allowed to crawl as long as he/she has an arm to support
him/herself. -Extra combatants can enter the fray in some
scenarios, but must still get eye contact with competitor,
thusly “engaging” him/her. -Competitors have the opportunity
to win an extra point by challenging Gwydion, who is offering
challenges to all. The challenge must be well thought out, or
Gwydion will scoff at the challenge and deny you the
opportunity (insufferable prat that he is.) So pick on his
garb, his hair, his fighting prowess (or obvious lack
thereof), or whatever you can think of as long as it is in
the realm of good taste (we don’t want to hurt the
MIC’s we?) Scenarios: The Duel. (any time
during the day, see scenario times to set schedule) -All
fighters must draw a name from a hat. That name will be that
of another combatant. -The fighter must then devise a reason
to duel this individual (and it must be well-thought out, and
in good taste, vulgarity is, well… vulgar.) The fighter
must challenge the individual, and set a time for their duel.
-The competitors must have a marshal present at the duel
(preferably two). -If for some unexplainable reason either
combatant does not show up for the duel, the individual who
does show up wins by default. -The winner of the duel gets 1
point. Caught in the Act! (11:00 a.m.) -§ In a
20’x20’ eric, a bed is placed with covers
(possible parrying devices?) -A member of the opposite sex is
placed in the bed (fully armoured), and is given a dagger.
-The fighter must place his/her weapons within reach, but not
in hand. -The “spouse” of the fighter’s paramour comes
into the room and tries to kill the fighter. -The goal: to
escape the room. The combatant need not injure or kill
his/her opponent, merely escape. -Special rule: the fighter
may crawl if legged, but only if he/she has an extra arm to
support him/herself, and must drag the injured leg. -Special
rule 2: If the fighter takes too long, the paramour attacks
with the dagger (the marshal of the match will alert the
fighter.) -The fighter gets 2 points for escaping without
permanent injury (death) to him/herself or opponent, and only
1 point if he/she kills the spouse. The Bridge. (12:30 p.m.)
-You have an important message to deliver to the King, and
Two rogues await you on the only bridge for miles. -You have
a pistol with one shot, which you must use before engaging in
melee with the rogues, after which you may use the pistol as
a parrying device if you so desire. -The rogues will be armed
with single swords, the fighter with sword and dagger/pistol.
-The fighter gains 1 point for every rogue he/she kills. The
Brawl. (2:00 p.m.) -While relaxing in a tavern, you and a
companion are set upon by the Cardinal’s Guard. -You
have to escape the tavern, or defeat the Cardinal’s
Guard. -The Guard will number three combatants (drawn
randomly), all armed with single sword. -Competitors gain 1
point each for escaping, and 1 point each for defeating the
Guards. The Banquet. (3:30 p.m.) -You and some companions are
about to indulge in a marvellous feast. The problem is,
you’re all broke. The innkeeper wants his due, and you
all begin to argue over who should pay. -Your weapons lay
near, but as soon as one of you touches a blade, the fight is
on. -The goal is to escape with as much food as possible, by
combat, by guile, or by speed. -The innkeeper is armed with a
sword and attacks at random. Fighters gain nothing by killing
an innkeeper… although they don’t lose anything
either. -The only points you gain are for how much food you
escape with: 2 points for the highest amount 1 point for a
full tankard The competition ends when the final duel is done
for the day, or the sun sets. The Champion of the Day will be
announced that night, and The Champion of Ravensweir will be
announced afterwards. Well, that’s it, hope we get plenty of
new folks for me to stab… I mean meet. Gwydion “That extra
point yer gonna need” MacBairn Master of Blades, Ravensweir

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