Championships at the Bear and Apple and Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Viscountess Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle
Date: October 18 , 2019 until October, 20 2019
Site opens at: 3:00 PM on October 18th 2019
Site closes at: 12:00 PM on October 20th 2019

Event site:
Grove Christian Service Camp
37028 Shoreview Dr Dorena, OR 97434

Come one, come all to the Barony of Adiantum this October and celebrate the camaraderie of friends!

The leaves are changing colors, and the air is crisp. The bear prepares for the long winter and the ripe apples are ready for harvesting. The Baronies of Adiantum and Terra Pomaria once again welcome you into the Bear and Apple to witness skill, prowess and creativity as championships are challenged. This year, we are privileged to host the Kingdom of An Tir’s Heraldic and Scribal Symposium and welcome participants with open arms and a warm hearth.

Nestled away on Pitcher Creek, a stone’s throw from the peaceful Row River, Baroun Evan and Baronin Ayla have staged this year’s festivities on a quiet manor. They, and Their Cousins Thegn Clovis and Baronessa Ximena of Terra Pomaria, cordially invite all to come and witness five different competitions:

  • Adiantum Heavy Defender Tournament
  • Adiantum Thrown Weapons Championship
  • Adiantum Bardic Championship
  • Terra Pomaria Rapier Championship
  • Terra Pomaria Arts & Sciences Championship

Along with these activities, there will be a wealth of classes offered on a wide variety of subjects. Watch this space for further details for classes offered at the Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium and the Bear and Apple.

This site features cabin space for approximately 200 persons. If you prefer to set up camp, there is also space to set up tents. In addition, there is space for roughly 36 RVs. There are permanent, indoor bathrooms in three different buildings and approximately 15 indoor showers.

The site is DISCREETLY WET and bottles must be packed off-site and disposed of elsewhere.

Pets are not allowed. Service Animals and Companion Animals are permitted. Our site’s insurance does not cover them from damage caused by pit bulls, rottweilers and other aggressive animals; therefore, these types of dogs are not permitted on site at all. Other dogs must be on a six-feet or less leash and all animal waste must be cleaned up. Failure to follow these rules will result in the animal and the owner being immediately removed from site. Any animal that becomes aggressive on site will be removed from site along with its owner.

A designated smoking area will be clearly marked on site. Smoking will be allowed only in that area or in your personal vehicle. Smoking anywhere else on site is grounds to be asked to leave the event.

This site does not have cell service. There is a land line present for calling emergency services. Cell service picks back up at the main road.

More information can be found at

This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Royal Presence - Summits

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Registration Information

Pre-registration for this event is now CLOSED. Thank you to the incomparable Gwyneth Blackthorne for being an absolutely invaluable Pre-Reg Mistress – the event staff is better for your work.
You will be able to reserve bunks and meal plan tickets on site. Prices as posted above will apply. Our cabins are not all the same size nor do they hold the same number of people. Questions about bunk space should be directed to the Event Steward (
We will see you at GATE! 🙂

Site Fees

Fee TypeCost*
Sable Lion Event Package$72.00 includes: 1 adult site fee, 1 full meal plan, and 1 bunk or RV space for the weekend.
Blue Grail Event Package$62.00 includes: 1 adult site fee and 1 full meal plan. This package does not include reserved camping; tent camping or day tripping only.
Silver Gryphon Event Package $50.00 includes: 1 adult site fee, 1 Saturday feast ticket, and 1 bunk or RV space for the weekend.
White Mountain Event Package$35.00 includes: 1 adult site fee and 1 bunk or RV space for the weekend. No meals are included in this package.
Golden Bear Event Package$40.00 includes: 1 adult side fee and 1 Saturday feast ticket. This package does not include reserved camping; tent camping or day tripping only.
Silver Apple Event Package$25.00 includes: 1 adult site fee. Neither meals nor reserved camping are included; tent camping or day tripping only.
Rampant Unicorn Event Package$47.00 includes: 1 youth bunk and 1 full meal plan.
Courant Fox Event Package$25.00 includes: 1 youth bunk and 1 Saturday feast ticket.
Dormant Tyger Event Package$10.00 includes: 1 youth bunk.
Couchant Dragon Event Package$0.00: This package is for youth who are day-tripping, tent camping or staying with parents in an RV for attendance tracking only.

*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost of the adult packages listed above. There is no site fee for youths who attend the event and are tent camping, day tripping or staying in RVs.

Packages are constructed with the following cost breakdown: $25.00 adult site fee, $37.00 full meal plan, $15.00 Saturday feast ticket only, $10.00 per bunk, and $10.00 per RV.

Event Schedule

Friday, October 18, 2019  
4:00 PMSite Opens 
6:00 PMKitchen Opens for DinnerMain Hall
8:30 PMAdiantum Baronial CourtMain Hall
11:00 PMGate Closes and Kitchen Closes for Dinner 
Saturday, October 19, 2019  
7:00 AMWake Up Town Cry 
7:30 AMKitchen Opens for BreakfastMain Hall
9:00 AMKitchen Closes for BreakfastMain Hall
9:30 AMMorning Court: Championship InvocationsAmphitheatre
10:00 AMEntries for Terra Pomaria A&S Championship Set UpMain Hall Stage
10:30 AMAdiantum Thrown Weapons ChampionshipThrown Weapons Range
11:30 AMKitchen Opens for LunchMain Hall
1:00 PMJudging Begins for Terra Pomaria A&S ChampionshipMain Hall Stage
1:30 PMKitchen Closes for LunchMain Hall
2:00 PMAdiantum Heavy Defender TournamentCentral Green
3:30 PMTerra Pomaria Rapier ChampionshipCentral Green
5:00 PMAdiantum Bardic ChampionshipBardic Circle
6:30 PMPrincipality CourtAmphitheatre
7:30 PMJapanese Feast BeginsMain Hall
Sunday, October 20, 2019  
7:00 AMWake Up Town Cry 
8:00 AMKitchen Opens for BreakfastMain Hall
9:00 AMBlack Lion Herald’s MeetingGymnasium Meeting Space
10:00 AM Submissions RoadshowGymnasium Meeting Space
10:00 AMKitchen Closes for BreakfastMain Hall
12:00 PMSite Closes 

Meal Information

The Tall Dwarf Tavern Presented by HL Skjaldar-Þorsteinn Thunderhand

Friday Dinner


  • There will be both a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian broth to choose from. The noodles will be homemade and this dish will include seasonal vegetables.

Saturday Breakfast

Eggs, bacon, french toast, and potatoes O’Brien

Saturday Lunch

Burgers, Bratwurst, Fries, and Salad

  • Portabella mushroom caps will be available for a vegetarian option.

Saturday Dinner Period Japanese Feast 

Steamed glutenous rice
Kobachi (small side salad)
Grilled fish (Grilled Tempeh for Vegetarians)
Nishime (Simmered Chicken and Vegetables)
Soba (served cold with a dipping sauce
Tsukemono (Japanese Pickles)
Miso Soup
Onigiri Rice Balls with sweet bean filling

Sunday Breakfast 

Leftovers plus Saturday menu

If you have any dietary restrictions and plan on eating at the event kitchen, please note these on your pre-registration form once it is available. The kitchen staff will do their best to meet restrictions that are known about in advance.

Meals will be available a la carte for $8.00 excepting Saturday feast which is $15.00. The meal plan for the full weekend is $37.00.

Tournament Information

There are five championships happening at this event.

Adiantum Heavy Defender Tournament

This tournament will be a standard double elimination format with a slight twist. Weapon formats for each round will be chosen by the Gallery of spectators. The current champion is Viscount Kenric Maur.

Adiantum Thrown Weapons Championship

Details about this championship will be coming soon! The current champion is HL Duncan McKai.

Terra Pomaria Rapier Championship

The format will be a single round robin bring your best tournament.

At the beginning of each round both fighters will be shown a card from a standard modern playing card deck.  After the winner of the bout has been declared the winner will be asked what their card was.  If the winner names their card they get the win.  If the winner fails to name their card the loser is asked what their card was.  If the loser can name their card then the bout is refought with new cards assigned each time a bout is fought.

The finals will be best 2 out of 3 with the fighters being shown 2 cards before each fight. The current champion is HL Santinus Contarinni.

Adiantum Bardic Championship

This championship will be held around a firepit with ample seating outdoors, if the weather holds. Bring your best three pieces; two for the first round and one for the finals. Pieces do not need to be period, but period pieces are encouraged and documentation of those pieces is optional. The current champion is HL Iurii Belogorski.

Terra Pomaria Arts & Sciences Championship

The theme for this championship will be “Medieval Life of the Mind: elements of medieval life that influenced people’s values, discourse, and perspectives on the world.” Projects should include some visual element (finished handcraft, tri-fold board, demonstration, essay with pictures) and a 3-6 minute speech. Topics can include anything under the A and S umbrella. Documentation not required, but it will give extra points in judging. Competitors will be asked to lay their entries out on tables by a certain time, and judging will begin a couple of hours after they’ve been laid out. Competitors should include any documentation in written format with their display. In their speech, competitors should be prepared to explain how their entries would have contributed to the medieval “life of the mind.” The current champion is Nest verch Alan.

If you intend to vie for one of the championships for the Barony of Adiantum, Their Excellencies would ask you declare your intent to them in any medium at some point before the first day of the event.

Information about challenging for the championships of the Barony of Terra Pomaria will be forthcoming shortly!

Classes Offered

Classes for Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

 Lg Gym 1Lg Gym 2Meeting SpaceOutdoor 1Outdoor 2
8-8:55 am   What’s all that Hand Waving? An introduction to Silent Heraldry – Gabrielle d’Arci What Heralds Do – Wilhelm von Düsseldorf
9-9:55 am     
10-10:55 amRoman Capitals – TalesinBeginning Scribal from a Beginning Scribe – Valka of ThornwoldBasic Welsh Pronunciation – Myvanwy verch RobertPrincipal Heralds Q&ASign Heraldry Survival: tips and tricks for doing your best – Gabrielle d’Arci
11-11:55 am Beginning Calligraphy – Alicia du BoisMarginalia – Eden the Mad  
12-12:55 pmLUNCH BREAK
1-1:55 pmCeltic Uncials – TalesinIntential Drawing – Alicia du BoisArmorials, Analysis, and Regional Styles II – Oddr ÞiálfasonFine-tuning Courts – Cormac MorCeremonies – Natasha Orionova
2-2:55 pm    
3-3:55 pm Egg Tempera Techniques for Scribal Work – Antonia CrivelliSimple Armory, the SENA Way – Cormac MorAdding Historic Inspiration to the Scribal Arts- Suggestions for the Novice Calligrapher – Yzabels 
4-4:55 pm     

Other Class Offerings

8:30 AMLions, Griffins & Bears…. Oh My! – Nai Martyn
10:00 AMHow Not To Lose A Finger In The Kitchen – Skjaldar-Þorsteinn Thunderhand
 A Brief Introduction to an Italian Woman’s Dress – Luna Francesca di Marco Luppi
1:00 PMIntroduction to Stone Carving – Brynjarr Olfuss
3:00 PMShading and Value in Illumination – Thorholfr Egilsson (suggested donation $5 for materials)

Emergency Preparedness Information

This site is serviced for emergency services by the local forest service ranger station. The nearest hospital is in Cottage Grove. A landline is available to make emergency phone calls and cell service is abundant at the main road.

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