Barons Ball


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Kata Jonandottir
Date: October 6 , 2017 until October, 8 2017
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 6th 2017
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on October 8th 2017

Event site:
Horn Rapids County Park
NSA Benton City, WA 99320

Come join the great Barony
of Wastekeep for our a weekend filled with fighting, dancing,
 archery,  arts, and good company.  

We are continuing the
tradition started last year with a prize for our war tourney but
adding to it. This year there will be a coveted prize for the war
tourney,  Rapier, and Archery! (More info and teasers to
come). There will also be a partner tourney on Friday.

We will be having a
dessert ball on Saturday for those with a song in their hearts or
for those with a desire for sweets. 

Your kids will have a
blast too during our YAC scenario, heraldry class and making a
veggie monsters.

Get the dates in your
calender. Oct 6-8

Feel free contact one of
the event coordinators.

Lady Kata


Lady Ciosa Leonora


25 fee for non

Site opens 3pm on Friday
closes 12 pm on Sunday

Horn rapids county

115803 N WA-225

Benton City,

Baron’s Ball
tentative Schedule (subject to corrections)

Please keep in mind that
the schedule will be followed as close as possible, but there are
always glitches. 

Archery: Range will be
open following court until approximatly 5pm. There will be a break
for lunch from 12:00- 1:00 for lunch, as well as a pause for the
semi-combat shoot that begins at 1:00 PM. 


3:00 pm Site

6:00 pm Game of the goose

7:00 pm Torchlight partner


8:30 am Opening

9:00 am Rapier rose

YAC will follow the
tournament approximately starting at 10:30

9:00 am Spindle

9:30 Veggie Monsters
(youth activity)

11:00 heavy war

11:00 Shoe making

11:00 Introduction to
Madder and Woad class

1:00 archery semi-combat
shoot begins

2:00 Measurements for garb

3:00 Kingdom Heraldry
youth activity

6:00 Court

Dancing and desserts will
begin about an hour after court ends ☺


12:00 site



Beginning Spinning
&  All About Wool  –  1 hour –   HL
Aerngaldra Hrafnskald

If you’ve ever
wanted to spin your own yarn but have either never learned how, or
need a refresher, this class is for you! You will learn about the
history and use of the drop spindle and how to prepare raw wool for
spinning, as well as some background information about historic
sheep breeds, the nature of wool, and the many things it can be
used for. Informational class handouts as well as all supplies will
be provided free of charge; however, if you wish to keep a spindle
I am asking for an $8 donation to cover my materials & time
invested in making them.

Rapier tournament for
Barons ball will be a rose tournament. Those participating in the
tournament should have an inspiration to enter.

MOD Andrew
 has provided assistance to
the event steward and we have chosen this blade as the prize for
Baron’s Ball Rapie’s Rose Tournament (second only to the admiration
of your inspiration). This tournament will be fought first thing
Saturday morning (well, second, as court will precede it) so don’t
be late.

Gerhard ‘ s shoe making class,
$25 per person, 4ish hours, 8 today 10

Una, introduction to
madder and woad, will get class size and specific, I can’t get the
document she sent to open so I have asked her to email it to

Ciana is going to
teach a class on taking measurements for garb and versions of basic

HL Una of Grimwith will be
teaching a class on intro to old world plant dyes: Madder and
Class will discuss some history and fundamental basics of mordant,
plant dyes in general, madder and woad in particular.

If there are 2 to 5 people
interested she will include a hands on section. Mordanting and
dyeing of fabric or yarn with madder or woad. Participants would
need to bring a pair of dishwashing gloves and 1 pound of prewashed
fabric or yarn, either wool, silk, linen or cotton. These dyes are
permanent and can stain you and or your clothing so please plan
accordingly. For hands on portion $5 per color. Please let us know
if interested so Una can prepare.

Tourchlight partner
Tourney-Come have some fun and make new friends in the heat of
battle during our friday night partner tourney. Both the partners,
and the weapons will be random!

Sergeant Squire Seamus de



Let the battles begin! Once
again Sir Devin has created a prize to be sought after by those
throughout this kingdom, and maybe beyond. . In order to take
possession you must travel to the Barony of Wastekeep, participate
in the heavy fighters battles and emerge as the top



Young fighters of An Tir:
Last year, you braved tests of fighting, cleverness, and daring-do
to heroically rescue our populace from the evil trolls. 
Her Excellency Katherine wishes to protect her people, and calls on
youth fighters to help her test her new keep security system at
Baron’s Ball this year.

Bring your current
authorization card to the field. Loaner equipment is available for
YAC, but youth must provide their own primary protection. We are
still using the old YAC armor and weapon rules, which can be
found at the Kingdom website.

Questions can go to YAC MIC Rashida:
alkoppel at gmail


Archery at Baron’s Ball!

lot of you asked for it to return… many of you seem to love
shooting at your friends… or maybe you just have a score to

No matter the reason, I’m pleased to
announce the second edition of Rashida’s Semi-Combat Shoot!! You
don’t need special authorization or equipment to compete in this
prize tourney. We’ll provide combat arrows and bows which draw 30#
or less (or bring your own bow with that draw weight), and we’ll
provide you with your living targets!

Prizes will be awarded for the high
score in adult and youth divisions. All ages and abilities are very

The range will be open for Royal Rounds
and open shoots before and after the prize tourney on Saturday, and
maybe Sunday*.

* Open times subject to number of
Marshals available and when I have to run YAC. Please give me, your
Archery MIC, a holler if you have questions or want to help out on
the range!

– Rashida bint Yusuf


This year Youth and Family activities
will include a scavenger hunt for rocks painted with the heraldry
of each kingdom. The beautiful painting is being done be Yentil and
Levi, and Yentil has prizes planned for those who find a stone and
can identify the kingdom. Parents start working with your children
on identifying kingdom heraldry, we will all learn and have


For a little extra fun during the
Dance on Saturday night make your favorite medieval dessert or
finger food to share!

There will be a populace choice for a
favorite dish.

Break out those
recipes and have fun creating!!


Fighters are not
the only ones competing for wonderful prizes. The winner of
Saturday evening’s medieval desert contest will take home a pair of
these handmade spatulas.



We will be having
a two item largess contest. You only have to make 2 of any largess
item to enter, you can enter more than once. Winner will be chosen
by populace choice and receive the Baroness choice of entries as

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