Barons Ball


Event Summary

Date: September 30 , 2016 until October, 2 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on September 30th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on October 2th 2016

Event site:
Horn Rapids County Park
NSA Benton City, WA 99320



Hark Gentles, one and all!


Autumn is soon upon us; crops must be
harvested, stores replenished, and enemies vanquished before winter

Join us for heavy war scenarios, dancing,
bards, classes, the Tournament of Roses, the infamous troll and
cliff battles, fun, and frivolity. Great prizes and glory to be

A new addition for Saturday! Even more Rapier
at Barons Ball!
There will be a “lava pit” homage to “Hunkerhausen” prize
tournament and pickups. The prize is a hand forged set of hardware
for a fifteenth century belt made by Michael Lancaster.



If you are interested in merchanting, please
contact HL Gudrun: moc.liamg@32gnilsiA

If you would like to teach a class, please
contact HE Ysabella Greene:

For RV reservations, please contact Master
Ulrik: moc.liamtoh@flowmirg

For eric reservation or large group space,
please contact HL Gudrun: moc.liamg@32gnilsiA



Event Steward information:

HE Dagrun Stjarna:

HL Gudrun
Saebjarnarsdottir: moc.liamg@32gnilsiA


Adult event fee is $20, with a $5 discount for
members.  Children
ages 0-17 are free. Checks to Barony of Wastekeep, SCA Inc.

Site opens Friday at 3pm and closes Sunday at

 There are RV spaces available
with hook ups for medical needs.


Scenarios for this year’s Baron’s Ball:

Baron’s Ball is a Norman team tournament”

Combatants will be divided into two teams and every combatant will
be assigned a number by the lists. The teams will engage in a
series of melee combat scenarios. When a combatant dies, he/she
goes to the lists table to report a death for him/her and the
number of the fighter that killed him/her. At the end of the day,
the fighter with the most wins minus losses is declared the

Scenario 1: Castle battle: Teams take turns 15 min defending
and 15 min attacking the castle. 
Scenario 2: Dragon battle – Teams select a group of five fighters
to be lashed together to fight as the “Dragon”. The opposing team
sends a series of heroes to slay the dragon. Team that defeats the
dragon with the least amount of fighters gets one victory each.
Scenario 3 – Open Field: 20 minute open field battle.
Scenario 4 – Troll Cliff battle: Teams will assemble at either end
of a cliff path that has two troll caves. Teams must fight the
other team while surviving the attacks of the trolls and avoiding
falling to their death.

Rules: Each fighter must fight with
a weapon <48″ long in AT LEAST ONE battle (Dragon battle not
included). Each fighter may only fight with a weapon longer than
7’4″ in ONLY ONE battle (Dragon battle not included).





12:00pm Site opens for

3:00pm Site opens for


 8:00am Wake up

9:00am Lists open

 9:30am Court

  with YAC
inspection following

   10:00am YAC Scenarios

Block Printing Saturday (1.5 hours, $5.00 for supplies 6 students

    10:30am Heavy armor


   11:00am-4:00pm Heavy

Silk painting Saturday (3 hour class,6 ppl max)

   1:00pm Embroidery Fill
Stitches Saturday (2 hour class)

Breeds of sheep and wool preparation in the Migration and Viking
ages. (2 hour class)


 2:00pm Archery prize tourney

 4:00pm Evening Court

 7:00pm Ball and Desserts





 8:00am Wake up

 9:00am Rapier armor

 10:00am  Fabric Block Printing (3 hour
class, 6 ppl max)

 9:30am Tournament of the

Closing Court to follow

 3:00pm Site closes


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