Barons Ball


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Thorkell Palsson
Date: October 3 , 2014 until October, 5 2014
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on October 3th 2014
Site closes at: 12:00 AM on October 5th 2014

Event site:
Sacajawea State Park
2503 Sacajawea Park Rd. Pasco, WA 99301


Come one, come all – it’s time for Baron’s

This year is special, as Their Majesties will be passing the
Baronial Coronet’s on to their Heirs.  There will 
be dancing, fighting, classes, feasting, archery, Arts &
Science as well as Bardic Championships.

There will be a potluck feast with a main dish being provided for
by the Barony of Wastekeep.  Mundane last name A-G, bring a
Side Dishes (i.e., veggies, salads, hot dishes – there are
electrical outlets to plug in crock pots and such.)  H-N Bread
and Cheeses, O-U Desserts, and V-Z Surprise Us!

Cost is $15 per adult (18+), children and youths are *FREE*. 
NMS applies.  RV Campers – please contact me for



 3:00pm Site opens
 7:30pm Dance warm up. Come learn the dances and look good for
the evening!
 8:00pm Dancing (this is a Ball after all)


 8:00am Herald Wake Up
 8:30am Wastekeep Sergeants Meeting – Akornebir DragonWing
 9:00am Morning Baronial Court with YAC armor inspection
following, YAC Melee on the eric
 10:00am Drop Spindle and Fleece Prep
 10:00am Basic Heavy Marshalling, followed by a Basic
 10:00am Archery Range Opens
 10:30 Heavy armor inspection
 11:00am Heavy Scenarios
 12:00pm Splendid Six entries due and voting opens
 12:00pm Draping bias-cut hose for men or women
 1:00pm Weavers Clinic
 1:00pm A&S entries due at the Baronial Pavilion
 1:00pm Family Activities – Veggie animals
 2:00pm Event Cooking for Easy Feast Contributions: Pumpes
(meatballs), and Inlands Culinary meetup
 3:00pm Senechal’s Meeting
 3:00pm Scroll Painting
 4:00pm Queen’s Tea and Cookies
 4:00pm Splendid Six voting closes
 4:30pm Champions and Change-over Baronial Court, with A&S
Championship presentations following
 5:00pm Inlands Pelican Meeting
 5:30pm Feast contributions to covered area
 6:00pm Potluck Feast with Evening Court following (Barony
will be providing meat dishes)
 6:30pm Bardic Competition (during feast)
 Royal Court after Feast


 8:00am Herald Wake Up
 9:30am Armor inspection for rapier tournament on the eric
 9:30am Inlands Laurels Meeting
 10:00am Tournament of the Roses
 Closing court after Tournament
 5:00pm Site closes







  • Heavy Scenarios: It’s Baron’s Ball – which
    means the Castle Deerhurst comes out.  We will have three
    different battle locations; Open Field, Castle, and the famous
    Troll Cave Battle.  Weapon’s limitations – a pike may be used
    for one battle, but for all other scenarios, nothing longer than
    His Majesty’s boar spear, one and quarter famns (7’4″), will be
    allowed on the field.  We will have a saw if needed! 



  • Tournament of the Roses – Fight for your
    inspiration and a Baroness.  Fight valiantly, die well, and
    leave a good looking corpse!



  • Youth Armored Combat: Come one, come all, to
    Youth Armored Combat, Saturday morning immediately after 9am court.
    We will fight a number of war scenarios on the field.  Please
    be sure to have your authorization cards ready for armor
    inspection. Sword and shield preferred for war fighting. 
    Castle battles!  Capture the treasure chest, filled with
    actual loot!  Brutal one-life grand melee! TROLL BATTLE with a
    special guest troll!!

**We will be looking for very brave heavy fighters to help with
some of the scenarios. Please lend a hand and make the day of a
future adult fighters.



  • Arts and Sciences:  Come compete for the
    honor of following the King as the A&S Champion of the great
    Barony of Wastekeep. Bring your work to be judged on Saturday.
    Small oral presentations for the judges will be expected. Bonus
    points for documentation but documentation is not required. Extra
    prize for populace choice. For those day-tripping Saturday you will
    still be able to compete as the winner(s) will be announced at
    court during the feast. Bring your latest or current project. This
    is a great chance for getting constructive feedback on your A&S
    project even if you don’t think it’s a winner – you may be


  • Bardic:  Bardic Competition at
    Feast.  Calling all Bards and Bardically Inclined! Wastekeep
    will be determining their next Bardic Champion at this event! Those
    interested in competing will need to supply 1-2 pages of
    documentation (tell us about your piece — what time period is it
    from, who composed or performed it, what interested you in it, and
    any other pertinent information about it or the performance of it
    that you learned along the way) INCLUDING cited sources and be
    prepared to answer a few questions about their entry, in addition
    to the performance for the populace. There will be prizes for
    Populace Choice and Best Documentation.



  • Draping bias-cut hose for men or women – At
    the end of two hours, students can walk away with a custom-fit,
    re-usable paper pattern for fabric stockings or chausses. 
    Limited to 12 spots, cost is $5 per person.  Muslin, paper,
    hand-outs, and tools provided.

  • Drop spindle and fleece prep.  A
    beginner’s (introductory) class on using the drop spindle to spin
    wool. We will cover some of the history of the spindle, wool &
    fleece types and their preparation for spinning, as well as good
    technique for drafting and spinning an even yarn.  No prior
    experience is necessary, you will walk away from the class knowing
    more about wool and sheep, and able to spin your first yarn. This
    class will run about an hour to an hour and a half, depending on
    how many people attend. If time permits, we will also talk about
    other fibers such as flax (linen), silk, and cotton.  The
    class is free, informational handouts and all materials are
    provided for class use.  However if you wish to keep a
    spindle, a $5 materials fee is requested. Any questions? 
    Please email Aerngaldra at silverwolffATgmailDOTcom.

  • Event Cooking for Easy Feast Contributions:
    .  Following in the theme of the one at
    Springfest of easy period feast contributions. We will be making
    pumpes and might get messy! The Inlands Culinary Group will be
    having a recipe exchange as well. If you would like to participate
    in that, bring 10 copies of your favorite medieval recipe to

  • Weaver’s Clinic.  Have weaving
    questions?  Want to take it to the next level but just don’t
    know how?  Dame Madrun, current An Tir Arts and Sciences
    Champion, will be available to help.  Bring your looms and
    weaving questions and she will assist.  1 to 4 pm, there’s no
    real schedule, drop-ins welcome.

  • Scroll Painting.  At 3pm, under my Pavilion, I
    will have a session for Scroll Painting. I will have supplies and
    scrolls for people of any level or experience to paint. This
    includes no experience at all. I can teach you the basics and get
    you started if you have thought about trying it. The session will
    last for at least an hour and maybe longer if there is enough
    interest. If you wish to finish your artwork later and do not have
    supplies, you can keep the palette and paint brush for a $2 fee. I
    look forward to spending a bit of time with other like minded
    folk.  Mairghread of Wastekeep


“Splendid Six” Largess

Greetings, noble
& good gentles!

I am pleased to
announce that this year at Baron’s Ball there shall be held a
“Splendid Six” (Dirty Half-Dozen) Largesse Contest in the great
Barony of Wastekeep! Please help fill the treasure chests of our
noble King and Queen so that they may dispense goodly gifts to
Their populace. A portion of the largesse will also go to the
Barony of Wastekeep, so that our incoming Baron & Baroness will
be able to reward noble deeds
as they see fit.

The rules are simple; make at least 6 (and more is perfectly okay!)
of the same or similar items, i.e., six hats, six drinking vessels,
six belt pouches, etc. Bring them to Baron’s Ball with a short
written description of the items, as well as your name, and they
will be entered into this populace-choice contest. No documentation
is necessary! There will be a cup near each entry so that the
populace may vote for their favorites; the winner with the highest
votes will be given one item from EACH entry as the prize of their
victory. In addition, EVERYBODY who enters will receive a spiffy
small token of appreciation. That’s right, everybody who enters
something will walk away with Something Nice!

Please bring your entries to the Arts & Sciences area by
noon at the latest; the populace is
heartily invited to vote for their choice (information will be
posted at the tables) and voting will be concluded by 4 pm. Any questions? Contact Aerngaldra via email at


Activities – Veggie Animals.
  Hear ye, hear ye!
MONSTERS are invading Wastekeep, and they are full of nutrition and
fiber (and evil). Use a variety of vegetables and googly eyes to
make scary and funny veggie monsters!  The populace will be
invited to vote for their favorite monster, with a prize going to
the winning critter’s creator.

We look forward to seeing our youth and their families. Anyone who
wishes to volunteer their help will be most welcome.



Group camping reservations and merchant
: Please email HL Gudrun with space request

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