Baronial Birthday Bash


Hosted by Device of Adiantum

The Barony of Adiantum (Eugene, Lane County, OR )

Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Iurii Levchenich
Date: April 13 , 2019
Site opens at: 10:00 AM on April 13th 2019
Site closes at: 6:00 PM

Event site:
Briggs Farm
91593 N Coburg Rd Coburg, OR 97408

Free, Family-Friendly Event!!

Gold Key Loaner Garb Available

Archery Championship
– Sergeantry Trials
– Cut & Thrust Tournament
– Heavy Fighter practice
-SCA Darts Tournament
– Arts & Sciences Display
– Scribal Arts Demo(Weather permitting)
– Largesse Competition
– Potluck Lunch

Make a joyous noise! For it is time for Adiantum’s Birthday Bash!
Come one and all and join in the fun and revelry that our wonderful Barony has to offer!
Join us as we not only hold our Games Championship, but the archery shoot to determine Adiantum’s new Archery Champion, as well as Adiantum’s Second Annual Cut & Thrust Championship.
The martial fun doesn’t end with the archers though, there is a full day of fun steel tourneys and heavy play, plus thrown weapons to keep everyone busy and having a bash!

We’ll see you there rain or shine!

HUZZAH!!! Their Excellencies, Baron Sir Durin and Baroness Ceridwen are holding their final Sergeantry Trials as their reign ends this year. Completing the trials would earn you the title of Sergeant-at-Arms, Gallant, or Yeoman for the martially-inclined, or the title of Cohort for our artisans and service-inclined populace. Please contact Lord Alan the Bowyer for further details. 

To encourage newcomers to this FREE event, this year, our Baronial Chatelaine once again is bringing a NEWCOMER CHALLENGE to the Populace: ‘Bring a Newcomer Raffle Drawing.’ Every newcomer you bring = 1 ticket; Families with at least 1 youth earn an extra ticket; no limit on tickets earned. The winner will be drawn at 4pm*.
The populace member with the winning ticket wins the prize, TBD. The Newcomer name on winning ticket wins a pass to Egil’s for the entire event, donated by HL Iurii Levchenich**.
* = Must be present to win.
** = Newcomers that bring themselves are eligible for both prizes. NOW is the time to bring your friends that have shown a bit of interest but always shied away. It’s FREE, so bring them by the carload. Please remember to carpool to the event, it’s more fun that way.

To encourage as many newcomers as possible, we will have the full Gold Key Pavilion up and running, and with Mistress Alys waiting to garb everyone that needs to look the part for the day. So make sure your friends know they don’t need to worry about garbing themselves if they can’t, or don’t have the means, we have that covered too.

* Adiantum C&T Championship
Tournament will be fought as a single or double round robin (depending on number of fighters), each pairing requiring best 2 fights out of 3.  No required weapon style: bring your best.
Finalists face off in a best 2 out of 3 with Vesta’s favorite weapon: longsword.
Chivalric conduct will be noted.

*Largesse Competition, hosted by Luna-Francesca Di Marco Luppi
Come one, come all and spread your word fame in our Largesse Competion!
This years theme is Fantastical Remnants! We would love to see 3 of the most fabulous items you can make with leftovers, or reclaimed items. Judging will be by people’s choice, and the winner will take home fame, glory, and one of everything that was presented.

*Archery Championship, hosted by HL Iurii Levchenich

The competition will be based on SSAC targets chosen by the current Champion to make it a challenging, but fun, tournament!

You must be an SCA member, you are not required to be a residnt of the Barony of Adiantum, but you must be willing to swear an oath of Fealty or Service to the Baron & Baroness, as well as be willing to carry out the responsibilities of being a Champion of Adiantum. You must also be willing to host next year’s Championship to choose your successor.


This event includes the following activities and/or services:
Offers Youth & Family activities
Has Heavy Fighting activities
Has Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust activities
Has Archery activities
Has Thrown Weapon activities
Has Arts & Sciences activities

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