Baroness’ Tournament


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Arianna Freemont
Date: November 19 , 2016
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on November 19th 2016
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Cloverdale Fairgrounds – Shannon Hall & Alice McKay Building
6050A 176th Street Surrey, BC V3S 4E7


Baroness’ Inspirational


Autocrats: Arianna Freemont and
Cyneric Bearson


Site: Shannon Hall – 6050
176th St, Surrey, BC V3S 4E7, Canada

November 19th, Hall opens at 9am
and will event will close at 11:59pm.


Come join Their Excellencies Uillium and
Caitrina for a day of fun and festivities.


and Rapier and Youth Combat Tournies and Gerhard’s Riposte.
Games tables will be open, a great opportunity to learn something
new and have fun playing with friends. There will be TUTR classes
scheduled during the day thanks to Baroness Margaret (schedule
coming soon) If you’re interested in teaching a class please
contact her at oc.oohay@teragramhg


We’re also having a Super Six largess
contest, with all entries going to the Barony of Lions Gate. There
will once again be a Heraldry consultation table open! We also have
merchants coming to display their wares, so set aside some time for
shopping. For those interested in merchanting, please contact
Arianna at ac.wahs@tnomeerf_annaira


There will be soup and a bun by donation for
lunch again and in the evening we will have our traditional potluck
feast so bring a dish to share. The tavern will open at dinner and
is being hosted by our very own Clan MacAndrew. There will be music
and dancing and rumour has it a play for our amusement!!! So come
join us all for a wonderful day and evening of



 (Tentative schedule, subject to


Site Opens

Opening Court

TUTR classes begin
Rapier Armour Inspection

Baroness’ Rapier Tournament begins in Alice

Gerhard’s Riposte follows
immediately after

Heavy Armour Inspection
Baronesses’ Heavy Tournament begins in
Alice McKay

YAC– Youth Armoured Combat Tourney in Alice

YAFA Class(es)

Court of TEs Uillium and

Court of THs Ieuan and Gwyneth

Potluck Feast directly after

Tavern opens

Play begins during potluck


Site Closes


Baroness’ Heavy Tourney
This tourney is open to any fighter who is not a member of the
Order of Chivalry. Each entrant should bring a prize for the prize
table and after the tourney each entrant will walk away with a


Baroness’ Rapier Tourney
Open to all rapier fighters. Format will be determined by Rapier
MiC depending on number of entrants.


Gerhard’s Riposte Rapier
– This tourney is open to any rapier fighter who
has been authorized for less than a year. Entrants should have a
more experienced patron to sponsor them into the


Youth Armoured Combat
Youth Armored Combat or YAC, is the
youth version of the adult heavy combat program. Witness
Lions Gate find its first YAC Champion!!


Super Six Largess Contest
– All entrants will create 6 items based on a theme that is
suitable for largesse, ie 6 needlebooks, 6 game boards, 6 pouches,
6 socks would not be suitable as they are only 3 pairs. Items need
not be documentable as this is not an A & S competition but
period materials are appreciated. Please make sure all items are
tagged with your name and area. The winner of the contest is the
person with the most beads in their entry cup. The winner gets to
select one item from each of the other competitors, so 8 entries
means 7 prizes.

will also be a prize for Baroness’ Choice 🙂



Potluck Dinnerby
mundane last name


A-F – Bread and Cheese

G-L – Side Dishes/Vegetables

M-S – Main Dishes

T-Z – Desserts/Fruit



Baroness’ Inspirational Tourney TUTR
Class List

to pre-register contact Margaret at




10am –

Development for Newcomers

Instructor: HE Viscountess Wulfwyn of

1 hour


number of students:

Description: What is a persona and why do we
have them? In this calss, students will explore the idea of persona
development within the SCA, how to select one , and how to research
their desired persona. The aim is to introduce students to the
concept of persona and to prepare them for the NOVUS II Personal
Development class.

10 am to 11:30 am

On the Application of Basic Tactics to SCA

Instructor: HL Garet Doiron
Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: no cost
Maximum number of students: 12

Description: This call can be considered a preparatory class for
Art of War, held in Aquaterra in the Spring. It will cover the
basics of the application of tactics to SCA war fighting, with
commands, manouver, weapon mixes, and such.  This is not an
advanced class, and those applying for Sergeantry would be best to
attend Art of War as well.

Students should bring note-making materials, and a favoured war
weapon (pike, shield/sword, or bow only please – no squeeky hammers
or glaives).

10am to noon

Intro to Calligraphy
Instructor: HL Ciana dei Libri
Length: 2 hours
Cost: $10.00
Maximum number of students: 8

Description: Learn the fundamentals of calligraphy, what it is and
how to do it. We will be practicing basic strokes and learning a
basic hand as well as talking about best practices and materials
for further learning. Class cost includes a dip pen with nib, small
jar of ink, techinical paper and a handout to keep. Prospective
students who already have some calligraphy supplies and would
prefer to take the class at a discount please contact the teacher
to determine whether the tools you have are compatible and
appropriate for this class.

Instructor: HL Aelana Cordovera
Length: 2 hours
Cost: $7.00
Maximum number of students:
Description: Includes making a basic floralegium (soft cover book)
as well as a discussion of early bookbinding materials and
techniques. We will discuss the early Florilieum, Coptic,
Anglo-Saxon-Carolingian, 12 century Monastic, and Gothic hard and
soft cover styles.

Included is a study of adaptations of  bookbinding techniques
to the printed book. Samples of different structures will be
available to examine. Students will fold papers into quires, sew,
and cover a basic paper book. All tools will be supplied but
students are encouraged to bring ruler, pencil, bone folder,
triangel, and awl if they have them on hand.

These books are ideal for largesse and gifts.


Leather Bracer
Instructor: Lady Angharad verch Morych
Length: 2 hours
Maximum number of students: 5

Description: Learn the basics of working with leather, the class
contains an introduction to tooling leather. Class contains a
practical portion and students will leave with their own bracer.
Tooling design will be provided, however if you have a specific
design please bring it to class. Tools are provided however,
students should also bring any leather tooling instruments they

Inkle Loom Weaving
Instructor: Mistress Caitrin ni Cingeadh
Length: 2 hours
Cost: $3.00
Maximum number of students: 5

Description: Learn the skills required to inkle weave. Instruction
will be provided and students may take the day to complete their

10 am to 1 pm

Mediaeval (Medical) Herbalism
Instructor: HL Tanikh bint Farida al Bakim
Length: 3 hours
Cost: $3.50
Maximum number of students:

Description: Practical Herbalism for the SCA. We will cover
medical/health theory/beliefs in the middle ages, and discuss in
more detail some herbs that are still used safely today. Students
will have the opportunity to sample some salves, infusions, &
decoctions. Instructor is a mundane certified Clinical Medical
Herbalist (and paramedic) who has studied period healthcare and
historical medical practices extensively.
Students please bring a spoon, napkin, drinking vessel if they
would like to sample.  Please advise the instructor of ANY
allergies BEFORE sampling! 😉

12:30 pm to 1:30 pm

Quick and Dirty Leather Tooling to get a Medieval

Instructor: Agnes Cresewyke
Length: 1 hour
Cost: $2
Max number of students: 6
Description: Want to learn leather tooling but don’t have the
money to get all the cool tools? Learn how to create good period
tooling effects using basic items found in your home. Students can
bring any spare veggie tan leather scraps 4 oz or heavier if they
want, also if you have an exacto knife or box

1 pm to 2 pm

Ditch Willow and Where to Find it!
Instructor: Lady Malie Rennick
Length: 1 hour
Cost: none
Maximum number of students:

Description: Learn to identify and harvest a variety of willows
used in basketry and other withy-weaving projects. Course will go
over the types of willow found in the Lower Mainland, as well as
tools, tips, and tricks for harvesting the willow. Storage of the
withies will also be discussed.

1 pm to 3 pm

Making Combat Thrown Weapons, Throwing Combat Thrown
Instructors: Don Arcos Warwick Drakkar and Arcos Elora
Length: 2 hours
Cost: $5.00
Maximum number of students: 10

Description: Combat Mace Thrown Weapons Making and Throwing.
Instructors will supply all materials. Students will walk away with
one (1) completed Mace and the knowledge of how to make and repair
more, as well as how to throw them.
Students should bring scissors or exacto knife. As well if you
desire specific/odd coloured tape for the mace head please bring
it. Instructors will provide standard colours.

Deadline is for pre-registration is November 12th.
Contact Margaret at moc.oohay@teragramhg

Period Arrow Making
Instructor: Archos James Wolfden
Length: 2 hours
Cost: no cost
Maximum number of students: 6

Description: At the end of the class, students will know how to
make a period arrow with self nocks suitable for shooting in the
period divisions. Course will cover cutting self nocks, cutting
full length fletching, wrapping fletching, and attaching points.
Students should be already familiar with the basics of arrowmaking
but the course will touch on how arrow spine requirements change
between shooting modern bows and period bows. Students are
encouraged to bring their own shaft, fletching (full length or 5″
shield cut preferred) in their colours, and points. Supplies will
be available at cost, if needed.

Wool on Wool Applique Embroidery
Instructor: HL Tanikh  bint Farida al Bakim
Length: 2 hours
Cost: $2.50
Maximum number of students: 5

Description:Come and learn how easy it is to do this type of
needlework which can be used for the embellishment of cloaks,
tunics, boots, cushions, bed-covers and more! This is a hands-on
practical session. We will start with a cushion cover, pouch, bag,
patch or other small project of your choice.
Students please bring small hoops, tapestry blunts &/or sharps,
scraps of wool cloth, and tapestry wool if you have them. Some
supplies will be available for students to use in class.


So You Want to Run and Event: Event
Stewarding 101

Instructor: HL Morweena
length: 2 hours
Cost: $0.50
Maximum number of students:

Description: Ever wanted to be an Event Steward and looked into it
and went – What is an EIF? Who signs the contract? Named what

This discussion group style class  will take out the mystery
of planning running a local level event, from forming your ideas to
that glass of wine after you get back from a fun successful event.
We will discuss picking your venue, forms, budgets, schedules,
where to find resources, and how to get it all done while having
fun too!

The instructor has run many events, both large and small, over the
years and was often the person asked to step in at the last minute
and put in a bid for events already on the Lions Gate schedule. She
has also helped create what is known as the “autocrat sanity
Students should bring notetaking material and




Intermediate Scribal

Instructor: Pani Jadwiga

2 hours

cost: $3
or $10

number of students: 15

Description: Go beyond the basics of putting
color down on a Charter or a Scroll! We will be covering White
Work, Detailing, Diapering, Finishing charters, as well as the
creation of Period Pigments! This is a hands on class so come
prepared to paint! if you have your own scribal kit please bring
that! Class costs break down to the following, $3 will get you the
colored handout, whereas the $10 fee allows students to make and
bring home a small collection of period pigments!




Site fee


Adult $15 – Non-member surcharge $5
– No fee for youth/children 18 and under.




HL Arianna Freemont ac.wahs@tnomeerf_annaira 

HL Cyneric Bearson ac.wahs@cirenyc






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