Baroness’ Inspirational Tournament


Event Summary

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Arianna Freemont
Date: November 14 , 2015
Site opens at: 12:00 AM on November 14th 2015
Site closes at: 12:00 AM

Event site:
Cloverdale Fairgrounds – Shannon Hall & Alice McKay Building
6050A 176th Street Surrey, BC V3S 4E7




Autocrat: Lord Caius Marcius


Site: Shannon Hall – 6050 176th St, Surrey, BC V3S
4E7, Canada

Hall opens at 9am and will event
will close at 11:59pm.



Come join Their Excellencies
Uillium and Caitrina for a day of fun and festivities.


Heavy and Rapier Tourneys,
Gerhard’s Riposte and Youth Combat. Games tables will be
open, a great opportunity to learn something new and have fun
playing with friends. There will be TUTR classes scheduled during
the day thanks to Baroness Margaret (schedule coming soon) If
you’re interested in teaching a class please contact her.
We’re also having a Super Six largess contest, with all
entries going to the Barony of Lions Gate. There will once again be
a Heraldry consultation table open! We also have merchants coming
to display their wares, so set aside some time for shopping. For
those interested in merchanting, please contact Edward Wulfingus at


In the evening we will have a
potluck feast so bring a dish to share as well as a tavern in the
hall hosted by our very own Clan MacAndrew.  There will be
music and dancing and Bardic games late into the evening, see the
Bardic contest info below! So come join us all for a wonderful day
and evening of merriment.



(Subject to Change)



Site Opens

Opening Court

TUTR classes begin
Rapier Armour Inspection

Baroness’ Rapier Tournament begins in Alice McKay

Gerhard’s Riposte follows
immediately after

Heavy Armour Inspection
Baronesses’ Heavy Tournament begins in Alice

YAC- youth armoured combat in Alice McKay

Court of TEs Uillium and Caitrina

Court of THs Vikingr and Lishinia

Court of HRMs Havordh

Potluck Feast directly after

Tavern opens

Bardic games begin during potluck


Site Closes



Baroness’ Heavy
– This
tourney is open to any fighter who is not a member of the Order of
Chivalry. Each entrant should bring a prize for the prize table and
after the tourney each entrant will walk away with a


Baroness’ Rapier
– Open to
all rapier fighters. Format will be determined by Rapier MiC
depending on number of entrants.


Gerhard’s Riposte Rapier
– This
tourney is open to any rapier fighter who is not authorized or has
been authorized for less than a year. Entrants should have a more
experienced patron to sponsor them into the tourney.


Youth Armoured
Youth Armored
Combat or YAC, is the youth version of the adult heavy combat
program. An opportunity for our younger fighters to
show their prowess!


Super Six
Largess Contest
– All entrants will create 6 items based
on a theme that is suitable for largesse, ie 6 needlebooks, 6 game
boards, 6 pouches, 6 socks would not be suitable as they are only 3
pairs. Items need not be documentable as this is not an A & S
competition but period materials are appreciated. Please make sure
all items are tagged with your name and area. The winner of the
contest is the person with the most beads in their entry cup. The
winner gets to select one item from each of the other competitors,
so 8 entries means 7 prizes. There will also be a prize for
Baroness’ Choice 🙂




Bardic Games – Theme Love/Inspiration You will need a TEAM of
3 bards of varying skill: Brave New Bard – 0-2 Years
competing in bardic. Experienced Entertainer – 2-5 years
competing in bardic. Grizzled GreyHair (Because I don’t have
a beard…) – 5+ years competing in bardic There will be 4
events: 1) Brave New Bards perform any piece of their choosing 2)
Experienced Entertainers perform a piece in theme of
love/inspiration 3) Grizzled GreyHair performs period piece –
1 bonus pt. if it’s on the theme of love/inspiration 4) Round
of Filks – A random topic will be chosen by the audience (or
Royal). As a team you have 15-20 minutes to rewrite any round so it
is about that topic. Audience are the judges. All participants will
receive a thank you token, the winners will get slightly nicer
ones. If you have any questions contact our Bardic Arts Officer HL
 at moc.liamg@deesynoirb


University of Tir Righ (TUTR)


Here is the list for classes offered at
Baroness’ Inspirational Tourney, November 14 at Shannon Hall,
Cloverdale, Surrey. Pre-registration is required for some classes,
you can pre-register by contacting Margaret at


10 am –11


How to Have Horses at Your

Instructor: HL Briana nic h’Eusaidh

Time: 10 am –11 am

Cost: $1.50

Maximum number of students: 20


Description: Learn the ins and
outs of having horses at your event, including how to find an
EqMarshal, what horses require in terms of space, and insurance,
timeframes and safety parameters. It’s not as hard as you think to
add this incredible element to YOUR event!


10 am –12


Basic Arrow Construction for Target

Instructor: HL Delwyn verch Ynyr

Time: 10 am –noon

Cost: $3.50

Maximum number of students: 10
 6 spaces


Description: This course is for
the basics of making wooden arrows used within the SCA. Topics will
cover all the essentials from finding theright shafts for you, to
determining spine, grain and weight of your arrows. Students will
also learn how to fletch, add nocks and tips and seal arrows to
extended useand life and what some of the recommended materials are
for such construction.By the end, they should expect to come away
with a working knowledge on how to make their first set of

Students should bring: Pen and paper for note


Achievement Unlocked! Heraldic
Achievement Customs in the Kingdom of An Tir

Instructor: Magistrar Uilliam mac Fearchair
mhic Gillie Aindrias

Time: 10 am -12

Cost: $1.50

Maximum number of students: 10


Description: A discussion and
explanation of heraldic achievements, and the fiddly bits people
get to add when they receive awards.


“A Long Time Ago, in a
Kingdom Far, Far Away…” An Introduction to Storytelling in
the SCA

Instructor: THL Wulfstan Hrafnsson

Time: 10 am -12

Cost: $2.50

Maximum number of students: 8


Description: Age requirement:
12 and up.

We will talk about the nature of story and
some of its roles in period cultures, and briefly survey the major
theories of story transmission and preservation over the last
century. We will look at how to choose a good story for SCA
performance, practice methods, and some considerations on delivery.
We will also look at how to compose an original story suitable for
the SCA, and how to get your audience

to help when you’re caught unawares and
onstage like a bard-in-the-headlights.

Students will have opportunities to share
stories with the class and will be encouraged to perform at
this-and upcoming events.

Students should bring: pen or pencil and a
story, joke, fairy tale or other scrap of narrative to share. It
need not be original or period, nor perfectly memorized.


Introduction to Rectangular

Instructor: Archos Morweena

Time: 10 am -12

Cost: $1.00

Maximum number of students: 6


Description: What is
rectangular construction and how can I use it to make the garment I
want? Rectangular construction is a very simple and efficient
method for drafting tunics and gowns as well as the basic shape for
more complex body blocks. In this class we will discuss how to use
rectangular construction to draft your garments and if time permits
start a draft for a tunic based on your measurements.

Students should bring: note taking materials,
images of garments they want to know how to draft, graph paper and
measuring tape.


Celtic Knotwork

Instructor : Master John Macandrew

Time: 10 am -12


Maximum number of students: 10


Description: This class is
designed for non-artists (like me) to understand how to draw Celtic
Knotwork. The system we will use, based on the book by Ian Bains,
will allow us to understand the basics and then increase the
complexity of the knots we draw based onour own skill

Students should bring: Pencils, graph paper
(if possible)


The Period

Instructor: Baron James Wolfden,

Time: 10 am -12


Maximum number of students: 6
 2 spaces

Description: This course is designed to help
create a more authentic medieval archer both on and off the archery
range. We will look at the appropriate archery tackle for your
archery persona and look at the role of the archer in different
cultures represented in the SCA. If you have not decided on a
persona yet but want to have an archer persona, this will help in
presenting options but it is not a persona development


12 –3 pm


**FULL**  Silk Banner Painting
“Getting Your Heraldry On”  **FULL**

Instructor: Archos Aline de Seez

Time:12 –3 pm

Cost: $10.50

Maximum number of students: 8 FULL

Description: Have you ever wanted to have one
of those fluttery banners, bravely flying over your encampment? But
painting silk seems so very scary. Well in my quest to have people
“Get their Heraldry On” I am offering a simple introduction to
painting silk. We will also cover period banners.

Students should bring a simple design to paint
approx 8″x8″. (Not too detailed). If you have a devicethen perhaps
bring one element of it to use. We will be painting a 10″x10″ silk
square. (I will besupplying the silk, dyes and resists for you to
use) If you have water colour brushes (or fine pointedbrushes) then
please bring them.

Students should bring: please bring an 8×8
image or badge, water colour brushes.


1 pm –2


Introduction to Cartridge Pleates (
hands on)

Instructor: Mistress Desiree

Time:1 pm –2 pm

Cost: $0.50 see note*

Maximum number of students: 6


Description: During this class
we will learn how to do Cartridge Pleates in a hands on
application. We will do at least two sizes of pleates and set our
sample onto a waist band.We will talk about how to estimate fabric
requirements for garb.

I will also show pictures of Cartridge pleats
in portraits.Note*:I can also build a class kit containing the
required elements at a cost of $5 each.

Students should bring: Scissors; a fabric
sample,about 2 meters long and 16 inches wide (ex: wool or
brocade)4 large needles like darning needles and

embroidery floss to match theirfabric, Top
stitching thread.


1 pm –3


Making and Repairing Combat Arrows
and Bolts




Instructor: Don John Warrick Draker (Warwick

Time: 1 pm –3 pm

Cost $15.50

Maximum number of students: 10 4 spaces

Pre-register by contacting Margaret at


Description: Combat Arrow or
Bolt making and repairing. I will supply all materials. Students
will walk away with 2 completed arrows/bolts and the knowledge of
how to make and repair arrowsand

bolts. I will also have parts available for
sale so they can go home and make more.

Students should bring: Scissors or exacto
knife. If you want special/odd coloured tape for the head or APD I
suggest you bring it. We have standard colours.


The Constant Battle Against
Non-professionalism; Warfare in the Middle-ages

Instructor: HL Garet Doiron

Time: 1 pm –3 pm

Cost: $0.50

Maximum number of students: 8


Description: Being in the main
a description of medieval battles and warfare, concentrating on the
rise (and decline) of a professional body of soldiers.

Students should bring: Materials for taking


Norse Poetry Forms

Instructor: HL Briana nic h’Eusaidh

Time: 1 pm -3pm

Cost: $3.50

Maximum number of students: 10


Description: Students will
learn about Norse poetry and it’s place in the culture of the
meadhall; the evolution of five forms from basic to more complex,
and will be challenged to work an original poem or two through
these forms. They will also gain an understanding ofthe forms of
metre and alliteration that make an original sound more authentic,
and how to edit their work to better fit a Norse


Cost includes five page handout

Students should bring: writing implement,
paper, willingness to accept creative and constructive critical
input on original poetry. NO PREVIOUS POETRY EXP REQ.


Charter Painting

Instructor: Mistress Sionann in Ui

Time: 1 pm –3 pm

Cost: $4.50

Maximum number of students: 10


Description: This class is for
the beginner or those interested in learning how charter painting
works. In it we will learn the basics of painting tools, paint
application, colour theory, colour mixing to achieve certain
difficult colours, and introduction to whitework and similar
decorative techniques. We will be painting samplers in class so be
prepared for that. Bring your paints, brushes, etc with you if you
have them. If not, there will be tools and paints for lending in
class. Students will receive an extensive colour handout with
colour theory, recipes, and examples of whitework to take

Students should bring: paints, brushes, etc.
if you have them. Pen, pencil for notes.


**FULL** Introduction to Tablet
Weaving **FULL**

Instructor: Archos Morweena

Time: 1 pm –3 pm

Cost: $1.00

Maximum number of students: 4


Description: Ever look at trims and belts and
wish you could make your own?

In this class will will discuss the “woven in”
method of basic tablet weaving and then try our hand ata sample
using a basic loom.We will also briefly discuss types of looms and
how to get started at home. Yarn, tablets and a “loom” will be
provided for students use.

Students should bring: scissors, note taking


…Except When It’s Not.”
Blackwork Embroidery for the Absolute Beginner

Instructor: THL Elspeth Selwode

Time: 1 pm –3 pm


Maximum number of students: 6
 3 spaces


Description: Age requirement:
10 and up.Have you ever admired the lovely blackwork embroidery on
garments or in portraits, but thought it was beyond your abilities?
Can you thread a needle? Count to two? Then you’re in luck! The
basics of the beautiful yet simple embroidery technique can be
picked up

in this two hour class, and you will walk out
with a project in progress that you can complete and is suitable
for a favour, largesse, or inspiration for future

Students should bring: scissors and a small
embroidery hoop if they have one (instructor will have a limited
amount of both). Please bring a pen for note-taking. All other
materials will be provided.


Embroidery 101 to

Instructor: Baroness Margaret Hamilton of

Time: 1 pm –3 pm


Maximum number of students: 6

Description: You already know
some stitches, you’ve done a project or two, but you can see areas
you can improve or you need guidance on how you can create a
project with a clean finish and pleasing details. This class starts
with designing your piece, preparing your fabricand design for

and finishes with helpful tips and techniques
to elevate your product. A class handout is included in the cost.
If students have spare linen and embroidery floss and needles to
practise with please bring them. As well bring paper and pencil or
pen for sketching and note taking.


Reminder: Pre-register by contacting Margaret
at oc.oohay@teragramhg


In service,Baroness Margaret Hamilton of



by mundane last name


A-F – Bread and

G-L – Side

M-S – Main Dishes

T-Z – Desserts/Fruit


Site fee


Adult $15 – Non-member
surcharge $5 – No fee for youth/children 18 and





HL Arianna Freemont ac.wahs@tnomeerf_annaira

Lord Caius Marcius Scipio
 moc.liamg@wikmedtrebor  or



Name: Shannon Hall & Alice McKay Building
6050A 176th Street
Surrey, BC V3S 4E7




From the Pacific Highway Border


Exit Canada Customs Entry point

Drive north on hwy 15 (also known as 176th

Continue north on hwy 15 until you reach 60th

Turn Right on 60th Avenue ( At 7

Turn left into Gate 2


From Abbotsford, Chilliwack and points


Drive west on Hwy 1 ( Trans Canada)

Exit Hwy 1 at 200th Street exit

Drive South on 200th Street un

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